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Collapsible Water Bottle Review- Yes, It’s Awesome

Ultra Compressible & Collapsible Water Bottle For Travel▼

Welcome back to uncrated crowd this week we have collapsible wipeout so this is the cue bottle made by cue bottle originally funded on Kickstarter and yes this is supposedly a collapsible water bottle didn’t ever think of that video well you know what these people did before we get into it a really nice professional peg zing box looks uh looks real good so opening up don’t boo whoa oh whoa it all came up together because this is airtight it oh goodness look at that that’s actually kind of neat okay let’s put it back to normal and let air in it makes sense you’re supposed to unscrew the cap before you pop it up so a few things to note about this is that it is plastic and bpa-free many of you environmentalists will love that also dishwasher safe I believe it I mean I don’t know exactly what this is but it seems like it’s just like a silicone type deal oh my goodness well as you can see here just standing up it’s kind of the Leaning Tower of Pisa here let’s uh pour some water in there I feel like I’m doing a science experiment though good look at this I got I got two different things obviously widemouth perfect for ice large people unless you have a large piece of ice like like I have so for the most part for the most part I spit sit here and let you have giant enormous pieces like I do standard ice cubes will fit in here like if you if your ice maker in your freezer makes ice that will fit in here pretty easy so this particular bottle is 20 ounces they do have 20 ounce and 12 ounce bottles let’s screw on this there we go it is watertight there is no leakage here which is definitely a positive for a water bottle ah I feel like when I’m twisting this I feel like waters going to spill out when I actually get the top open unless I hold up here if that’s the deal so now that there’s water in here it’s not leaning like it was before which is a good sign because you don’t want your water bottle tipping over the water tastes normal I know paid Simon chemicals always a plus so now the water level is about right here so let’s try and collapse it a little bit just a little bit okay so look at that the water level is now right about here and if we close this I’ve just got a little a little deformed water bottle right you know it takes up less space so if you keep a water bottle with you fairly often this is actually kind of nice because you can just shrink it to how much liquid do you actually had in here and then it takes up less space in your bag or in your car this is not this is actually somewhat oddly satisfying right here however what I’m interested in now how much actually fits in it when it is it’s small to leak okay so we are going to shrink this down as small as it can be so there we go this is as small as it can be and we’re going to train determine see if we can figure out how much this actually holds whether it is in this smallest most compact so I’m starting with a cup and a half here it is right up to the bottom brim and I have just under a half cup left you’ve got a little a nose bubble I’m gonna take it with you you get to your destination here on you know what I don’t I don’t want it a nose bottle anymore I want a else bottle well you know what what you can do there you go you just found yourselves a 20 ounce bottle the retail price I’m the 12 ounce bottle is 1995 and the retail price under 20 ounce bottle this one is twenty four ninety five so you’ve got a five dollar price difference between the twelve ounce and the 20 ounce for them buy this again at full retail price um I mean what’s the standard price for a water bottle these days I feel like it’s right around 20 bucks anyways right oh really buy water bottles that often but I have a feeling they’re right around 20 dollars for a standard water bottle I got you know good reusable water bottles 25 bucks seems reasonable for this you know the plastic water bottles would you buy like you just buy oh really and you play with those and you squeeze them and they’re so loud and annoying you got this barely makes a sound except where if you have ice in there it hits the stainless steel top out of fact I forgot to mention is that you can’t this can be used with both cold and hot liquids however this is very cold right now with ice in there so if you put hot liquids in here you are going to feel the heat it’s not insulated whatsoever so anything hot anything basically whatever temperature the drink is the cup will be also so what that bet is going to be the end of the video hope you guys enjoyed it if you did hit that thumbs up hit that subscribe button if you’re new in the comments down below I want you to tell me what the best product you have ever purchased ever purchased whatever it was on another one of you guys have a wonderful weekend we will see you next time with something other than the cubox.

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