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Best Laptop for 2020 (Video + Read)

Finding the Best Laptop in 2020

Great video discussing video laptops for editing. We’ve got a project we’ve been working on for the past like six months- that’s about a long time!

finding the best laptop for 2019

Best Laptop to Buy

Adam here with my fellow video man – ahsoka and right – long yeah so when we first started we got these company issued Mac books from mid-2015 I put pros MacBook Pro macbook pro so I’m sorry 15 inch they had the i7 I mean it was spectat at the time except for we didn’t get dedicated GPUs unfortunately so that wasn’t great but we use these at trade shows you know when when you go when we go to CES when we go to Computex III this is this is the thing we headed out on the field until recently because this thing’s it’s long in the tooth it’s old three four years old and it’s it’s it’s it’s a Mac you know since Cindy started we’ve been able to consider our co-workers to move to all PC so you know the second part of it then was to figure out hey what is the laptop we want to upgrade to after this you know we’re not buying it the company’s buying it you know the boss is like hey what’s what’s the best laptop you can get so so here’s kind of our testing of it with some of the things some of these laptops that we were able to get in from review let’s walk through what we got here Dan yeah so right off the bat we have the MacBook Pro 2018 version so this is the new version $4.99 this one has 32 gigs of ram and the radion pro 560 X GPU so as a dispute GPU unknown for Mac world there alone from that world and from Apple yeah so there’s that and then we have this one this is the HP d book studio and this one is sporting an i7 8850 H it was 16 gigs of ram and ap1000 Quadro graphics card okay so a Quadro Quattro but it’s also got other workstation perks like the screen yeah is what’s the Adobe RGB this is a yeah hundred say alright do we already the previous one they sent me was a 4k version this is the 1080 version but it also has that kind of security screen where you can kind of turn it on and then you can’t see it from the side built-in built-in so jobless available on a 4k version and then you know it’s supposed to also have quality upgrades you know just physical durability also it’s 316 design yeah so 360 so it means you can you know set up like that which we’ll get into later for ya we’ll talk about that later and then on this side we have the razor blade 15 this is not the the newer one this is the one that Gorn reviewed last year this one has a 1070 max Q and a 85 I’m sorry that 8750 hmm okay I’m sorry Gordon’s already tested this guy but you know we were like okay do we go with a workstation laptop and maybe we go with a gaming laptop so we wanted to throw the razor in there obviously there’s more options but this is just the one that we had on hand to try and then we got the ThinkPad p one kind of similar to the Asia module yeah a really nice screen 100% you know Adobe RGB this one isn’t 360 it’s just 180 but the same kind of setup with the i7 88 58 right yeah and a Quadro p2000 max qxq oh yeah for the people who aren’t familiar with Quadro what you learn from Brad on the quadrant yeah so as far as a Quadra goes this is gonna have a similar issue performance as the 10 50 mm desktop okay um you know and of course you know your game quadrille you know the drivers that are email that’s why ignition drivers that’s what you want right you might need it for specific things but just I think as far as like processing power that it has think 1050 which i think is worth noting in comparison to a 1070 it’s cute yeah right yeah so you know and once again why did we pick these is kind of what we had on hand yeah for the razor and obviously the Cora 9 on the macbook yeah but we wanted to try out some workstation options yeah worked with HP and Lenovo to get us in so thank you I think if you’re doing video you kind of have a few royalty like some people to be fair we’ll use a Windows desktop and a Mac laptop because you know that’s what we’ve been doing that’s what we’ve been doing so it’s not crazy um so a lot of people still like MacBook Pros and then it’s like do you go workstation but you go with a cool but you get a Quadro or do you go gaming or even a Xeon you know where Xeon xeonbaby I know which apps you use but for us it’s like these are like you know if we were gonna have to have our company bias new laptops this is kind of the ballpark and we were definitely looking at 15-inch I tried the 13-inch razor blade stealth at e3 last year and just that IGP and it just wasn’t enough it was nice carrying around a 13-inch laptop to edit on dead of videos with but it just it was not it was not an XPS before ever use the XPS we’ve used a bunch of so yeah so yeah you know in terms of form factors actually I think we want to try to get like five pounds ish right for a 15-inch you know and all these kind of lined up I didn’t have too much problem you know with this in my in my bag you know when we’re carrying around gear we usually carry this around and I mean it’s it’s not nice against your back I was like you can’t go past that and be like oh you’re gonna carry it around all day it’s just too much yeah I mean it’s not an option for us to carry around like a thick gaming luck yeah it’s like crazy cooling you know man you know maybe a thin and light like the GS 75 or the zephyrus zephyrusI almost took out the Zephyrus a couple times last year but yeah it’s not