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Buying a Bidet Video Guide

TOTO Washlet S350e Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Auto Open and Close and ewater+ Sanitization

There is no greater feeling of luxury than waking up in the middle of the night, taking the long, cold, lonely walk to the bathroom, doing your business, and feeling the warm, soothing rush of water cleaning your backside – trust me.

The deodorizer function kicks ass. No more lingering smells. No more annoying air freshener aerosols to invariably knock over every time you use the bathroom. No more, “Give it 20 or 30 minutes to air out.”

But my favorite feature? The pre and pro-mist with e-water. A toilet that cleans itself? YES, please.

Yeah, it’s a little pricey, but what is it the kids say nowadays? YOLO. If you’re not going to treat yourself, no one will.

Video Transcript

Putting up a date together we don’t have a whole lot of them here in America so that’s what i want to do so personal i want to hit or the day don’t forget to order the as discussions and trim kit and everything along with the fold and the day itself because you make you’ll get a package and you won’t have these if so you’ve got to make sure that you get the manifolds and things like that order those you’ll have to do that separate but it should be on the same page anyways so i put the first I started off with the metal trim kit which holds the writer for The the rod for the up-and-down motion of three deal i put on the the drain assembly and also i have started putting on the the Maine Medical so anyways we’re going to go ahead and do that flat back out again and then outrun a short overview of what this thing looks like related ways so we’ve got this with better washers together top and bottom on the main bolts and now i’m just going to go ahead and hook up that here and see that up make sure that your water connection which are going to be holding this here this power through this quarter inch piece of copper right here and what this does is this is 50 and then this carries the water line from here to the right in to the hop into the cold so you’ve got that so make sure that that is facing towards the wall ok so we’ve got this here and go ahead and tighten this nut up down here that comes with the unit ok just using now we don’t want to get too tight because obviously we don’t want to crack anything just get good to wear solid boom just a little bit okay little bit more so we’ve got a rubber gasket on bond we’ve got old washer that goes up to the others other side of the day deck itself anyways so we’ve got that and we’ll move on now to the actual possible sets ok ok now we got the diverter valve on that I think we can see that yeah it’s a pretty good so anyways now putting that Valve together the friend training it out so we’ve got here we’ve got a little bit of a little there as you can see what that’s going to do is that’s going to set right down there over the roughing okay nice and slow down the deck and then we’re going to take this piece here set that right over it okay and that kind of seats itself right there on still have advice then we’re gonna take the r what for this and I think let’s see it will take will take this and put this nut right down here so that and what this will do is this will hold that in place the trim piece in place that this is make sure we’re doing that threading right back through sometimes sometimes comes with some dirty thread so you might have to work within just a little bit kinda get out of there we go there we go and then very very gently I’m just taking you don’t want to just tighten it too much from scratch and just kind of snug that up just enough to hold that discussion in place with this trend so steep so that’s good just one do you want to make sure you do it without scratching the surface there and then we’re going to take and put this right over it ok so we’re going to take and put in this is basically just another again it’s a filler it’s a decoration well it fills up that gap in and it seats this diverter see this diver comes on their bowl that plastic piece hard enough it’ll release itself from the brass inside so this is the actual diverter innards or guts wherever you want to call them and what this does is the seats in place make sure that that doesn’t come out when you turn the water otherwise you have geyser and we don’t want that so anyways but that I think that pretty snug and through this i would use a a good crescent wrench medium size and kind of just in we’re just also doing just tightening enough to keep that pervert ok so we’re going there ok so that’ll keep it from leaking maybe you know again we’re good down here still towards the back wall so we’re good there then this piece here which is the air goes right up on top here and it’ll fit so this is not this plastic is not so they’re both sides next kind of fits right over there and what that does is you can turn that now see how you can turn that and regulate pressures that so anyways there you go there so anyways there’s a screw then you just take and you put right on their first drive ok let’s go ahead and do that puppy in there and we’ll be right back okay so we’ve got basically with you consider her anal ok for the unit and take a screwdriver and just kind of put that in there make sure we have the right screw see this may be right one that’s what I don’t want to cross the threat is it at all possible not to so we want to make sure that we’ve got you know use the right tool for the right job these are both the stain so that’s one here looks pretty good maybe this thing that you’re trying to achieve this thing together more they’re screwed in and holds everything in place there now you’ve got a nice little turning action here now simple top decoration basically to keep this looking nice nice chrome and click that in there without clipping those tabs looks like it’s gonna be a tight fit so Steve can’t just give a little bit of a nudge here there we go oh yeah perfect ok what I’m gonna do is out ahead and go ahead and do a pay pan camera shot so you can see everything but looks real months they’re good so now i’m going to start off on the the next is installing the hot and cold manifold or the the hot and cold stems for the unit ok let’s let’s take a look now at putting the water stems in a white old black hot you want to make sure hold is always going to be on the left side if you’re facing and how it’s going to be on the right just like your kitchen sink faucet and action faucet and everything else starts off with this not right here and what this not does is kind of gives it a depth range you can set the debt with this and you’re going to put that on there and then you can slide this washer on top of it and that’s gonna solve deck okay and so I’m gonna go ahead and keep screwing that in there unless you’re here boom come on now people at all that you get moving a little bit faster here show anyways let’s see how that looks this is going to be your water feed and what this does is off of this team right here in this keeps going to connect to your main server this is the water going to