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Best Gaming Headset 2020 Buyer’s Guide (Video)

gaming headset buyers guide


Video Guide to the Best Headsets Available Today


Sit back and relax as 7 Deadly Zings lays out what you need to consider when choosing a headset for gaming. In this guide you’ll learn to choose from an open or closed gaming headset, why durability is important, and getting sound quality in a gaming headset. When you’re ready, use this link to hop on over to amazon to see the selections.

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What’s up guys and welcome back to another video and welcome to a video looking at gaming headset there is so many different headsets out there that you can buy some of them are good some of them on but it’s really important to make sure you’re buying the right headset for you and your use case as some of them cost 15 pounds of them cost 300 and there’s so many different types out there it’s important that all way through all the noise and just make sure you’re buying the right headset so hopefully this little guys will help you to do just that and show you some of my favorites along the way and i’m going to start the guy play showing me what the head there actually is and for all intents and purposes it is just a pair of headphones with microphone attached with a few game a specific features some of these are pretty useless and aren’t really worth your time of day things like. reviews RGB lighting that you can’t see because it’s on the side of your face probably is not useful there is some teachers really are things like having the ability to control the music or the volume or mute the microphone with inline controls is very useful when it is something that you will want to do in a hectic game of fairfield one and then you’ve got a few different types of headset you’ve got white headset and you’ve got wireless headset wireless headsets are usually more expensive than slightly heavier and they do have that battery inside that you will need to charge why hit though our of it easier to use but you will have to have that wire connected at all times why has that also come in two flavors you’ve got analog headset like this one here which is the Razer Kraken pro these two that relies solely on your system so if you’ve got a druggie system that doesn’t have a very good back in it so very good at digital-to-analog converter your sound will be a little bit muffled will probably be noisy and just won’t be very good at all wear it if you go for. xbox one USB headset this bypasses all the electronics and your computer entirely and then you’re getting a cleaner sound but the downside of a USB headset is normally that is not going to be as good as if you had a really good deck already and both wise and while it is that will come into additional places you’ve got stereo headset and then you’ve got the Roundheads stereo headset are more traditional and if you lifting through a lot of music is probably the thing you’re going to want to go for there’s no clever electronics gonna send you a surround signal to a wide in the soundstage is like natural and again music it’s like deal but if you’re playing games though and what you probably are doing with the game header then you may want to consider a surround headset surround headset too often a little heavier and they can have additional speakers within the a cut himself that can give you a true surround experience but these days more headsets are relying on clever technology to sort of state is around signal when it’s something called virtual surround sound they usually pretty bad used to not really do much and the HyperX cloud to which is actually one of my favorite headset out there. ps4 Has a pretty rubbish virtual surround setting that I don’t use I think it just makes everything sound a little bit muscles a little bit echoey where it’s something like the extra 850 i think actually sounds really good and it doesn’t actually sound like you’re in the center of the world a little bit more so depending on your preference you’re going to want to go for a surround headset or a stereo headset but of course around headsets can be turned off so you can turn them into just normal stereo headset as well but the downside is that are normally more expensive and in some cases they are heavier as well and the final thing to talk about before we actually get onto my personal favorite headset and my recommendations is we should look for when you are buying again headset which is pretty much what comes down to three things ready build quality comfort and then audio quality if you’re looking at USP surround headset or wireless headsets and obviously ever more things to look for those are the main story things i would have by focusing on comforter is pretty simple it needs to be comfortable to wear for a long period of time and it’s normally dictated by the weight of the headset and that’s gripping force is applied to your head and then the material that used on the earcups cloth haircuts are going to be better for people that don’t want that is to be overheating and don’t want to constantly think that is where is a faux leather can feel more like. gamersSerious accounting more comfortable but it will increase the amount of heat that is being supplied headset audio quality well it should be good it should sound like and clean didn’t sound muffled it should be basically but it should be overpowering can be sharp at the high notes either and it should just be a nice thing to use for both music and games but definitely awesome headsets are more geared towards bass-heavy titles and are quite a good at music again it’s going to depend on what you’re looking for in a gaming headset and then that final thing to mention field quality it doesn’t have to feel like a million dollars but it does have to feel like something that cost the amount of money that cost so the socially elite elite pro it started very well it’s a very expensive headset feels nothing pretty much at the top section of the headset but then when you get further down it just feels scratchy plastic cheap nathi this is something that costs an awful lot of money where is something like the hyperactive singer yet the build quality is not the best out there but it is a very cheap header and it feels like something that costs what it does which means that the build quality is absolutely great for its price point so that’s what to look for when you’re buying a gaming headset but what are my favorite and what do I recommend that you buy well i’m going to calculate these into three categories starting in Christ florida and the first letter is the hybrid cloud stinger and this is a truly fantastic headset for its price the build quality is pretty good it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap when you are playing with it when you’re wearing with it whatever it is you’re doing with it the microphone and sounds pretty good it is an analog headset so like for the animal shit i’m going to mention it is going to depend on the jacket actually in your system but it sounds very good to the money is well-built it’s comfortable and you can’t really go wrong for this price point setting up a little bit a little bit stepping up pretty much double the price is actually hit here if I get a little bit lost during this video’s because it’s surrounded by about twenty headset to apologize and it is the Kraken pro v2 and this is one of the most recent 12 reviews and i think this is one effect hit on the market my defense