really an option for us to have the the real thing gaming look and then we’re good and this is you and that’s just talking about the actual laptops no power supply because the macro mode oh it has the lights power supply yeah these ones are all a little bit beefier for sure but what we’re form-factor you actually really liked the 360 hinge on the HP you know we’ve never had that available in our MacBook so you know yeah cuz we’ll work on the road and we have a hotel room and we’re edging back in the hotel room then I like to have a keyboard and a mouse like I said like an actual keyboard you’re making a little mini so though I try to make a mini setup so then I can I could put this into you know 360 tent mode and then I can just prop it up and raise it up so because that’s one of the things I hate is just like I’m I feel like I’m crouching over and being able to do that was was kind of nice yeah I personally just do that you know and yeah like I said the Lenovo lenovo Ben’s back I think that’s not useful yeah but it’s not for what we’re doing and obviously the the razor doesn’t either but it was a nice little thing yeah for how you use it and then you know another thing to talk about which you know what kind of get into the benchmarks in a minute yeah but the the gaming performance I did load up some games on the ThinkPad thinkpadyou know and that that’s it’s something when you’re after hours maybe you want to you know winding down and play your unwinding right ya know and I couldn’t get games to play that reliably on the Quadro I mean it you know it can play yeah but it’s not optimized it doesn’t have those gaming drivers and that was kind of a little bit of a letdown yeah you know for sure something could to consider but hey yeah what I think most of our viewers are probably yeah well but also we didn’t have that option on the Mac really you don’t know you know we’re already doing more gaming than on the Mac shrimp we’re not coming from a good space gaming options so yeah a world of warcraft that’s all you play and then yeah the other thing is docking solutions right HP also sent over some some talking’s yeah so I think the other part of it is like I was thinking about I was like if these laptops are in that had a $3,000 ish range which they all are you know it’s like okay maybe you forego getting a desktop all together and this is your desktop you say I’m just gonna have this laptop I’m going to invest in that and that’s going to be my workstation but if that’s gonna be your workstation you’re gonna want to monitors probably in our case we needed to have a 10 gig Ethernet so that it could go to our nads mmm which is another thing and then you know keyboard mouse other peripherals it just is sleeker speakers it’s like you run out of ports directly none of these and of course you know we all know just having USB see on the MacBook Pro is probably the least amount of options you don’t even get one HDMI so you don’t so it becomes a mess I also got this stock from Oh W see for the back this for the Mac but also works on all the other one say oh USB but the HP one that they sent just worked flawlessly no nice so yeah you set up here at work you did use it for a while to monitor your speakers you know 10 gigahertz or I could just basically plug this in and then I was off and running a lot of the other ones if like I would if it woke up from sleep mode or something something just sometimes wasn’t quite right so I have to like unplug the mouse or something they wouldn’t register it it’s just like I mean that could be you know razor it could be all the software going on but the HP one worked the best in that mode but you are using a lot of dongles a lot of adapters because you know like this one for example uses a USB and a main DisplayPort out this one fortunately uses a full DisplayPort so that’s like that made it easier but it’s just you know it’s not a cliff not a clean look it’s not a clean look also we already do have custom built towers that we use would you really forego having at our laptop situation or do you think you really could have yourself just be laptop you know I think we’ll get into the performance but I think I could see yeah like if I was spending my own money a special and I had to do you know a lot of travel editing you know I was you know cinematography you know I do or videographer that’s doing a lot here and there and you know a portion maybe a third or half is editing at home then you know I could see it yeah okay I’ll have to try that I guess I didn’t really do that for my setup to try that out yeah but yeah it’s something to look into real quick I will say on the usability front you know I give Gordon crap for ThinkPads because he he says that they’re amazing and you know have a nice design and you know they’re iconic when you walk into an executive boardroom or whatever he says ya know what he says something it grew on me it really did and the the buttons the the windows hello just logging in like was super quick like you know at first the keyboard was just it felt a little mushy but then I agree used to it the only the biggest downside is that they put the function button in the corner that yeah bad sure I should make any sense that that was the thing that really drove me up the wall and then also the the two USB ports are on the side here where where do I usually have my mouse so like at the the USB ports if they were sticking out hey you know yeah I mean one of the little usability things they all do they all kind of do stuff like