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Spending A Lot of Time On Your Hoverboard? Check This Out

What’s up guys welcome to the vlog today we’re going to attempt to spend 24 hours straight on a hoverboard that’s the challenge gonna do this so are you in I mean that sounds cool but 24 hours right are you in are you okay so let’s get started I don’t want to waste any time 24 hours is a long time so let’s just get right into it you have three hoverboards here we got a red one the white one the purple one you’re going white yeah so going white also with the classic I’m gonna go um I’ll do this one so once we get on the timer will start the goal is 24 hours it’s not I’m not sure if it’s possible to stand I guess you could technically sit on the other one as long as you don’t fall off it counts alright I’m one your honor my timer started and all right stoves on this is 24 hours in hoverboard we’re gonna try it we’re gonna do it legit we’re gonna just see if we can go 24 hours straight on the hoverboard the reason why I want to do this challenge is because I’ve never seen anyone do 24 hours on the hoverboard it was kind of cool to get like a world’s first achievement like this I think it’ll be fun I think most that they’ll be easy maybe tonight when we try to sleep it’ll be hard but uh so I guess as long as you’re like on it it counts stairs probably won’t happen for 24 hours it’s not a big deal can’t shower for 24 hours not a big deal I think you could probably use the bathroom though I think I mean bars in the way by the way for me I can we’ll just you know roll right up I could let me see it let me see yeah see you could use the bathroom you could sit long as you don’t fall off it’s all counts but as soon as one of us like you know you fall completely off the hoverboard like say I mean one foot is if one foot is off well where it’s not really blast leave hoverboard in his 24-hour charm so then we give you a little bit lenient so if you’re completely detached and off then you’re out alright if you kind of like a right close call or something as like fun because we are at the end of the day trying to do 24 hours yeah so we might get tired getting deep into this video I’m actually a little hungry though so I guess I should have eaten before 5:00 yeah we have food so I guess we could just go over and start our journey you guys are coming with us and we are literally doing it all right so this is my meal as you can see I haven’t even touched it I should have eaten it this is no different than just standing like a cooking popcorn in a microwave over there there’s gonna be temptations for 24 hours on a hoverboard challenge and this is definitely one of them I do want to jump on the trailer these things is like good it’s like good I hit a crag and it’s almost lost it I almost lost a challenge in the intro of the video it looks fun but you know trying to you 24 hours on hoverboards like yeah yeah bring the hoverboard on a trampoline yeah course you know I just almost fell didn’t riding at normal let alone going on the trampoline up all right I’ll swing your legs oh okay a little bit a heel flick oh you definitely left the ground right there so you’re just gonna stay right there the whole time I still was technically wanted one foot one foot cast as quick is like I said yeah you don’t leave the hoverboard fully so hands are not a good match I’m top it off guys comment down below if he’s gonna fall off right here I have a I have a feeling he’s gonna fall off that’s the only way to do it that’s right I’m gonna have to give up my dreams of going on the trampoline 3 hours 23 you’re you’re actually thinking about he was actually thinking about staying on the trampoline for 24 hours it’s on the hoverboard I have a lot of core workout yeah that’s why I didn’t get on I knew they’d be too hard Carter it’s time for what I’ve been thinking about this ever since I got in a hoverboard I want to be the first person to do this go into the bathroom and I’ll be able to tell if you fall off so I’ll probably hear it like you to do here yeah all right here you go stuff you done all right let’s see did you follow up great all right well that all your wheel [Laughter] [Music] was it easier harder really nothing let me show you like a little bit of motion okay Matthew squat ball so when your Swan this thing moves a lot to get to like use your legs prevent it from going forward or backward holiday wasn’t the best experience yeah only 24 hours so this cows completely you know I’m sitting down I’m lounging but why don’t my feet stay on the hoverboards I mean hoverboards actually not even activated right now hey what’s up Oh tomorrow I’m filming a video can I just we just do it like tomorrow yeah we just reschedule board us okay okay fine I’ll be there I’m coming I forgot that um I told that I would meet her at her place for this this meeting that I have and I get to go to her house you know my partner houses right yeah take a few miles yeah listen you could probably make it I don’t want to lose my child guys we leave that out why this is not the view today out of all days the one day we tried 24-hour hoverboard challenge egg but we’re about two hours in I don’t want to just quit now and so wasted two hours that’s true let’s just it was just driving would be fun well I’m gonna if you’re gonna go on the airport I’m definitely with you because I got to make sure you don’t fall off well that we gotta stick together that’s how it works my guy it’s gonna be a bumpy ride yeah I’m gonna bring some snacks and stuff on the way but let’s uh I guess I gotta go to Liz’s house oh man is already an obstacle you guys probably can’t see it but every bump on the hoverboard is a problem oh and I’m good let’s see how you do easy easy oh oh you’re kind of really bounced check this out so look at that your cow hype it is I got five of these Oh so that’s gonna be a really cool video that we are going to be filming soon Oh oh my gosh this is horrible these bumps are literally the worst I can just kind