How to Make Computer Speakers Louder

How to Make Computer Speakers Louder

how to make computer speakers louder

Video Transcript

Hello everybody today I’ll be showing you how to make your computer speakers significantly louder as you may probably have noticed if you get a laptop speakers are pretty crappy unless you have one of those HP computer like laptops of the one side those headphones are like so expensive beats audio let’s get those are pretty crappy so let me show you what you have to do is make it louder alright so first you want to type in on your you go to start and I’ve been a real tag for help and it will come up HD audio manager right issues so it’ll show up like this and you’ll see sound effects and stuff like that but right here and it will start off like this like I’m done we’ll start off as none so what you want to do is reset and change the graphic EQ so and then all these will show up what you want to do is if we see they’re halfway all over Miami complete lines are all equal to bring them all the way up and they’ll still be equal to each other so the soluble change just bring them all up and then you’ll say that this one isn’t for allowing me to say because I already saved the sound as your you name your sound and i understand it glad I don’t know why is I just take around stuff and just because i wanted the sound be better so just type it in and save it and it will save and then so let’s see if you can exit out of that now go to your mixer and click this and go to a hand Spence and make sure your equalizer is check your visual surround and your loudness equalization once that’s done click apply and ok before you do that I will show you back into real deck go to my original sound setting so on and then going to youtube video whiteboy 7 Street right now you can probably hear it electric and not with all right so now we’ll click this and go to your saved one and i’ll do all of exit out as you can see the walk louder so i hope you liked this video I figure this out on my own not watching any videos I but yes is all me telling you how i never i just started by myself and hope this can help you thanks for subscribe like this video share with your friends

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