that yeah right you know the Razer razerdoes have a nice big trackpad I like that’s one thing I do like about the MacBook is a huge Trek bed yeah you know and the Razer is probably the closest to that but but if obviously basa looks I still love the clean aluminum look of the MacBook Pro and this HP half mmm-hmm I think it’s just well you don’t like the boardroom black what are you talking about man Gordon’s gonna bust in here you know again so I guess with this jump into benchmark yep yep so we’ve already kind of talked about the CPU and the and the graphics and how the RAM is also a little bit different yeah but right off the bat looking at Cinebench you can kind of see that the HP the Lenovo the razor and even the desktop and the MacBook Pro are all pretty much in that same region and even the old MacBook Pro is not that far off yeah it’s actually not too bad in single-core yeah so you know that might be consideration for single core apps but then when you look at all the cores together you can see that our desktop which has a eight cores 16 threads obviously does the best yeah and then the Lenovo HP and the Me’s are all pretty close again but that MacBook Pro really drops off yeah in the same error and then this is this is especially I mean we’ve got the i9 everyone knows about the throttling things yeah they’ve tried to do some you know enhancements to fix that but that’s still you know you’re still you’re still even some performance on the table by having that nice thin form factor yeah so that’s the price you pay for that than price but I mean if you can if you compare any of those to what we were on like that multi-threaded performance is just yeah now it’s like double it’s really normal to double yeah like that so yeah we’re already we’re already in good good standing there but that would just send a bench right yeah that was just an adventure ar-15 so you know I’ll say you know we we wanted to do a couple quick tests like that we also have some some After Effects testing that we did with the Puget systems you know that they have their own files that you can download and run on your own system so yeah and we’ll get into that but mostly these tests we wanted to focus on things we actually do so we have some kind of types of of content that we do here not everyday but you know it’s a good mix yeah and this first one that we’re getting into here’s is the the camera testing series last cam standing you know we’ve got a lot of 4k a roll 4k b roll with color correction you know and then we show the actual like photo results with resizing we’ve got you know graphical layers so it’s it’s pretty intensive when you when you put everything together yeah it’s probably the most complex project that we do you know regularly yep yeah at least once a quarter yeah so that’s a good so it really pushes the test yeah so we get in here so here you can see that ralph the bat the razor pretty much smokes everything that’s fast yeah nine minutes if you look at the HP Lenovo you know they’re at 11 and a half and 13 um so they’re pretty closest and they’re actually not too far off of our desktop that we use you know like that’s yeah that’s actually a little bit surprising so you can see it at the Lenovo is beating the HP a little bit and that’s probably because of the p2000 you know max kuipers to the p1000 and the razor is winning because it has the gtx 1070 and then if you just kind of look at our old MacBook Pro that’s that right is that one hour it’s well over an hour Wow okay and you know that was not designed it at 4k footage um for now so so it’s like seven times longer yeah oh if there’s a reason to be like so like yes you can use this old one of course but at a certain point like that’s an email that extra hour that it took to render he’s worth something it really is it really is um and so I guess it’s always one of those thing is like it’s not it’s not I can’t do it it does it yeah it’s just slow man and that’s low and actually I’m surprised that the core I nine MacBook the the new Merrik is is almost like double the time that’s not great yes and it’s always tricky with when you throw an apple because you know it’s an Adobe product you know people on Apple might be like on the MacBook Pro might be like oh you should be using Final Cut which you know maybe you should but for our case we know we’re not we don’t and we can’t and we won’t so we’re just looking at the Joby stuff here we we use the whole suite it’s just how our works you know our workflow is set up so it’s not really an option so we had to we had the test premiere you know that in that that’s that’s what a lot of people use to use and it’s also you know it’s using different graphics so like that’s also coming into P we’ve got metals vs. little details like that but still you know but like you know like as I was sick you know kind of talking about earlier if you were use this as your solo computer it keeps up I mean that laser it does keep up with our with our desktop Wow yeah I mean it’s faster it’s really the lenovo that’s like on par and the HP behind it just a bit yeah so yeah that’s that’s pretty well and that’s you know could be a little bit uh even though we’re having 1080 on our desktop we do have a slightly lower clock speed yeah so that can you know yeah and we don’t have quick sync and we don’t have quick sync so yep that it’s definitely a big thing yeah and I did test it in open CL and it just was way longer and it was a complete mess and all kinda weird effects were happening so and we never