the actual spray unit and then this here is the water that goes through the driver of and so this side just right into their ok that’s the inland then down here your main lines to your water shut-off else in the house so not get that clear let’s go ahead and see if we can tighten this up there’s a topping up okay and it’s there to put that so and then take this deal here what this is this is a retaining and that retaining ring there’s just a little if you can notice is here there’s just a little bit of a groove right there between those threads that room is for this retaining ring right here so it up in there and we’re just going to slide that bring what that’s going to stop it from going any further as you can see that it’s perfect so now on the bottom go ahead and type that bottom that way you saw the washer and that up to make sure it’s good and you don’t necessarily we have it up like your type torquing down the heads are the carbon motor or talking a manifold on a car mover you you just need to get a good blood that’s where it’s not going to move around and that’s about their time too much could wind up with some problems on your deck and you don’t want to practice the deck because these puppies can take a long time if you got a reorder one and if you got a rewarder one when you are ready the last day of that job y’all ready for that paycheck you’re not going to feel real good so that’s a good way to ruin the end of the job ok so we that we’ve got the old science and in and again you see how we’ve got the water ah output to the diverter valve we’ve got that make sure we have that pointing towards and again we got good and snug but not to type to clap too we don’t want to we don’t want to crack that deck because you don’t want to have to special order another one anyways so here’s here’s the piece and you can see the group’s there but there’s also threaded there’s a threatened cylinder and they’re in this part moves freely and independently and what that does these threads here what we want to do is we want to set in place just about like that there and then we’re going to take and just kind of screw that in there onto those top threads and then that way we will get it good and snug and that’s it okay make sure you’ve got both sides will do the other one now but make sure you have both sides kind of you need to face forward and look at and make sure they’re even on both sides as far as you know where this is located on the stop point so anyways so we’re going to we’re going to take this bottom we’re going to screw this not in again this is the hot stem ok we’re going to screw that puppy in there and just enough to and again there’s we’re going over that notch for the PS secure in that just secure that into place so we’re doing that and then we want to put that washer on top of this you know that way when it sits up on deck it doesn’t go through this little further ok then now we’ve got that their we’re going to take that or that pin and put that in there and they’re slipping right there so we want to take that and just kind of lock it in place yeah out real fast first we have to put the washer ok so we’ve got this adjusted pretty well here again there’s your water then goes to the line goes to the burger deal here so you know again that goes to those teas so we’re going to have a line going from there to there on both sides ok so we’ve got this here and there we got our top washer put they’re kind of keep is here put that in place there it’s right there in that got that pain in there i make sure that again we have the threaded portal they’re facing towards the double doorbell and we’re just going to tighten up that bottom what would just give it here and just kind of snug in place you don’t want to tight because you don’t have a crack with a pair of channel locks is just kind of easier to move around not that in place give it one more son of fit one more couple deals here two more terms ok it is enough ok so now we’re going to take the hot valve handle and again these move independently we’ve got the threaded on the inside plus the not to bruise and a whole place we take that first thing I want to do is I want to come back for that this is proper ok so we live eat and so now that we’ve got that in the correct position well go ahead and screw that down the decking into the elves in there and just good here and now or even off so there we go that’s that now let’s now let’s take a look at installing the water supply and first what we’re going to do is this here is going to build the bird over to the actual spray unit which is inside you’ll see the whole there that’s inside there and so there’s make sure we have a washer on the top and the bottom line we’re installing this unit this is the roughest here and then this discussion trim here so no in the washer for the bottom for that not so and let’s go ahead and get this started here this is gonna be fun here because we’ve got to get a wrench on back there the next next so let’s go ahead and that washer there put a washer there then with the larger washer metal washer and nut ok there’s the Washington up there so take that water just made it a little bit bored myself by putting down the first but that’s up to I got both sides and bottom is and go now what we gonna take hands place a little piece of cardboard down here i want to move this that there were can’t slide around and tighten up this here just using a small present red don’t know just want a good and snap where it’s not going to move around and walk straight there there we go then let them take and I want to use plumbers tape and is fully put something there so we have this first we’ll make sure that we are still targeted okay we’re good ok so what I’m gonna do now just go ahead and just laugh a little plumbers tape around the bottom of this and it’s not like that pressurize flowing water it’s going to be going through the system those areas you want to go ahead and use plumbers tape just give it a couple of wraps and then that way out when you hook the supply line to it just offers it a little more security and this is kind of a bugger here tight fit but we’ll make it work ok so we do that and just kind of wrap that puppy around there and get a good good rap on it ok and then that will give it a little head extra for the supply line connection there ok got that this going in here everything is going so far then don’t want to do this you don’t want to just rush into these things it if you hadn’t done before then go ahead and use directions if they you know they happen to put hopefully that had any places me I do them all the time so anyways but almost every company is different so you’re going to have different just like every shower door or enclosure different times and change from that it did for our tiny my phone’s going off or something you are more important than iphone so we’ll stick with what this is good you know i probably should see what is but that’s okay that’s probably it like this is such a sit-down commercial but that’s like this and you know it isn’t video energy nice when i get ready to put this all together you’re not going to have you sit there