How to Connect Computer Speakers to TV?

How to Connect Computer Speakers to TV?

Connect Your Computer Speakers to Your TV

Video Transcript

What’s up everyone this is Dale coming with another video actually you see a junkie very the junkie workstation I’ve been working all day but i just want to show you guys a tip arm and if you watch my videos you know that I gotta another TV yesterday the day before one of the days i think it was yesterday and what is the TV is nice but the sound sucks let me get closer filled with the big play guy I mean the sound sucks i’ma turn helps we’re hosting vandy first for action Josh Dobbs to find Pearson 17 yards for touch after pump think they’re so many people throw around you swing passes it look up thing to unlock some that you guys you may not know and this this goes to anybody who has a who has a flat screen TV on or model you may be able to do some if you’ve got some extra speakers for your computer sitting around with a slope offer anything so i’m gonna show you something you don’t go behind to V and hopefully you can see arm behind the TV you have a hook up right there and I hope like i said it i hope you can see it you see that look here on Civil and if you didn’t know and I got my myself woofer got some logitech’s so say hopefully you can see this and I don’t have a light on here and one or two other speaker right there on the end of a little slow so I has a logitech speakers all right sitting around and sorry about it turn off the light huh then all right so like i see it you’ve got one of these on your TV that has the head on something what you can do take your speaker and these go to the logitech right take it plug in any try to get this in there we go you heard the sound go out and what i usually do surely that’s what I did unplug everything i plug it so i’m going to get it yet like I said it’s hard doing on this with one hand plug it in turn the one that next down and right around and 7 i’ll show you how it’s all not remember when it’s time for John’s football each time for dr. beverage always one of my god for the Gators are a sec east champions of so if you’ve got some decent speakers you don’t have to go out and get no big-time surround sound whatever like that you really don’t have to do that arm unless you want to but this is just a little something I want to show you for anybody that got the flat screen or ones within the last year or two maybe three but if you got a half on Jack and you came before that to three hundred dollar so we offer you know to surround sound you can get some decent logitech I think I pay what 40 maybe thirty thirty-five forty dollars for them I can’t remember because I got a while back and long as you got a little bow minute you are good and you can get your side even listed as questionable only once it stands here tonight we’re going to see we’ve got a good and I mean I got some music I think on here let me try to find it but it can’t be that long you already know thank you no dying might be look just got you just trust Bo doesn’t but I really don’t want my video to get flag you know to tell you the truth I really don’t need to get flag on the music but it has believe me it has it i really want to there we go and I was just let you hear it just a little bit a little bit of back and then I’m cutting the videos now this is a huge game for more quickly the future and a lot of people would dismantle all he gets another night

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