How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

How to Connect Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

How to Connect Bluetooth Headset?

Video Transcript

now if you went shopping on ebay for a bluetooth device and something for the gym something will work out and a cheap one you might have most likely came across these guys are here ok and they are like you know like types or fake or no cheaper bluetooth bluetooth headphones overall you know and had said they’re the ones that you wear to the back of your neck but they are great overall great quality and for the price which is usually around eight seven dollars nine dollars from China free shipping takes a while , but it comes and yeah but in order to . has got its a quick and easy thing and if you have an iphone 6 plus or iphone 6 . i go ahead and go to the settings because if this is your first time hearing it go to settings ok let’s do that again let me repeat this again don’t use a swipe up menu ok don’t use that don’t hit the blue tooth decay because it’s not this is your first time . if you . it ready before then you can go to that but since this is your first time . go ahead to where it says settings you can see settings read over here in again tap that go to where it says bluetooth day bluetooth and this one of course you turn it on obviously we have to and once you turn it on automatically like all the apple iphone and ipod devices they start searching for nearby devices to pair make sure no other bluetooth capable devices on or searching at the moment because able to cause confusion now this bluetooth on it’s a play pause in the middle next track backtrack and that’s about it I don’t know about the volume haven’t really found on what to do there is no book that comes with our house appeared whatever but you get such as you get for buying cheap stuff right so anyways I all you do is hold down the the play button or close button and that’s actually d on/off button once is the blue light comes on you can let it go and if it’s blinking that means it’s in searching for peering were looking for the names by news device is going to be a sport BTW i also have another sports BTW but it’s in plain black not the red on black white want not red and black but the other one takes a while to . this one pick up very fast once you see the pair sport meaty just tap it and it should care for you automatically it’s gonna take probably a couple of seconds they’ll panic you know it doesn’t hear all the time right away and of course as you can see it says connected and you are good to go you can go ahead and play your media volume you can accept calls with it you can answer calls of courses that play pause media like videos and stuff and so on if this video was helpful in anyway whatsoever please do leave a like share subscribe check out my other videos in my channel that you reviews they’re not the best but they are awesome.

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