used open we never advise like I was like let’s just see what happens and and not not a good not a good spirit okay next benchmark we have is doing a podcast yep it’s a long video it’s an hour an hour long yeah the full nerd macro podcast we usually take that file that we record locally and then also transcode it so that it’s a lower bitrate for putting up on the you know PC world Mac worldcom sites yeah because we need a smaller file than that so this is we’re not really doing much to it literally doing nothing but pretty much change the bitrate yeah and that’s that’s it yeah so this is almost just a straight transcode but we do have a weird result here a couple weird results yes really if you’re looking at this you’re probably how did the old MacBook Pro kill my I’ll say kill everything else that’s weird yeah that is weird and we saw this we brought Gordon over and we’re like this is what goes on here this doesn’t make any sense you know and what what Gordon kind of you know surmised after we were kind of testing stuff is that the the old MacBook Pro has the iris pro I GP yeah which he says is better than the you HD stuff in the of the laptops and none of these used the discreet graphics for this specific test everything just used IGP yeah I mean we had it on yeah we had it on it just it never clicked over you know so we have to test manager you see both and it just never clicked over to the desktop part yeah you know part of that is the workload part of that is Adobe you know there’s plenty of factors so many variables that we just don’t fully understand but in this particular test yeah in this particular way yeah the old MacBook Pro actually killed all the rest with 4 cores yeah so if you’re not doing any kind of color correction you’re not doing any kind of resizing you’re not doing any kind of you know graphical layers then weird light you know oh that’s a great look but we do you know we definitely do you know a whole range of stuff so you know that was a little weird but if we take that out of the equation yeah you know on a normal desktop systems you know we’re looking at about 25 minutes in this episode just to give it a handle this episode was about that’s one hour it’s one hour yeah okay one hour exact okay so it so you’re actually doing it in half the time there the the actual the the newer Mac Pro is almost at one to one almost up in an hour yeah which is surprising not super efficient and the other weird thing is you’re probably going the lenovo is that 43 minutes almost 10 minutes longer than the HP but they have the same cpu you know and the same by GP yeah and Gordon thinks that they’re you know it could be some kind of throttling thing I mean it’s it’s it’s long this is a long encode so there’s definitely gonna be some heat problems so this is probably throttling it could be a driver thing could be a driver thing and these are based on kind of their stock software so you know HP adds its own security things to it they all kind of add some of their own software that could be you know futzing with some of this stuff a little bit yeah yeah but for whatever reason it ended up longer when it really should have been in that 35 minute range yes that is weird I mean honestly I think you know we don’t really do this much you know transcoding when we’re out in the field anyway so you know I’m weighing this one a little less you know that I would say this next example is probably where we’re gonna do most of our work out in the field so what about the results of these yeah and so this is the kind of Mack review version is it’s gonna be 10 80 project ok you know with a 1080 stand up a little bit of 4k b-roll and they re sizing down at 1080 and then it also has 1080 b-roll so it’s kind of that mixture extra stuff color correction color correction and some graphical a little bit of graphical overlays but overall not a long video I’m it’s all very basic not super intensive and you can just kind of see that now we kind of get more of the results that we were kind of seen with the last cam standing a little bit more typical way and it’s actually pretty close with our desktop – I mean these are short runs these are shorter videos you know so you know and we can see in the old MacBook yeah we’re you know it just took forever you know for such a for such a quick little video I think yeah that’s the time difference I think it matters it’s like two minutes versus 18 minutes and like you know when you’re trying to get news new see videos out that does matter if you gain three new Z video that that’s six minutes versus what almost an hour yeah I mean I will say I did this exact scenario at CES with my Lenovo I had it in my bag you know if we were waiting in between meetings to go see another vendor I would sit down quickly edit the video and export it you know and yeah if I can get that done in like five 10 ish minutes yes yeah you can actually get that render out and be like oh I have to shut my computer down and I don’t have that time yep um it also might mean you get that extra hour sleep after a long day right exactly yeah it really does it really does for we do the razor obviously is the fast is that one 143 ish and you know maybe a minute longer for some of the other ones but it’s like that I don’t think is that big of a deal to me for these kinds of videos yeah it’s like okay I can eat that minute but when you’re comparing it to the old one it’s pretty night and day yeah definitely you know and the razor we actually we which we probably say hey the the razor