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Looking for a Portable Speaker with Really Good Bass Sound- That Glows?

Glowing Speaker Bluetooth Speakers

It’s gold colored! You know what that mean-s Legend of Zelda. Now, this has two drivers in it- 7.5 watts each so you’re getting a total of 15 watts coming out of the speaker and the coolest thing is it lights up. It looks really nice at night and I would actually recommend it not just for the bedroom, but for around the house. This makes a great Christmas present for someone you’re not quite sure what to get.

Video Transcript

here we are again Samos Doug just a different date what is going on guys I’m back we’re over here doing the thug business now I got this speaker from Tron smart this is called the beam it glows it plays music it’s got bluetooth really cool little speaker we’re gonna check it out right now in today’s video and I’m gonna give you guys some ideas that I think are pretty nice for this speaker and we’re gonna do all of that right after this short introduction [Music] and if you didn’t see the sexytime lamp that I reviewed make sure you watch that video too I’ll leave links down below in the description we had a lot of fun on that one this is actually nice for like a dinner setting wine glasses some champagne like this little speaker up play some chill music I’m back in the dating world again guys so trust me when I tell you this is happening I’ve had it I’m out to get some I’m hunting high let’s just go ahead and turn this thing on right now play some music for you and see what it sounds like [Music] [Music] that is the Tron smart beam speaker it lights up looks really nice at night kind of sets like that romantic tone and also you can adjust the lighting you can make it brighter you can make it dimmer you can set it to your mood 18 hours of playback that is a lot of playback light for a Bluetooth speaker playback time we’re not talking about standalone looks nice sounds really good you got 15 watts of power this will definitely be at the dining room table with me and a glass of champagne in the near future and if you’re watching this maybe you’ll be that lucky lady maybe not I got a lot of stuff to do my time and scarce I’m a valuable mother so there you go guys the link is down below in the description like always you can check it out read more reviews and also the link is down below for the cool little mp3 player that I just reviewed these are really nice pretty inexpensive guys we’ve got Christmas right around the corner if a mother gave me an mp3 player and a Bluetooth speaker I would be happy I’m just telling you right now I’d be a happy camper thank you for watching I will be back shortly I got more cool stuff coming until next time my name is Casey Nolan you got a rotate piece I screw up a lot you screw up a lot we’re all human beings it’s not like I can be perfect I’m close to perfect but I’m not perfect beam these nuts bitch too far took it too far that’s usually what we do usually what I do on dates usually what I do at work usually what I do inappropriate and too far I’m not even gonna lie it’s been a rough two months for me man like I’ve I’ve been on my own I’m doing the goddamn thing went through the break-up went through some shit went through a fucking hurricane I’m still here baby he has a plan for me I know that he knows that and I stay faithful even through the storm put that now it takes I might be walking around feeling like I don’t know what I’m gonna do next with my life I know that he has a plan for me and he won’t steer me wrong how you like that devil peace [Music]