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YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler


Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Full Test & Review▼

Hi i’m david webb editor for explorer magazine and today i want to talk to you about value tell her the saying you get what you pay for and for the most part it’s true but is there ever such thing as the law of diminishing returns and when you pay what do you get and how much do you have to pay to get what you want these are all questions that come to mind when we talk about the yeti hopper 18 yeti is a legendary cooler maker they make a few other products but coolers are what they’re known for this is one of their soft sided units it’s called the hopper flip 18 it holds 24 pounds of ice or 20 cans of your favorite beverage with a nice beverage ratio of two to one before we get into the specifics of this cooler and run the test we need to address the elephant in the room this cooler retails in canada for four hundred and eighteen dollars and four cents which is a funny price structure let’s call it over $400 and that’s when we talk about value what are you getting for that price similar size coolers can be bought on amazon for twenty five thirty fifty dollars name-brand coolers run even $100 so let’s take a look at the Yeti and see if it’s worth 420 of your hard-earned dollars for starters if you’re on the fence about a Yeti I really recommend you go to a retailer and check one out there is a feel to them that you have to actually get your hands on to really experience I mean we use the term bomb-proof in the outdoor industry quite a bit but this actually feels like it could contain an explosion I mean it is that rugged we’re talking 840 Denia fabric on the outside that’s a measurement of the thickness of the of the threads and to put into perspective a lightweight puffy could be 10 to 20 D the shell you’re wearing might be sixty eight hundred and forty is more in line with a whitewater raft um it’s almost up there with a military-grade zodiac inflatable needless to say sturdy evie a on the top easy and the bottom so it’s non-slip on the bottom and you can put your bevvies on the top and they won’t really slip around very much double stitched handles on either side top back comes with this nice shoulder a band with a beaners here that actually swivel so they won’t get tangled ergonomic no-slip looks nice as you can see here we’ve got some lash points yeti has a variety of different accessories you can clip on here bottle openers multi tools a yeti dry bag all can clip onto there and we need to talk about this zipper so it actually comes with a tag on it that says pull hard because if you bought this you might think the zipper was stuck I mean you would have to give it a good pull to open it up on the inside we have fda-approved food-grade waterproof fabric easy wipe antimicrobial antibacterial easy clean you can really just hose this thing out Oh bleach you water if there’s any stains in there done because such a high-end product I really appreciate that even the literature has a high-end feel you know but you get these stickers you even get a this zipper lubricant that you should use once or twice a year that’s a tough this is you know people want to feel validated for their purchase and I appreciate that Yeti mixes makes it feel like you are getting the high-end product because you really are but this zipper seriously I’ve tested a lot of outdoor gear and I’ve never seen anything quite like it it is an absolute beast so if you open it a little bit you can squeeze air out of course close it up they claim it’s a waterproof zipper it’s basically airtight no drips no leaks are getting through this in my mind there’s absolutely no question about the quality of the build everything is just way over built and so this is something that’s gonna last years there are tests online if people lighting them on fire driving the mind cars I’m not going to do that to this beautiful cooler what I am gonna do though is I’m gonna test just how well it cools and how much cooling power you get for four hundred and twenty dollars Canadian so it’s the perfect time to do it we’re in a heatwave here in Vancouver daytime temperatures right now are spiking to thirty degrees in direct sunlight nighttime still mid to high-teens so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna fill it up with cube ice I’m gonna open it 3 times per 24 hour period and we’re gonna see how long the ice lasts okay let’s get this test going I’ve got two bags of cubed ice in there any cooler aficionado will tell you that a cooler performs best when there is little to no air space in it but I didn’t want to make things too easy on this $420 cooler so I’m gonna simulate normal conditions I’m gonna leave it out I’m gonna open it 3 times per 24 hour period for one minute per time and I’m gonna make sure it gets both direct sunlight and partial shade so let’s zip this cooler up and I’ll see you tomorrow okay folks it’s been 24 hours this cooler baked in the Sun yesterday as temperatures spiked above 30 degrees so I’m almost feeling a little bit bad about that but let’s see how it looks okay as expected some definitely melting but we’re talking chunks of ice still left this has to do with the four and a half centimeter thick walls on this 5.1 pound or 2.3 kilogram unit certainly there’s no question that if you put frozen food in this thing it will remain frozen for at least 24 hours now that we’ve sealed it up it’s as good time as any to demonstrate the waterproofness of the zipper I mean I could leave it like that all day no water’s coming out of that thing well let’s leave it for another 24 hours and see how it looks tomorrow okay folks it’s been another 24 hours temperatures have dropped a little bit here in Vancouver but it overall was in direct sunlight for most of yesterday and now let’s open up and see how the ice looks some pretty significant melting now but we’re talking still large chunks of ice and frigid water there and I think it’s fair to say that if you put frozen food in this thing it’ll still be frozen or at least partially frozen 48 hours in so it’s actually interesting to note that if the ice had have continued the melt rate of the first 24 hours it would be completely gone so it shows that it a lot of the ice was actually melted bringing the cooler down to temperature yet he recommends actually pre cooling your cooler to get the best performance out of it which is a great tip and this shows the efficacy of that now I didn’t do that in any case it’s sealed up now and I’m gonna open it three more times over the next 24 hours and then we’re gonna see what it looks like tomorrow at this time okay so it’s been another 24 hours for 72 hours total so let’s take a look all the ice is gone it is important to note that that is fridge cold water that it’s still very much cold at this point we can confidently say that anything in this cooler will stay cold for 72 hours in less than ideal conditions I’ve decided to call the test while the Yeti hopper flip 18 has maintained its cooling properties the ice is now melted full disclosure I opened it about four hours ago the ice was melted then everything in there was fridge cold the water was cold to the touch another reason I stopped it at 72 hours is simply because that’s the usable capacity of this cooler you’re not gonna get more than three days worth of provisions in here and ice anyway so there’s not much point in going any further so what if we learned well for starters this very sturdily built cooler will keep your food fresh and safe to eat for 72 hours plus that’s not a problem three night camping trip four nights maybe even this is the cooler for you however it’s also fair to say that if you’re looking for something just to go to the beach for the afternoon keep some beverages and a couple sandwiches cold this is probably overkill it would be like buying a Lamborghini as a ughter car daily you’re only going to use a fraction of the performance if you’re the kind of person who spends 15 20 nights or more in a tent maybe you spend a lot of time in a canoe kayak or a boat where you’re gonna get baked in the Sun maybe you’re a working professional a guide or you’re just the kind of person who likes to buy something once and keep it for life I would say go ahead and invest in the Eddy you might get a little bit of sticker shock but you will have no buyer’s remorse I’m David Webb editor for explorer magazine and thanks for watching.

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