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5 Ways to Carry Your Fishing Rods (Travel Bag Reviews)

Canvas Fishing Rod and Reel Organizer Travel Bag

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Fishing Rod and Reel Case Carrier Storage Bag

What’s up everybody this is Brian from city gone fishing and today i wanted to go over some ways you can carry your eyes if you are like me you live in an apartment and if you’re in LA you’re most likely living in an apartment and renting forever and if you’re if you don’t have like a truck or a sedan then obviously your space limited i drive a ninety-eight step so i wanted to give you guys a couple of options on how to carry your rods and the first one i wanted to show you is this product right here you guys can actually look for fishing bags on amazon or which calm or actually one of the like if you go to like a Bass Pro Shop you might be able to get a higher quality version of this this is actually pretty neat this it will hold about five rods and I believe the ones for carp they’ll they’ll hold like three you can shove more in this is what actually my church group uses there are ways to puff this up there are instructions on how to do that you can go to like Home Depot and get those interventions or so if you don’t like this like slashing and like that but this is actually pretty cool you put all the tackle and right now we have to enclose in here like a change of clothes just in case you know someone gets tossed in the water or something their two-piece rods are no problem except for the fact that this one here is a 5 foot 6 rod and that seems to be just right over to boarder line limit for this thing because it will be like right here it will barely touch the tip right here so you have to it so it has to be 6 feet or longer if you wanted to divide the two piece yeah but it has all the little space and it has the zippers it has all everything you need so you don’t need to reach from the top you can actually open it up and grab it from the middle and it has it can be carried it can be in a handbag or you could just go over the shoulder and just carry like five different rods at once and if you carry one of those little wagging things it fits in that very well so if you’re a family and you’re looking for a way to carry the rods for the family this is a really great way to go this is a setup that I actually keep in my car there’s a lot of different brands for these and one thing I hate is that it’s in centimeters and I don’t know why they proudly show two centimeters but yeah they come in like a hundred centimeters up to like 150 I think some brands have 200 not entirely sure why you want that one again this is the one that I keep in my trunk of my car it fits in the 98 Mustang trunk so this pretty portable I have two rods engineered from Shimano the FX series and one doc demon right in here already and it has a couple of some pockets for you to carry your tackle in fact I do if I wanted to show I have I actually carry some really basic stuff with me including shears fish holders let me see if I can show you and like a little Plano tackle yeah so it’s actually a pretty good way to carry really really basic stuff if you want to do like a if you have an impulse all of the sudden out of nowhere after work dude I got to stop by this pond you know I gotta go fishing this is actually pretty cool now the only thing is the material is not that great I don’t know if all brands are like this but this particular one it’s not that great by that I mean it’s not that secure it doesn’t even look all that waterproof it might be water-resistant I don’t know but there’s something I don’t get about this design here’s what I mean for some reason the weight is not evenly distributed to use as a hand bag it looks like this is how it leans I’m just holding it so even though all the weight is back here it’s still you know what the position of the handle and everything if you look at the photo of this product they’re all holding it like you know like magnificently on a canyon or something but I haven’t figured out how to do that but it still works for me especially because of the over-the-shoulder nature of it I do carry in my car one of these these are basically soft binders or lures so I carry this and I carry this in the car and basically these two are all I carry to the lake or something I have a review on these later so I don’t know if the video is going to be uploaded by the time I upload this one but if it becomes available I’ll put the disc details in the description and a link or the link to the video in the description if you are like a sling kind of guy you want the minimal you gotta check this one out look at this this is a sling bag it’s called a pit see fun that’s either I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that correctly but that is either the worst or the coolest name in fishing so the pissy fun fishing tackle I have like three tackle boxes in here you could carry some really basic stuff right now I have the Eagle Claw telescopic rod with this but you can actually carry a full-sized rod it comes with all the little belt clip sight you need to make that happen it will not be a snug fit it’ll swing around a bit but you don’t have to worry about the rod falling off the back so to speak I have the LifeStraw bottle in here and this is a sling bag so you can just really just running gun take this with you there are three rod holders in this if you want it to come closer one of them this is where people get confused you could technically put the rod in here and then hook it up to one of these here by that I mean the belt clip you can hook up these belt clips to one of these here to hold it up that’s the way apparently this brand recommends it they recommend that you use this one here because it’s the longest and the most secure but I like to keep all my pliers and stuff in here because of this little feature this strap down here is another way to go now apparently you can’t wear this almost like a chest vest and if that’s the case they recommend you use the one here so there are actually three rod holders not that you can use all three at once but yeah so I did have the Eagle Claw one this is pretty good telescopic now if you’re gonna put a telescopic rod make sure you have some kind of a lid to it this is not the right lid for this the Eagle Claw does not come with a lid this is actually from a blackhawk too so it’s really big and it overkill but it prevents it from flying out you it telescopes just everywhere so this is if you’re a minimalist this is definitely the way to go if you just wanted to just grab something and go it’ll fit two rods technically it comes with two rod belts so although I would probably just recommend one rod in this case these are pretty awesome I’m actually considering to use this instead of that set up because I got this pretty recently and I’ve been loving it ever since so there you go if you are a zombie survivalist this might be a good way to go for your apocalypse kit now let me show you what I normally take on like Beach trips or any other larger trips what this is my favorite set up actually let me go on it there are backpack setups you can see that I kind of deck that out with everything possible even though it has two rod holders I managed to fit four I have one ugly stick I have one Blackhawk here a Blackhawks this one Blackhawk two I have a goat or alpha telescopic rod and of course I have an obligatory dark demon this is actually pretty cool I will do another review just on what I keep inside this thing but you have to really this is the spider wire tackle backpack three large tackle box spots it has this doesn’t come with it I put a carabiner on the handle and I pretty much put everything on here including a bake towel if I need to I just take this off and then put it on a rail somewhere it comes with a sunglass holder it comes with this whole pocket here inside here it’s actually a cooler so you can actually carry your drinks beer I guess if you have live bait it will keep that cold you know it’s plenty of space it has all it has extra little security rings so that it’s not just about over the shoulder backpack it has everything you would need it’s really secure it fits a ton of stuff and you could hang as you can see a bunch of stuff on here I don’t need I’m still not using all of the pockets in this thing and I take this to the beach when I have like a group or I’m taking some people that never fish before and I need some extra line right these are pretty much most of my fishing line not all but most of my fishing line here and pretty much I got everything I need including the pliers this not the plier but the plier holder comes with this backpack yeah this is like maybe 70 dollars you could probably get it for sixty fifty dollars when it’s on sale but yeah I highly want there’s other brands like Shimano that make this kind of stuff but this definitely is my companion this is the one that I would take if I were to hike got a bishop and I knew it was a fishing trip if you think all of these things are an overkill you’re right sorry about that guys there’s a tiny little bulldozer that’s just ruining our video because you know Hey look there’s a guy making a video let’s do this they weren’t better all day so so if you’re the kind of guy that has a couple of you know rods and a small little tackle box and that’s what you like to do but carrying a couple of rods can get a little nuisance let me show you what these are this is called a rod strap the strap itself is pretty much anything you would expect from a strap is just like two little hooks and a nice feeling strap it almost feels like a seat belt what it does come with is all these little belt loops here that has a hook on it right it will hold up to well in this case I have a two-piece rod and I just put together just to demonstrate you can hold up to four they recommend two there’s a way to wrap this so that it doesn’t hit it the rods don’t hit each other basically you put it on one side you put it on the heavier end and it becomes like a little strap so you can actually just wear this right take it wherever you need to go with your little tackle box and it’s a great way to really just be a real minimalist and still carry multiple rods and have the convenience of a strap it’s actually really really cool it takes all it only takes a few seconds to put together and this is really cool yeah you can get these on online anywhere I haven’t seen them in any stores it’s possible Bass Pro Shop might have it just assume they have everything now you have it there are some basic ways that you could carry your rods and reel so if you have any other ideas that I that’s not covered here if you guys have a little trick or a life hack on how to carry this stuff I would love to hear about it comment below I love to read different ideas and remember this is a community we love to help other fishermen and that’s one thing I love about this community so and if you like this video please click like subscribe hit that little ring bell there’s a beautiful lake down there so I’m gonna go fishing now so I’m gonna end this episode with a goodbye all right.

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