How to Fix Computer Speakers With No Sound

How to Fix Computer Speakers With No Sound

How to fix computer speakers with no sound

Video Transcript

this Tampa tech and learn something new from pc TVs and game to start just a minute i’m going to show you how to fix an audio issue on your laptop pc computer but not all right so first thing I would do is plug in headphones plug in your headphones right here in the same put your headphone jack if you’re not getting any sound using headphones or pc computer speakers then is internal pop problem if you are getting sound however it could be problem with your internal speakers in your laptop so that’s couple of different ways you do this another thing you can do is go on the start button right here and in the search you could go ahead and type in I think it’s speaker speakers and then actually adjust system volume get it sorry about that and then see if that is muted ok so actually there’s two if you notice want before the device sound and one for the application sound just two different volumes I want to make sure those who turned up all right and again make sure those are not muted the sound of that on the bottom right right here you’ll notice there’s a picture of a speaker you click on that and it should have a volume sound right here make sure it’s not muted right here and you also you click on the mixer and it will pull up that’s a shortcut and X out of that no right here you could right click it and when you right-click he going Advanced Options the property settings ok so you want to make sure that if this doesn’t have is this house ! or something up here you can right click it and you troubleshoot it alright so i should also correct itself another thing you could do is click on this right here type in device manager your device manager right here click on that device manager scroll down to sources sound sound video click on that and then you’ll notice right here you got a couple of audio decoder drivers you can right click on disable and enable them if you don’t know which one it is never uninstall it so you get disabled it and then and able to get let’s reset and you do the same thing for this one and you can disable it and you can enable it also if you update it – we have to be connected to the Internet all right and then so when you right click it again they all say disabled but it’s not really disabled you’re choosing to disable it so it’s actually enabled right now all right and next thing you can also check if that doesn’t hear your problem when I would do is again go to start button hit audio type in audio device I think it’s called audio device right here manage audio devices click on that you want to make sure it’s defaulted to your speaker headphones which on my case its ID t high definition audio codec say that’s my default device see how it’s green right there I want to make sure that it’s defaulted to your species speakers not your bluetooth headset or hdmi out all right so you want to make sure that is the right thing you can right-click it by the way and you can also configure your speakers or test it is a test it and then configure right here see you next see front speakers and so you just configuring it finish it okay to see it so anyway those are a few steps you can take to fix your audio it’s usually soft for settings or something stupid very rare that your audio will actually go out unless your computer’s older and in that case you would actually have to open up your computer to fix that problem which is a whole other video thanks for watching please comment and subscribe to Tampa tech post comment if you have any further questions of I’ll go ahead and answer them.

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