is getting a little advantage there because of the GTX versus the Quadra right Quadra yeah so you know we’re you’re getting more power out of the GTX than going with the quad rose and in our case we’re not necessarily using the quadratures fullest ability yeah we’re not doing CAD stuff yeah I mean the reason to get a Quadro for the most part is to get those certified drivers in those systems that really are gonna use it and that’s that’s not necessarily Adobe yeah that’s not a dummy yeah it was like that it’s no knock on these computers because if you need that you need that you need to know how you leave a trail right yeah for sure and then of course I think both of these also have xenon options yep yep so if you need the Zeon and you need error correcting memory you know if that’s if that’s all important to you then you can only get in these kinds of laptops and you can’t get it and the razor yeah so there are things like that that matter for sure yeah all right so let’s go over these After Effects numbers yeah so first off if anyone’s familiar with if you’ve done any kind of editing regularly working with Adobe products and this includes the premiere benchmarks yes about to include the puja systems After Effects benchmarks it is a nightmare and it is a hassle and you’ll get errors and you’ll spend hours troubleshooting an error Thank You Adobe yeah and I had some of those issues with when I was doing the premiere benchmarks and I had to work around them but luckily that was my benchmark but this is puja systems benchmark and so normally when you come across an issue you can kind of see at what point it just craps out yeah let me go like okay I’m gonna look at that section trying to figure out what’s wrong with it maybe disable something do it a slightly alternative version change a couple numbers around and sometimes that just fixes everything right your people but because this is not our benchmark and if I changed it it would not be then the same as the other ones so that is why you’ll notice two of these do not have any numbers no no numbers at all no numbers for the HP and no numbers for Mac loop row and I don’t want it like you know cast blame on the laptops because it’s usually not the laptop it’s usually not the computers fault yeah usually 99.9 percent with Adobe’s fault well and you know that could also factor into why the desktop number got a little weird as well yeah so you know there there’s a little weird thing here where they got hung up on the the cinema 4d footage so our desktops didn’t like that so there’s a lot of things going on here yeah so if you look at it you can see that you know overall on Corning the benchmark razor perform the best yep higher numbers are better and that’s because you know most likely because it has the gtx right yep and then if you kind of break down into the three kind of components of it you’ll see that in the standard section which i’m not exactly sure how much it weighs guys CPU and GPU but it must significant use the GPU a lot because that’s where razor really performs the best and even though if you kind of look at the previous one the overall score the desktop wasn’t that great you see that actually in the standard score it does pretty well yeah right if it holds it holds up but now when we go to the cinema 4d section we say okay now definitely the razor is better on the MacBook Pro actually does a decent job no but why the death will happen in desktop so I don’t know so I don’t know yeah these we’re all updating you know current version using GeForce experience so computer thinks it’s the best most up-to-date version that doesn’t necessarily mean Adobe likes it yep but yeah and then with tracking which is going to be a lot more CPU intensive you see that the razor and Lenovo are pretty close many can you include our desktop in there and that’s because you know these CPUs are you know perform relatively similar yeah they’re comparable yeah I think the takeaway then is that like especially when you look at premiere and After Effects is that these two workstations are probably a little bit graphics bottleneck for our for our workloads before our workloads yep all right so we’ve talked about you know our testing we’ve talked about all the benchmarks and stuff but we’re did what are the takeaways you know what do we like and not like about each one of these laptops and then how do we take that going forward so let’s start with the the MacBook Pro MacBook Pro it’s light it’s very light it’s beautiful it is beautiful performance not the greatest we don’t with Dobby products and benchmarking yeah um so for our workload that’s problem and ports you know poor it’s limited ports I mean not having an SD card come on apples like we know I’d even really get an SD card right ya know like is that all the time just to plug it right in I know yeah it’s hard yeah you know and it’s running Mac OS I mean that you know like it’s not weird to have two systems we’ve been doing that yeah and playing in that in that space but I really do like the idea of you know everything running on Windows everything you know and I have a friend who campaigns you know and does run option yeah it’s an option but you know that and but then you take into factor gaming you know and there’s not much to gaming to be had unless you boot camp no cantos you know I don’t know it just you know yeah partition your hard drive and you know yeah for the most part and I think our crowd will be with us we want to move away from Apple but you know like it’s it’s