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Xiaomi M365 Scooter Tips Video

Xiaomi Electric Scooter – Tips for Better Usage

The Best Xiaomi Scooter Tips

I’m going to be talking about this new scooter I just picked up yesterday- xiaomi electric scooters. I put about a kilometer on it just going up and down the street testing it out it goes well but today is not really going to be too much about a review it’s going to be talking about our go through with you some recommendations connection to the app what to do also I’ll be putting some of this tube sealant in the tubes just to give it some sort of robustness for or puncture proof a little bit it’s not going to guarantee that you won’t get any punches but it will do it will help a lot well now the reason being is because these are tube wills you can get tubeless solid tires but the point of it is that solid tires is going to be a heck of a bumpy ride and for me I’d rather a comfy ride than a bumpy one so in order to tackle that you put some of this slime on there and that should prevent most of the vultures so firstly let’s let’s get started with a connection to the app now the way you do that is basically install it from the Play Store and then what you do is you I just put which moves the camera to the phone that focuses now what you do is once you install that you hit this button here and it says vehicle search so you click on that okay I’ve got to turn on location so once you do that what it will find it when you click on this little scooter that comes up which is connecting or you can do me Isis it says new firmware found please upgrade so you can do that by the app okay family’s been pretty good with upgrading updating their applications in some ways so I’m not too fussed about that that’s that’s created all right so once connected that re-established connection after it’s done the server we upgrade I think it may have turned off the scooter yep [Music] so you turn the scooter back on and search again yep found it click on that so it’s saying I’ve got well this offer this scooter apparently offers 30 kilometers of mileage but I don’t think you get that so what I’ll do is so showing me two 29.7 km/h 99 % battery that’s fine so what you want to do is the first thing you want to do is go into recover energy recovery and you click on this energy recovery level now what you want to ensure is that the scooter is set on to week the reason being is because once it’s fully charged and it’s trying to recover there is a chance that it can overload the battery and causing some issues so it’s by default generally speaking it’s on week but you just want to make sure so you go back there you can basically you can change you can change it’s good a name you can put a password on it I’ve got cruise mode on so says wasn’t able in cruise mode you can drive the vehicle at a constant speed by holding the throttle steady for five seconds till you hear a beep sound and reel and release then please be cautious to use this function at public areas with people present people presents all right so that’s that’s the first recommendation now let’s go and install the slime okay so we’re going to look at installing the slime now so the first thing to do is deflate the tire make sure all the areas up get the lid from this wine bottle see if I can push okay now you can use this tool from the from the cap of the slime to as a whore remover so stick it in there and you twist because comes out there you have it if my camera would focus yeah I’ll leave that there for now and this says okay so it says again my camera would focus bicycle for ounce that’s 118 mils I think this is more towards the wheelbarrow size eight ounces which is quite a lot 237 mils now it’s not quite a wheelbarrow size so I’m going to put about four to six ounces in this and how you can tell is on the side here there’s the leader let’s do this so as you can see I put a plastic bag underneath it just to make sure that it doesn’t fall onto the carpet in case it gets a bit messy but so what you do put the tube that comes with the bottle and then attach it like so make sure it’s nice and snug now you want to squeeze so how much have I got in it now the reason why I’ve got it facing upwards and not doing at the bottoms because the slide goes to the bottom see how much I’ve put in there I’ve put currently I’ve got two ounces in there can we keep going we’re nearly Explorer ounces I sure how much that is actually have to do a conversion because well in Australia we use the metric system alright so it’s saying four ounces is 118 mils okay this is stuck with that for now and there you have it now quite instead okay before you put the core back in okay okay seems to be yes pull it and that should do it now now the only other thing is to occurrences okay now these players go up to about 50 psi I would probably go around 4045 cause well it gets just a little bit too bumpy in life I just said it to 45 focus not sure if you can see them but okay so said it look holy hill I said on 45 [Laughter] okay since if want to 51 right some of the area 4845 and that is held back is that right put the cap back on and that should be it all right let’s move to the front one okay here’s the front wheel so let’s get started on this a little bit harder okay I didn’t there it is my camera doesn’t look focusing all right same deal so I’ve got I put just like a four on that between four and six oh it has come chose how much of putting me just gotta wait for it to come down so I know how much I put in there coming up yeah I bet tree houses Mieke yeah Treena that have to do for now and crawl back in that’s true four points big hearted me okay please we can put some air in it and push the like that’s not working [Applause] which describes [Applause] I put about 30 psi in there at the moment I just wanted to bring the valve out so I do see it’s not a little bit this better brilliant alright let’s continue filling it up okay so say I’ve got 20 look focus since I’ve got 20 in it it’s [Applause] forty-five and that is done make sure that is type type and we are good to go so what you want to do find a cap if you’re doing a bit just when you take it for a ride it’s going to spin around and disburse see here is dispersed the slime so it covers the wheel and that’s pretty much it other things that can go wrong with the scooter the bill not very shiny so let’s see if we can fix that by unscrewing this and readjusting this path that’s better okay today I’m going to be showing you a common issue you might get with some of those Almir scooters which is the rear wheel the brakes not aligned properly and you get that friction and the rubbing so let’s see if we can fix that the first option is to adjust this and see if that works so let’s get started okay so as you can see here it’s more than likely we’re going to have to loosen it to release some of the friction but this here is on its lowest setting so you can’t adjust it any more to loosen it so the other option now is to get an allen key and loosen this we all wanted to this because well when you push the brake you want it to stop so let’s just push it fractious see how that still rubbing socially does it stop can help us keep playing around with the adjustments so listen it a degree at the moment free-flowing but let’s just tighten it this so now what we can do is adjust this back for that we need a wrench now the ideally you have a smaller wrench than I do so [Applause] this is a trial and error so we just keep adjusting until we get the sweet spot to typewrite but it’s still too much couple more turns should do it I think we’re moving at all there you go a little bit one more there you go and no more sound and that is how you fix it thanks for watching see ya

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