sounds great it is extendable and you can’t really lose it flexible but in the sound quality is really really good for this point if the build quality is excellent as well it’s very comfortable it does have circular cups and I do prefer over ones we can buy them separately but for around about in the UK. best wireless I think around about 80 pounds so in dollars what I must be close to a hundred but don’t remember that it’s a really nice hit and it’s highly recommend it you do want to see and the links to all of these things but i will leave them in the description down below and someone might have individually reviewed and then some of them are reviewed elsewhere and then if you really do want to step it up to a premium analog sarah has a my current favorite headset period doesn’t matter what category my current favorite headset is this and this is the astro a40 t are now I don’t like the sharp it to the top of the head that I really see what he’s done that but everything about it is really nice i mean the build quality is pretty good it feels nice and solid i’m not entirely sure about the shot porn as either on some of the plastics that you but it doesn’t feel like going to break it’s very adjustable it has slightly too much gripping force but i think that will loosen up over time but then it is really comfortable to wear and the audio quality is outstanding for this price point it comes in around about 230 pounds it’s quite expensive but it’s a truly fantastic hit that delivers pretty much everything I wanted to do sounds very good to music and you can actually take the sides off as well if you want to open this up to more of an open back design and you can’t really go wrong as long as you are aware of these along headset and you are limited in that sense so moving on to some white USB headset again looking at the bottom let’s go i would recommend that you look at the clouds too and this is pretty much the best usually has been on the market today price and are considered is very lightweight but it’s very well it’s probably the best still had their health oil one contest today 30 minutes tops around 55 60 pounds that’s really saying something isn’t it you get a choice of air and cups in the box you get a choice of leather faux leather or cloth so you can choose your favorite my plan sounds pretty good it’s fully adjustable the design it comes in a range of different colors and its USB as well so you’re not going to have to worry about having a really good afternoon system you can bypass somewhere and everyone is going to get a similar sound if you want to step it up a little bit get a little bit more tricky the one that I am about to test is the Kraken chroma v2 we’re just going to be very similar to the raisin man-of-war and the Kraken pro v2 that i mentioned in the analog headset and I can’t get the solid recommendation on that yet but that probably going to be a central step up as soon as the review is live on that i will leave that in the description down below so then if you want to go for a top draw USB headset actually believe it or not the astro a40 TR again because i know you’re going to hold on an apple doesn’t matter okay mr. you can buy it in a pact with the mix and pro which is a USB box and then this turns into essentially I you at the headset but it will be electronically is handled and applied that little box it’s got a volume well on it got a few different mode but then if you have a rubbish sound card then that solves your problem rate so it may be the little bit cheating is not true USB headset but technically does connect your computer over USC so i think it counts but that is very expensive that would be 200 pounds and then you’re getting pretty close to the wireless version which is the astro a50 i will mention in a moment and so yeah you probably realize that the market is very tight and you’re gonna have to know exactly what you want from a headset in order to make the right decision and then finally moving on to the wired headset as a lower end of the market you are a little bit limited as they are pretty pricey and compared to what you can get if you went to a wide version but the most energy level headset that argues that i actually like is a Corsair avoid RGB now this is a hundred pounds the build quality is not fantastic it’s one of the weaker ones on Kat I also don’t like the amount of gripping forces going ahead because it just doesn’t have very much a cool and it was about the microphone as well isn’t brilliant but it’s a wireless headset the head of the sound quality is actually pretty good that you like a good range is good so you’re definitely getting some compromise with this but if you just want one of the best cheaper wireless headset this will do most people without an issue but it’s definitely not the best out there if you want to step up a little bit which is what i would recommend that you do it’s been another 40 50 maybe even 60 pounds i think it’s around about 250 pounds in the UK if you get this which is the razor man-o-war I’m gonna crack in the government name is very difficult and the build quality is pretty good it’s not actually as good as on the Kraken pro which is a business appointment was a bit more plastic use it is very comfortable it’s very adjustable air cups very very big don’t think anyone have an issue that you can RGB lighting on the size as well connect over USC and quality against is pretty good but like always headset it does become a little bit of ionic interference so you’re still getting some compromise with this tale headphones but then if you want my favorite wireless headphones of a moment they are very expensive make no mistake about that that these which is the astro a50 only been using this for a few days and they found it very very similar to the answer to a fault is but if you want the white version is very good they don’t feel any heavier than the a40 do sound quality is more or less the same but you’ve got that surround motors world from the headset which does make everything sound that Lumet they’re much more open if you’re playing the game don’t use it with music though definitely doesn’t ruin music but he’s got a button on the side of the headset that can easily enable or disable the dolby audio then when you’re done with it you just put it back on its docking station and yes it’s a very premium solution and for 250 quid you could get an outstanding pair of headphones so if you just play games and you want to listen to music as well inside but you want to do it wirelessly this is the best head i’ve used to date and so with that that brings us toward the end of this video I hope it’s been really useful it has let me know down in the comments section below I’ve tested loaded hits but likewise these loads are having tested as well so if you have a favorite or something you’re looking at you want my opinion on please let me know down in the comments section below or at on Pete off or on twitter is at PG centric and i’ll try not to everyone let you know what are tested it and what I think likewise all the links to all the reviews and the animals will be left down in need description below if you do want to go and check out more info about these products let me know what you thought only the like my video if you liked this lucky you didn’t thanks to everyone and shipped to review samples out for these headsets and three-quarters watching the channel as always subscribe for more videos and more guys just like this and i will see you in the next video. gaming headset

