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Windshield Repair Kit to Fix Large Crack

I Use this $10 Windshield Repair Kit to Fix Large Crack

$10 Windshield Repair Kit to Fix Large Crack

There it has a crack on the glass, but we’re going to try to fix it in this video. So, without further ado let’s get to it.

Windshield Repair Video

Alright the fleet had to be outside because we have two tundra in here this thing barely fits in here every single time but the glass is right here so you can actually see the chip right here and the crack goes all the way up till right here hopefully we can remove this entire crack cuz it looks horrible and riding away while driving we have the products right here that we’re going to be using it should be simple okay now my buddy here doesn’t care about this piece of glass right now at the moment he’s gonna be replacing it anyways so if we can get it fixed without replacing it he’ll be happy if not he doesn’t care he’s gonna replace it so it doesn’t matter now obviously the best thing to do is whenever you get a crack you know fix it immediately before it gets bigger anything like that so I’m gonna take a look at the product right here as well we’re going to be using glass cleaner obviously some petroleum jelly and this windshield repair kit that I’m gonna be putting it a link in a description section or a video below and also we’re gonna use a glass drill bit right there that I will link in a description below as well I have used something like this on a bull’s eye crack before and we actually worked really well now we’re gonna be testing it out to see how it works on a longer crack so first things first what you don’t want to do is actually use this glass cleaner to make sure you clean the glass around the crack okay you don’t want to actually get this glass cleaner or anything into the actual crack because obviously the only thing that needs to be getting in the crack is a resin next thing after you get it kind of clean you want to take this bit right here this glass bit make sure it’s a glass bit because it’s specially designed for glass ceramic stuff like that basically anything that cracks that’s what this bit is designed for it’s already on my drill bit and I’ve already took the liberty of drilling a hole and the reason why you want to drill a hole right at the end of the crack and also before the crack is because of the fact that you want this crack to stop spreading okay and when I say drill a hole you don’t actually go through the entire glass you only drill the first layer of guys there’s three layers on any kind of windshield you have the first glass layer second laminate and then third glass okay so it’s a protective laminate that’s in the middle that makes sure that this this glass set or this top layer of glass shatters it doesn’t go through the entire windshield you know impaling you or something like that so what you want to do is basically drill through the top layer only we’ve already done that on both sides just to get it to stop spreading that’s all it is it’s only to get a stop spreading it’s not a big deal once you put the resin on it and stuff you won’t even see it so I use that drill right there you can use a dremel whatever to actually do that step so once you’re done with that next we’re gonna use a petroleum jelly to actually you know Lube that up but first I just want to show you what we have in a kit right here this is a windshield repair kit like I said I’ll leave in the description below it comes with a couple of different things the literature right here this tool right here this plunger tool right here the actual resin some clear sheets right there and also a razor right here and I’ll show you how to do this step by step so if you ever smaller crack than this you’ll be golden if you have a bull’s-eye and stuff this is a kit you need but if you have a longer crack like that that’s when you need to petroleum jelly and all this to get this crack fixed first things first we’re gonna have to get this plunger into this guy right here like so you don’t want to go too far deep yet until you actually put it in on the glass itself then you take this guy out as well this is the resin chamber that’s what they call it so take this bad boy out like that put it on to the side because we’re going to use that in a second and you can see right here Alberto has already started the Vaseline some kind of Lube basically on the glass right here what the Lube is designed to do is basically make sure that this thing slides with even pressure on the entire crack okay so we’re gonna be moving it like that and you need some kind of loop to move it because if you just have this on glass like that this is not going to move you need some kind of agent to actually help you move this and you can see right here it’s not on the crack itself it’s just around the crack so first thing first we’re going to basically put this on right on the bullseye because I want to go to bullseye first and then screw this plunger device into the you know right into the crack make sure it’s right on the crack itself we’re gonna have to take off this paper inside the reason being because you’re gonna need someone else inside to kind of push the crack in as we’re sliding this across okay so don’t worry you can still kind of see the huge guy crack right here