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Cool Gadgets and Accessories That Can Be Great Gift Ideas For Men

10 Cool Gadgets and Accessories For Men▼

This is the charade scha 7 SMB mini assisted opening liner-lock folding knife razor-sharp the scha 7 SMB is the mini version of charades SCH a7b and bears all the traits of its parent but in a scaled-down knife perfectly suited for discrete carry the fully open 5.9 inch knife is concealed in black from the tip of the aus 8 stainless steel high carbon blade to the butt of the aluminum handle before opening disengage the safety blade deployment is accomplished by using either the index flipper or the ambidextrous thumb knives once started the magic assisted opening mechanism continues to move the blade into the fully open position when fully open the blade is secured in place by a steel liner line the two point six inch clip-point blades angular tip provides ample penetration strength followed by a slicing sharp edge control is increased by sliding your thumb forward taking advantage of the blade spine side contour the three point three inch handle features a coarse black powder coating this combines with a strategically placed jumping and the ergonomic handle contours to create a positive grip surface even the knife is subjected to varying environmental conditions use the lanyard hole to tether the scha 7 SMB to your wrist when extra retention is needed to close move the liner lock to the side with your thumb and rotate the blade back into the handle secure the blade by engaging the safety covering the red dot indicator use the steel clip to attach the knife to a pocket or pack elegantly discreet that just over 2 and a half ounces crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime this is the impromptu tactical pen from Gerber don’t let anyone tell you the pen is mightier than the sword unless it’s this one machined from steel and seracote coated for corrosion resistance it features a tempered steel glass breaker in its tip for emergency situations the included all-weather right in the rain ink cartridge effectively works in wet or dry conditions.

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