What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Headset

If you love playing video games, you need to make sure the gaming headset you purchase is comfortably non-intrusive. Comfort in a headset is vital and of course this is a very individual matter of taste.

comfortable gaming headset

You need to consider the wearing style of your headset and whether or not you would prefer:

*a comfortable light weight on the ear
*a comfortable fit and feel around the ear
*perhaps you prefer to feel extreme comfort around the ear.
When you are gaming, a large part of the pleasure of a game is communicating with other gamers. To do this, you need a built-in microphone in your gaming headset. Preferably, headphones should include high-end noise cancellation, so you can hold a clear, easy to understand conversation and chat with your fellow players and hear with crystal clarity what the conversation is as well as what is happening in the game.

Another feature in a quality headset is an adjustable microphone so that you can raise the boom arm into a vertical position away from your mouth.

An Open Or Closed Gaming Headset…

Maybe you like to keep your ears cool and hear what’s happening in the surroundings outside the game without too much disturbance. This is where you should go for an open gaming headset.

If you dislike being disturbed whilst playing and don’t want to disturb those around you, then you should go for a closed gaming headset. The benefit of a closed design is that you can hear the slightest of sounds in the game, which is especially important for competitive gamers. The noise cancelling feature in closed headphones means that even in the noisiest environments you will hear with clarity.

Durability Is Important

When you have decided on the best gaming headphones for your needs, you expect they will last for many years. Make sure only top quality materials are used and that the attention to detail is supreme.

Sound Quality In A Gaming Headset

Crystal clear superior sound is not a choice, it is a must have when it comes to choosing the best gaming headset.

clear sound gaming headset

When you are competitive or home gaming and in the middle of the adrenaline producing rush of an exciting video game, being able to pick up on those cues in an interactive game is essential, as is blocking out distracting environmental sounds.

You need to have lightning reactions to sound cues such as gunfire, screams, footsteps and those scenario indicators that will give you the competitive edge you need to take your game to the next level.

The decision to make: do you go with an immersive sound field without to 7.1 channel surround sound or do you go for stereo game sound… It all depends on the type of game you are playing.

Video- the 5 best value pre-built gaming PCs you can buy in 2019.

Are Spare Parts Easily Available?

Now that you have spent your hard earned dollars on the best gaming headset you can afford, do you know if you can easily purchase spare parts? At some stage you will need to replace such items as your pads or cords. Its worthwhile checking with the manufacturer if they stock spare parts.

Enjoy Gaming With The Your Gaming Headset

When you are looking at buying a new set, it’s worth taking the time to jot down what features you want in a gaming headset:

wireless or not
open or closed
surround sound or not
7.1, 5.1 or stereo
Take the time to read reviews and peoples experiences of the brand name product you are considering, you can learn a lot from these. Keep an eye out for online sales platforms such as Amazon as you can often pick up a bargain here.

Once you have them, I know you will enjoy many fun hours. There are loads of great games to play with friends.

Gaming Headset Store is dedicated to bringing you reviews of gaming headsets. If you are looking for wireless, PC, or, just headsets in general, each product is reviewed in detail to help you choose the best one for you. The site also brings you many useful tips on how to get the most value from online gaming, safety factors, cheat codes, information on the Xbox and much more.

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