and I’ll show you how it looks so make sure you have it all the way in there don’t bow to don’t push this down too much don’t you don’t twist it too tight and the next step is basically inserting this with the resin okay so you’re gonna we’re gonna enter this drops in here like so and then we’re going to use this plunger to basically plunge all that liquid into the actual hole is it going into no way no way as we’re doing this guy’s just you know keep pushing it in and twisting it until it kind of tightens and you should already be able to see the crack start disappearing so now what we’re gonna do we’re gonna have this under pressure apparatus moving going that way and then going all the way right here to you know fill in the rest of the crack and as I’m moving you will need probably a partner to basically push the crack from the inside to kind of open it up to make sure that resin is actually in fact filling the crack so let’s actually start doing this put more solution as needed and you can already see guys the crack is pretty much already gone right there already so let’s continue this [Music] so once that done we’re gonna get this plunger off and we’re gonna use a curing strips so we’re gonna cut these strips in half because obviously they’re a little bit too long there we go just gonna put a little bit resin on top of the crack itself and then put the peering strip on top like set make sure there’s no bubbles on the crack itself you know you don’t want any bubbles on this thing and right now what we’re gonna do is basically move this vehicle to the Sun and actually see how it looked I don’t know if this is actually going to work or if it’s not going to work obviously it works well on a bull’s eye because you don’t even see that bull’s eye and be more compared to the beginning of the video but this is not for the bull’s eye this video was to see if you know we could do it on just a big crack like this and yeah we’re gonna move this to the actual sunlight and let it cure and let’s see what it does alrighty guys we have the actual vehicle outside right here with the cure strip on obviously the reason why is because the Sun has UV light that cures the resin so we’ll see how it looks after it’s done and we take these trips off all right guys it’s been way more than 15 minutes I took off the curing strips as you can see right there I mean you just you know scrape it off and now I’m going to basically scrape off all of the excess resin that has been cured so all you do is use what came with it the kit and just basically scrape it off like that do not scratch your glass and just scrape it off so I’m gonna do the whole entire glass right now okay guys moment of truth reveal look at this piece of glass guys you cannot even see the crack any more that is amazing like seriously you barely can see anything you can still see a little dot that’s all the way look it up there and that’s because obviously it was a pretty big crack now you could probably fill that up with resin some more but overall speaking guys seriously that is pretty amazing we use that box that’s supposed to be only for bull’s eye and fix this entire crack and that’s the first time I’ve done it and I that’s the first time I’ve done it guys I know you can do it it’s actually really simple let me just get another angle trying to find the crack is actually unbelievable yeah whenever I took off all those Korean strip and scraped off all the excess resin you can’t see anything guys but all I can see is this little dot that’s right there that’s still you know it’s visible and like I said what I’m gonna probably do with that dot put some more resin in there put a curing strip let it cure for a while and see what happens and I’ll leave the links in description below guys you guys already know it but overall guys I’m loving this and we got it done guys alrighty guys Alberto is looking at this dig a got what do you think of her toe yeah yeah yeah I know you can’t even see it right he’s like inspecting you trying to see whether can you can you at least see the dot where the dot is you can see the dog yeah I know okay anyways he’s he’s excited I doesn’t have to release the wind yeah so as you can see he’s definitely happy dude he just keeps wanting to stare this windshield now it looks like it’s a brand new windshield all righty guys but that’s pretty much it for the video hope you guys enjoyed it lease to purchase everything is gonna be in a description is my ditch links are gonna be in the description section of the video below guys this is a harder crack than what you’re probably gonna have to do is you’re probably gonna just have a star crack or something like that a little tiny crack but this was a huge crack of in order to take a shot at it and we got it done relatively easy it just takes some time tedious and you might need two people to make sure that everything is Gucci in the front of the crack and also behind the crack but if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up there should be a subscribe button and also a video button popping right here make sure you go for more videos in the future on that guys keeps your serious saying thanks for watching and peace [Music] dang definitely a happy camper right there it is.

How to Repair a Windshield Chip or Crack.

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