of this yeah you also have the handlebar TIA that works I guess we’re pretty good hands right now these hoverboards do you go faster than walking so I think we’re gonna be making some pretty good time all right well we’re just cruising down the streets of LA yeah they are the executor so we have a to two miles to go you gotta grab something yeah all right let’s do it all right here you go so bluff the sugary drinks and I like them not sugary this coming like polar opposites on the stuff that we ordered this is my guy right here he takes care of me it’s gonna be a long journey that’s why we need something to drink no I’ve never been that far just walking oh no stop this is horrible Hummer flirting is easy but then it’s the cracks that just mess you up real quick hey but the important thing is I did still have one foot on yeah I know you did you yeah you saved I actually thought I might have lost you there yeah but that counts 24 hours it’s gonna be hard you got to be a little bit more lenient than never touching the ground I think that’s fair [Music] well we got a big crack yeah you hit it oh I’m going one and then the other inchworm my feet are actually hurting I don’t know if you guys know hoverboards your feet start to hurt after a while cuz mine are starting to like I don’t know that’s are uncomfortable down there you know the reason why is because we’ve been on here for like at least three maybe it approaches four to five hours now okay I don’t think it’s been four to five I they were probably two and a half hours in that’s when we started we have 12 seconds to make this light let’s see if we can do it come on so eight seven six so come on push leave we gotta make this come on – what Oh duck it’s turning yellow come on down oh I didn’t make it we are almost there Carter Carter still has a drink I don’t know how I died I guess I spilled half my oh my is it sit I can’t even like I don’t know oh I got hit my meeting should be pretty quick so just hang out out here okay I guess you guys are stuck with me until his meetings done all right oh you got a lot of trouble oh you’re actually stuck oh no you Matthew this might be the end of the road for you actually [Music] all right yeah Carter made it all the way in I am going to I guess I’m just gonna be chilling out here until he comes back out so let the waiting begin whoa as you can tell it is dark I don’t know what Carter is I’ve been trying to call him text him he’s not answering he’s still in that meeting well my feet are still on the hoverboard I turned it off though cuz I need enough power to get back home you see I’m Tarkin Oh can’t leave people said oh my gosh no way oh no I didn’t get no text Oh 100 been trying to call you too and everything oh we need to go back home you know oh okay I’m in oh is that Liz’s place for quite a while I can’t believe still I don’t know what you’re sat there you could’ve just driven home yeah that’s a weight-wise make sure you know it’s like well into the night the stars are out alright guys well we’ll see you when we get back to the house a little bit of math we are six and a half hours in the 24 hour challenge which actually doesn’t sound like a lot considering we had to go to 24 hours yeah I mean I was sitting down for a lot of it but my feet had to stay on for it to count alright well we made it home home sweet home that count no I don’t think that counts so I think you just know I literally I rode back and forth and waited for you yes it’s on the car for like an hour waiting for me weight off weight off okay oh oh that’s pretty impressive alright then you gotta go weight off oh stove Rosa rules and it was 24 hours on a hoverboard yeah but you fell off completely we were lenient enough to get like one foot was okay or your hand touching I was okay but you left completely you fell off I mean I thought you’re gonna be a little bit more lenient and give me another chance let’s do it replay [Music] I don’t think so I fell off and then you kept falling you feel like the next 10 it was a lot worse than I thought in my mind I thought when you fell off for like a second then you fell you’re just like a constant motion of falling snow fell off yeah or is Ian he’s out cuz he fell off what’s the hook for like two seconds there we have it guys stove is out so we’re actually failing this challenges is really bad I’m the only one that’s been on the hoverboard we’re like six and a half seven hours in at this point but not 24 hours so you failed me actually sleeve things gonna be the hard part but it’s gonna look like something like this okay all right so Carter is outside now what I mean you know we’re doing the 24 hour challenge on the hoverboard right like we’re trying to be on a hoverboard for 24 hours straight oh he’s in the backyard I don’t know what he’s doing he’s been dishonor thing he’s like eight hours deep or something or seven hours what do you think I can do to persuade him to get all I don’t think there’s anything to do the only thing could do is this sabotage because they’ve all would be even better than him actually completing the 24 hour challenge is if he doesn’t complete it I don’t think he catch my drift and I don’t catch any drift what okay so what’s the plan Carter is so cool Carter come your advertising secret damn coming car I gotta tell you secret what why it’s uh be secret if it’s why turn up turn off the camera oh just just say I did it I’m a loser so upset right now I mean Oh oh my gosh you guys are so mean I don’t know why I was cheering because that was all losers plan but still it was a very shy so no one ever let me down I’ve never failed a challenge so sabotage first he fell that Liz you’re deep into no we were deep I was gonna sleep with that hoverboard I was the way if you really glued it like a professional well if you guys want to see me complete this challenge and maybe the rest the team and smash that like button hit subscribe right now and we could do a part two if you guys think that’ll be cool we’ll see you guys in the next vlog bye [Music]