and all the son Justin see a finished here got that there hmm ok so now that we’ve got that taken care of ok now that we’ve got that taken care of on the bottom side this line here that it’s connected to the harder right here okay we’re going to take and give that a bit snug screw in there okay again this is the outlet from the order to the actual sprayer unit inside of the day area and then I’ll be good there ok so now is where let’s say let’s go ahead and next we’ll be looking at connecting the supply lines ok now we’re going to be looking at catching the supply lines from here to this T that we’re going to install as you can see I wrapped the threads with some plumbers tape just to ensure no linkage and so we’re going to take that that they’re going to kind of get that smooth into place there you see the Pharaoh right there for the compression bowl system building was there’s the Pharaon there’s not and so go ahead and do this now this is one you do not want / tight but you don’t want to under tighten the diver you over typing you create that Pharaoh then you’ll never know you’re going to have to basically just cut that line and start over with the new T because you’ll never get that Farrell straight again so it’s gotta be level and anyway self so we’ll go ahead and get that good and snug and using my prefer the crescent wrench i like present that’s present crescent wrench that’s that’s my preferred made here in the USA and the last for a lot of years now sometimes if i’m shopping and equal real quick i’ll go ahead and just buy an off-brand just because I need 14 really quick and it’s mines buried in the tool box somewhere which is I’m famous for his mind tool sometimes get buried not just had I just have to run to the store and just buy another one because i have time to look through everything anyways as you can see that thread plumbers tape here on the the three-eighths inch in width are olives in that order outlets and then I’ve got a half-inch I’ve got more plumbers tape on both sides so we’ve got good we’ll have a good seal there and so everyone just kind of there and there maybe been just a little bit more room without being here and let’s see is it this time or is it this side it’s this ok so there are two different sizes that looks like maybe a quarter inch and then this is the 3h creates each side they’re kind of just whined that around their first with let’s go ahead and tighten this up we don’t want to over-tighten little washer there’s a little washer down there on these and you know you don’t want to over tighten these in break that washer or watch it so how again you’re gonna have to take it and just buy a whole new problem soon start over again if that had been trying to steer clear that just get a good feeling you can always type anymore but if you take too much can’t do that very easily so one should get there on this side here we’ve got that and so we’ll just kind of Bend that around their thing about the days is everything is pretty much exposed all the pipes and things like that they’re pretty much exposed so you know you have to you want to make sure you do a pretty job because they don’t make them really maybe some brands do but normally everything is free exposed as far as the piping so we’ll do that let’s go ahead and get this one here put that in there like so and then that would tighten that knot over tight but not under tight either just getting a feel for their yeah there should be get there excuse the top of my balding head if I got an in camera shot there anyways and then we’ll go ahead and put this other give that a good tightening and yeah these are these three eighths then we’re going to do one more one more deal of this there that should do it so now we’ve got the water lines going in next ok and she’ll be right back okay now we want to move up oops ok now we want to move up and around and this is the top of the toilet that i was talking about here’s the sprayer unit that that white homes that we put in earlier attaches to this from the reverb valve right there ok so we’re over here we’ve got that put in there nice and secure and and all we need to do here it’s real simple it comes with the top piece a little spray with a narrator there inside of it and basically I there’s the Ruffin deal there and basically all we’re going to do it to screw that together there’s birds in their little spoon tight and there you go so there you have it boom-boom-boom-boom and they’re sure today right there let’s see i guess i should be filming from this direction anyways we’ll go ahead and film it when everything is connected but thats there you go right there so next we’ll be putting in the connecting this apply the main water supply lines to both hot and cold and then we will put those i’ll put some water shut-off else on hot and cold they’re coming out of the wall it will connect the two and then we’ll show you how to mount this the what we’ll have to do is drill through the floor and then homes with a package of Molly’s there that go through the concrete see the bolts they’re just drill through the floor not this just like a toilet without the wax ring of course ok it’s been bolted to the floor good and solid both sides had hooked up to the two water lines here and back over here on the other side of that deal their way on the other side hot and cold coming out of the wall everything looks good no leaks and we’re going to turn it on so this is how open day works ok and uh well I guess that’s just the right stop too isn’t it I’ve never seen one before no not like not not like that we tape this is how bday works at their little problem of you there it also has a grim action under the rim the water endeavor and go under the rug kinda cleanse the whole toilet area once you’re done using the day here’s the whole hot and let’s go ahead turn that back down because here’s to divert this is a total today here’s the diverter what that converter does is when you turn that counter clockwise as you can see and there is kinda like almost like a toilet it’s got water coming from under the rim there and basically what it does is it flushes all whatever through and then down the drain right there know that drain has a believer must let’s go ahead and put it back in full mode in turn that diverter valve again again back to the phone with you so we can also have happened hat and have a cleansing in here from under the rim water and then this going on at the same time but i like about it and then back here is the open and closed for the training ok so it’s kind of like just like a scene open it pull it up push it down or you open it by pushing it down pull it up and it closes tutoring and hold the water then you push it back down and it opens to training and it’s all kind of like just like sink so anyways there we go that’s what the day looks like and they see here that be on there and there we go get the stuff in there that’s when the sticker from the factory no problem just washes right out a little bit of a elbow crease anyways there you go there is your total toto. 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Toilet Attachment Bidets Vs Stand Alone Bidets