not it’s not a bad option for sure it’s not about it but for us you know I think we’re probably gonna look at a window sing so what about the HP HP I like the form factor mm it’s light but that graphics card the p1000 is is you know the weakest of almost all of the all these yeah yeah I think that’s what’s holding it back for me when you do like the 360 hinge I like the three sixties you know it has all yeah the docking ability that’s all it’s a pretty good laptop yeah yeah okay but then the razor you know I’ll say the razor is a little thicker it’s a little thicker it definitely doesn’t have some of the the pro options it’s like the ThinkPad I don’t even know if it has a full SD card slot ever no I mean it doesn’t so that that’s kind of a bummer and then you know it this this option we have right here is a 1080p 144 hurt screen which which is fine but for me I actually prefer 4k because I like to see more on screen when I’m editing and you know especially if we’re working with 4k footage yeah so you know it’s not as I mean there is an option for a 4k yeah and the thing is loud the thing is very low like as you were running these tests and change like this thing I mean we’re running in gaming mode so we’re getting the max performance and that thing just like words up and it’s sometimes nothing anything and enough so it’s very loud but you can game on this thing you can gain like you know after hours you know maybe you want to do a little bit of gaming this is nice yeah and then the ThinkPad like I said it’s starting to grow on me the looks and the feel you know the full SD card slot I mean honestly that screen like like out of all these screens I mean I haven’t messed too much with the the HP one but the like this screen is awesome like having that color accuracy it was beautiful 4k like that was probably my favorite thing about this it was the screen but it suffered kind of the same thing of that of you know I think we’re bottleneck by the by the Quadro yeah you know if we were making a work based decision making a working game Jason yeah if we’re making a work based decision and it’s you know it’s obviously not our money and I think the the idea for us going forward is probably not a workstation laptop right because we don’t need those certified drivers don’t you know it’s just not not what we use yeah we definitely don’t need a Zeon version yeah the Quadros are typically a little more underpowered than the GTX or r-tx versions and these do because I think these are part of their workstation lineups they do get a different level of customer support probably which you know which is which which could matter good matter for some people yeah but I think we’re probably gonna look more down the gaming laptop route right yeah you know and not not the thick ones we’re still gonna be looking at kind of probably not an alienwarealienware 51 definitely not but I mean it there’s definitely something to be said about having the higher refresh rate option definitely something to be said about being able to game after hours and even though it doesn’t have an SD card reader you know we’ve had we’ve had to deal with external SD card readers already you know so it’s not a huge deal breaker but you know I mean that that’s the thing is that none of these are perfect I don’t feel like any of these are the perfect option yeah are still waiting for that I think yeah you know which I’m sure a lot of people are too right you know and actually I want to hear what whatever one thinks you know do you guys have a suggestion that you might be thrown out there being like okay you know based off of my experience this is what I think would make a good laptop for what you guys do I would say this yeah I love the form factor of this the CPU of this if I do think that the mobile might have a slightly better screen and I don’t need 4k I’m fine with 1080 but if I could have it’s this is a little bit too reflective I think mmm-hmm so I would take that and if I could get this with a GTX version then I’d be like we found it yeah that close yeah okay that’s the one I would be like you have that’s that is the one maybe I’ll have to try that one some more yeah Wow okay well I mean this has been fun that yeah there’s plenty of people out there who’ve been fun and maddening at the same time I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there have been doing the same thing of like I need to upgrade my laptop like you didn’t tell me which one to buy yeah yeah well yeah yeah you know because I mean there’s just so many options and it depends on your work yeah yeah here aren’t you serious or we’re very curious what you after seeing my team in the benchmarking and based on what you do is specific for your workloads what you would choose if you would choose any other place yeah it’s curiosity it’s the neverending question yeah of what you would get yeah there’s a poll like these companies I’m like what do they vote for like this is like free research all right well thanks for doing all this testing Dan you know thanks to all them for sending us all these computers yes we appreciate it and everyone can tune back later for maybe some more updated thoughts later this year see if we actually purchase any of this phone arts email when we really get our hands on our TX true reason things always change and it’s gonna be temp gen CPUs hey sorry about it for you let’s just stick with the MacBook forever it’s good yeah yeah podcast alright see you later.

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