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NEW Tech Gadgets for 2020

  • Including a pocket electricity generator; produce clean energy using nothing but the power of your body.
  • And, a device to transfer documents or photos to your phone or cloud storage without a hassle!


Technology is often designed to alleviate many of the hassles we face in day to day life. Some of these devices offer minor improvements in our daily tasks while others change the world as we know it. Today we will look at both ends of the spectrum showcasing 10 of the most amazing gadgets and inventions in recent years. Welcome to future tech before we begin don’t forget to hit that like button and click the notification bell to stay up to date with all our uploads also be sure to stay tuned for number one because it will blow you away. 10- hand energy and energy is advertised as a pocket electricity generator the device claims to be able to produce clean energy using nothing but the power of your body. You can charge your smartphone tablet or other gadgets at any time without needing to search for a wall outlet or power source over 800 backers have pledged around seventy thousand dollars to this product on Kickstarter with hand energy being available for pre-order right now though the product has allegedly been shipping in certain markets since January of 2017 an issue that many of us often face is a dead phone battery with no immediate way to charge our device for this product you can eliminate this problem by always having an unlimited power source with you wherever you go all you need to do is activate and rotate the device with your palm this will turn the magnetic rotor that is located inside of the unit and generate a small electrical pulse which can be transferred to your device the product supposedly works great but reviews are a bit hard to come by so it may be a bit of a gamble considering that the hand energy sells for around $79 9 high table high table is exactly what the name suggests a high tech table to suit all your technological needs this tablet comes built-in with a computer screen a coffee warmer a wireless charger a clock and a touch control panel to control all these devices the table is equipped with a powerful gaming PC and a 27 inch touchscreen so that you do not need to use a mouse or keyboard for navigation stereo speakers are also built-in with Bluetooth 4.0 available so that you can pair your smartphone or television to the table RGB LED lights line the bottom of the table allowing you to adjust the color to suit your room’s palate a USB 3.0 hub is tucked away underneath allowing you to transfer data or charge your phone rapidly there is no mention about how much this tablet will cost but it is estimated to be several hundred dollars pre-orders are available now but the company is not yet established a predicted delivery time eight get a robot get a robot is an all-new technology that is essentially a modern-day equivalent of a wagon this device acts as a tag-along it can store all your electronics groceries gym equipment and other products Ghita can be paired wirelessly so that it will follow your every step toting your luggage so you don’t have to Gaeta claims to be the first robot program with pedestrian etiquette the website states imagine exploring sidewalks parks and squares with your hands-free to work or play imagine walking further faster and more often Gaeta doesn’t just make life easier it makes life more fun these are some ambitious statements but Geetha appears to be living up to the hype the device is available for purchase right now though its price tag may act as a deterrent for most consumers the American asking price is three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars this certainly places the product well beyond the budget for most of us but it is an interesting device nonetheless perhaps the true market for these products is to tote around a briefcase for important millionaires 7y i halo this device appears to have been removed from the consumer market but you may be lucky enough to find one for sale secondhand or from a private retailer the Chinese company GI technology has developed a new type of camera that aims to record the world in the most realistic way possible utilizing a product they named halo to record VR footage this monstrosity of a camera costs around seventeen thousand dollars and is made up of 17 lenses each of which works to splice together 8k footage of 30 frames per second the device was designed to be used with high-end VR equipment but was marketed to the general public for a short time the yaw halo was launched with support and funding from Google to be used throughout its efforts in the world of VR there’s been little information published on the yaw halo in recent years but we have certainly not seen the last of it google claims to be using the product to further its daydream VR platform [Music] six fend one fend one is the name given to a new type of safety device a foldable bicycle helmet this product was designed specifically to eliminate the need of bulky helmets that can weigh you down and cause a hassle throughout your day this design was created to make your day life easier so that you can fold and store your helmet after it has been used with the fend one being able to fit in most average-sized purses or backpacks the helmet is available in a variety of sizes with prices starting at just $119 placing this product directly in line with many other premium biking helmets five walk car Koko motors has designed a new type of transportation device that aims to replace your car in fact the device is being advertised as the world’s smallest car and it is being built in the heart of Tokyo with the walk car you can go faster and further without needing to make expensive monthly car payments or purchase gas this laptop size car claims to be able to reach speeds up to ten miles per hour and has a battery life of 60 minutes it weighs just over a pound and has been featured on numerous news outlets in the last few months this device operates extremely similar to hoverboards that many younger individuals ride around on but the battery light is far superior priced at $1,280 we will have to wait and see if this device takes off pun intended or lags behind like many other transportation gadgets have in the past four-seat rowing glasses the seat row and glasses claim to the world’s first pair of glasses that can successfully treat motion sickness which is a very common problem in the UK in fact one in three people claim to have experiences with motion sickness at least once in their life the glasses utilise a proven scientific method that is very difficult to comprehend and even harder to explain the glasses are essentially filled with liquid that rotates with the movements around you but somehow managed to eliminate motion sickness by tricking your senses the method has a success rate of 95 percent while the glasses certainly look rather goofy they do work they can be purchased online for around 99 dollars and come in a variety of sizes three wind air purifier the wind air purifier is a new type of air purifier that aims to eliminate certain bacteria airborne illnesses and the website even seems to indicate that the air purifier can reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus this purifier is completely portable and can be taken anywhere you go it is the most powerful air purifier in its class and helps the user to identify exactly what contaminants they may be breathing in the risks that they pose the uses for a device like this are limitless and with prices starting at $199 this is certainly one of the most affordable and powerful purifiers on the market two fold eat fold eat is a simple name given to a simple product a modular lunchbox that unfolds into an eating mat this product was posted to IndieGoGo and is currently in the prototype phase over 12,000 people have backed this product with shipments expecting to take place around August of 2020 foldy can store your meals in the included washable containers and will even hold your utensils side dishes and dipping sauces the lunch box simply unfolds when you are ready to eat and all your meal related products are ready to be used priced at $149 this product is quite expensive for a lunchbox however its built quality and usability are incredibly interesting one Dakotah pockets can de CUDA pockets can is the world’s smallest document scanner that pairs to your smartphone computer or tablet. It is the perfect companion for traveling and helps keep you productive by allowing you to transfer documents or photos to your phone or cloud storage without a hassleT The device is ready to work with Evernote in Microsoft Office and can scan documents under virtually any lighting condition. Pricing is currently unavailable and the company website has been pulled however these devices can likely be found on many online retailers aside from Amazon.

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