When the first bidet came out the only type that existed was the bidet that was separate from the toilet. Today in Europe you can still find these bidets in most hotel bathroom and private houses. Even though people still use the stand alone bidets the toilet attachment ones are better. In this article I am going to compare the 2 type of bidets.

Toilet Attachment Bidets Are Much Cheaper

The average bidet that attaches to a toilet is much cheaper then their stand alone counter parts. The stand alone bidets can cost as much as 3000 dollars while the most expensive attachment bidet can cost around 500. Since the attachment bidet is usually made out of plastic. It keeps its durability and is a cheaper option. Even though its much cheaper, it still cleans just as good, if not better. For the economic choice, the toilet attachment bidet is a much better option

Require Less Room

Most people don’t have enough room in their bathroom for a stand alone bidet and if space is limited then an attachment is much better. Since it attaches to your toilet, it does not take up any extra space and even the smallest bathrooms can have a bidet. They don’t need to have a big bathroom to use the bidet. For those that space is an issue. The toilet attachment is a much better choice. It does not require extra space and be installed in most bathroom.

More Convenient

With a stand alone bidet, after using the bathroom, one has to get up and sit on the bidet. This can be an inconvenience for those that don’t want to get up. With the toilet attachment bidet, one can remain seated and clean himself while seated. He does not need to get up and move. It is helpful for those that have trouble moving and it makes it much easier to clean themselves. They don’t need to make that extra movement so it will take less time using the toilet attachment.

Easier to Install

Toilet attachment bidets can be installed within 15 minutes and don’t require any additional plumbing. They can usually be installed by yourself and is easy to install. The stand alone bidet on the other hand can take a lot of time and require a lot of additional plumbing and work. Since it has to be fit perfectly and can require a lot of additional plumbing, it can take up to a day to install it. So if you want to use your bidet right away, you are better off getting a toilet attachment bidet.

As you can see the toilet attachment bidet has many reasons why its better than the stand alone version. For one it is cheaper than the stand alone, for a cheaper price you can get a bidet that cleans just as well. It requires less room to install, since it attaches directly to the toilet, not much room is required to enjoy the bidet. It is also more convenient since one does not have to move to the bidet to wash themselves, they can do it straight from their toilet. And finally it is easier to install. Within minutes one can enjoy the full benefits of their bidet without the use of a plumber. The toilet attachment type is a much better choice.

For more information on the Bidet, feel free to visit Bidet International.

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