Let’s Take a Look at the Cryptocurrency Market

I just want to say I hit 1000 subscribers so thank you guys for watching. I’ve been getting a lot more views recently I think it’s because I’ve been posting pretty consistently for the past few days actually past few weeks so that’s helping my channel grow. I want to welcome all the new subscribers.  Let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market. So today is a really great day for crypto pretty much everything in the market is green especially litecoin and Bitcoin.

The Cryptocurrency Market- Bitcoin and Litecoin

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to the channel, and thank you for tuning in to this channel let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market so today is a really great day for crypto pretty much everything in the market is green especially litecoin I I think in my past videos I’ve been telling everybody that litecoin is a very undervalued coin and on in the last few days my coin shop by 50% which is ridiculous just completely ridiculous and in the past few days Bitcoin has a Bitcoin took a little dip and now it’s pretty much gaining back almost everything that it lost so I in the past few days I’ve been buying as much Bitcoin as I possibly could if we take a closer look down the line we can see big connect is also up 388 let’s see if there’s any other good coins that we could take a look at pretty much everything is green except for quashed which I don’t know about Walton is moving sideways a bit actually kind of towards down Walton might be a good time to buy some Walton coins since it’s down but this is not financial advice as I want to say in every single one of my videos that was a quick look all right back to the main attraction what everyone always comes back for the big connect updates so today’s interest rate was ridiculous the interest rate was 1.5 on top of my 0.25 bonus I have received a total of five hundred eighty six dollars and I think that I’m still waiting for another payout so today is one of the highest pales that I’ve received ever and let’s transfer this over so I’ve been debating about reinvesting or not to reinvest and I think the solution is to reinvest and I feel that we should and the amount that I want to reinvest is 1,000 per week so every week I will reinvest $1,000 for let’s say the next three months and I want to use it I want to show you guys how much I can make by investing that much and so for my experiment I want to try to reinvest $1,000 every week right now I’m making $10,000 a bit over 10,000 per month so this is gonna cut into half of my profits but in the long run when you compound reinvest this is when you can make the most amount of money and I’m going to do this experiment for three months and then after three months I’ll reevaluate how much money I’ve made and I’ll reevaluate how much money I made and if I should reinvest more or just stay the same for the next for the next phase of the experiment so let’s take a look at tomorrow’s interest rates tomorrow interest rate is gonna be 0.55 so half a percentage which is pretty low but the last four days have been amazing over 1 percent for the last 7 days which is and these last four days pretty much I’ve experienced 6 percent gains and four days so that’s six days worth of interest in four days if you guys are interested in joining bit connect please understand the risk and after you do that if you are still interested in signing up a bit connect you can use my link in the description I’ve been getting a lot more questions and comments and asking me about how much to reinvest this and that look I’m gonna be honest with you if you guys are planning to only reinvest like a hundred dollars it might not be worth it if you only want to invest a hundred dollars I recommend just buying Bitcoin and holding Bitcoin only because I believe that to invest in bit connect the higher you loan out the higher your risk the higher your rewards will be and that’s where I’m gonna end the video today I want to once again thanks to thank you guys for watching like this is really fun for me to do these videos and in the last few days my content has been just about big connect and I know that’s gonna get pretty boring but I’ll try to bring you guys something new for the next videos and I just want to say thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow oh wait a second if you stuck to the end of the video I do a giveaway every Monday and all you have to do is subscribe to me hit the notification so you know when I’m coming out with a new video leave a comment and like the video leave your wallet address in there just in the comment and you will be entered to win a chance to win some bitcoins and tomorrow I’ll announce who wins and I’ll send the money out tomorrow so once again thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye.