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COSORI Air Fryer, Max XL 5.8 Quart▼

We got an air fryer to give a shot to the COSORI 5.8 quart air fryer. I think it’s called Kesari maybe I’m wrong but sent me this said hey would you mind would you mind giving it give it a shot and of course we’ll give it a shot let you know exactly what I think about it stay tuned all right there she is out of the box a couple things first they gave you some nice contact information uh it’s kind of like a one-year warranty but if you sign up right away give you within two weeks that they’ll give you another Solex like a two-year warranty that’s not bad they’re gonna be a nice little book of recipes okay very handy and then a pretty decent orange manual I’ll kind of page through this and it’s got a lot of good stuff in there and it actually goes through this very nice it’s really not that thick because it’s in many different languages but it’s it’s pretty decent as far as owner manuals are concerned so looking at looking at that it’s pulled you back a little bit so you can see the whole thing here looking at the air fryer itself okay it’s uh square that’s the first thing you say it’s not like the ordinary air fryers where it’s wrong this one’s square okay no big deal it’s got this like textured plastic it’s uh it’s different uh it’s it’s actually kind of sleek and when you hit the button here it’s it’s got some stuff on there that is really unique to an air fryer for instance if you’re looking right here it’s kind of pre heat setting I don’t know if any other air fryer that does that you put it on preheat and it goes for like five minutes it’s also got a keep warm which is like one seventy four five minutes I don’t want to go too much longer than that or dry out your your your food but it’s got all the normal presets and everything it’s uh it goes well here we go to a time temp and you can adjust the temp it goes as high as 400 degrees so you know that works pretty cool what we’re gonna tell you what let’s take a look at the inside first hang on alright there’s the inside of the kasoori 5.8 quart air fryer it does goes in and out pretty easily it does lock a little bit and then it turns on turns on your air fryer comes out but you’ve got a little you gotta push this up in order to get at the button and that’s a safety device folks because you don’t want to be carrying this around and having these to detach while you’re carrying them around so that’s that’s a good thing and then obviously this comes out makes for easy cleanup it’s got some sort of nonstick surface on there I’m not going to call Teflon so I don’t know what it is and also the bottom trees got the nonstick tip of whatever the product is on there also so pretty sturdy you got some metal down there for the latch that’s that’s a good thing and then everything else is plastique saying that that’s bad not saying that it’s good but let’s tell you what the real thing you want to do with this is cook right so let’s let’s do some wings so I’m gonna put it on view here with you and that’s good I tell you we’re gonna do some wings on it and let’s let’s do a preheat now I did I did too so you know I took this whole thing apart washed it in some in some hot soapy water and everything’s and you want to do that too it’s part of the instructions so we’re gonna do the preheat and you see it goes 405 and then to start it he hit the start he hit the play button and there there she goes now there’s a little bit of noise to her but it’s not as long as some of the others so I tell you what while this is preheating let me get my chicken all washed up and ready to go stay tuned alright folks the preheat is done that was five minutes now it’s you know over here get you in the picture here get some nice-looking chicken wings there I’ve got five of them I like this you know just nature seasoning on there and just water nothing else on there that’s all I did and then what I like to do is I like to use them a piece of parchment paper someone’s got holes in it so it fits in there real nice and then you’re just gonna put our chicken wings in there you can see that you can hear a little sizzle from being preheated which is good in there little problem fitting all five of them on there I think they make a smaller version of this but when it comes to air fryers I don’t know why it want a smaller version but I think there is one available okay so let’s put it in there get you over there – and they have a chicken setting go chicken now they’re saying three 380 I’m not a big 380 person so we’re gonna adjust our our temp and go 400 and we’re gonna call that good and then nope okay all right all right so we’re gonna give this about ten minutes and we’ll we’ll take a look-see at ten I’ll give you a look see also stay tuned alright folks I said I would check at ten minutes they had it out for 25 it’s now 10 minutes later it’s take a quick look over that is browning up really really nice so we’re gonna give these equipment here we’re gonna give these a quick flip and don’t use your fingers use a pair of tongs I got these silicone coated ones that animal high heat and we’re just gonna like I said here I’ll show you I’m just gonna turn them over remember you’re cooking chicken here so you want to get the minimum of 165 internal but these are wings wings of your should always go like the 185 they just they just turn out better and at this point right now if you wanted to hit it with a little bit more seasoning like I like a lot of seasoning on my chicken and you got the little bit of the grease coming out of there and this will give something for that for it to stick to a little bit more oh that’s good stuff right there all right let’s pour back in stay tuned right folks so we’ve gone in another 5 minutes at 400 total of 15 minutes so far for chicken wings I’m sorry sorry oh we’re that so let’s get you down there so you can see too and keep growing up real nice it’s just uh for the heck of it let’s see if we can’t get some temps here well we’re definitely past 165 and what did I say we’re looking for 185 and I think I think we’re there yeah we’re definitely there that one let’s see this one here looks like the same thing cooking pretty evenly yeah definitely 185 there I like it a little bit more browner though these these are ready right now if you want to eat them they’re you know that one in the middle there that sucker is almost 200 right there but let’s uh I’m a brown up just a little bit more give it a quick nother flip and brown up the other side a little bit more and we’re gonna call these good stay tuned we’ll show you the final product so far so good well what the heck one last look there I did two more minutes then I flipped him again I’ll tell you what those are looking mighty mighty nice so they’re gonna go back in here your fire the only thing I can notice here is that when this gets hot it expands a little bit in this drawer hits a little bit it’s not stopping it from closing it just expands a little bit makes it a little bit tight but other than that I don’t see any real issues with this I’m sure chicken is gonna be just great so you’re probably asking yourself what’s your final thoughts and my final thoughts is hey I think it works pretty good oh we’re gonna give you a look-see at that chicken though when it’s done you stay tuned for that all right folks here’s the final product on the Kesari airfryer 5.8 quart I’ll tell you what they look funny nice they’re still hot that just got done like a minute or two ago but just pull it apart a little bit here see steam coming out there and then that’s done that’s good stuff right there nice-looking chicken did a great job well I can’t wait to tear into these folks so I open you don’t I got no problem of that you can find it on amazon tom horse burnett youtube thumbs up leave a comment as always thanks for watching.

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