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How To Choose The Right Paddle Board (Great Video Guide)

Guide to Buying The Best Paddle Board

Stand-up Paddle Boards Serve As Multi-Purpose Alternatives For Canoes, Kayaks, and Fishing Boats. ▼

The moon is good and we want to give you some idea on the different types of head of water available in the market now starting with this one right here this body searchers later would some of the advantages of taken inflatable wonders they’re nice and soft so when you’re learning if you like it doesn’t hurt so much you know one of the other four the key positive and getting an inflatable board as they pack out quite small so you can travel with them if you’re going up to a lake or to a river somewhere you have a small car you don’t need ed this stretch the roof you can fold it right down and it can go the Trofeo car they come with a pump as well you need a pump to inflate oh yes in my or is it really hard 10 please it’s really hard and it’s really important that you get them inflated so they recommend a psi because they’re under inflated then they’re just going to bend in the middle make it really difficult not really very efficient it’s a pretty standard and plaintiff report the things to look at if you’re going to go for an inflatable whiners look for a reputable company that maybe has good reviews online and also looking for something want to pick your size so the heavy you are or the taller you are slightly bigger board they’re smaller and lighter you are and go to a smaller ball okay great we’re back at both Nick tell me what people use this Buena Park is beautiful waters your tea is ready the Sun the difference between us and insightful this is what we chose a rigid board so you can feel it it’s actually hard right board a lot more efficient in the water as you get skills get better only recommend going to a rigid water a lot more efficient than water you’re gonna come through much faster but they are hard and a delicate surface not hitting them with your pedal then you can end up damaging keyboards so nice of you okay okay this one is quite different looking this one is quite different so this is for all of you Yogi’s out yet and people interested in yoga this one is specifically designed you can see it’s got the rounded square edges it’s not going to be very efficient in the water because it’s not what this board is designed for this design very flat water somebody close to you a Marine is specifically designed for doing young if you’re interesting yoga give it a try go again Nick tell us what this lots of options this ones Racing as you can see it’s a lot very long thinner it’s gonna mission racing stuff offshore guys are doing up oh wow that is really cool.

Magic Bullet Buyers Guide- Comprehensive Video.

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