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How To Clean A CAST IRON PAN After Cooking


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You see me use cast irons on the show a lot and one of the questions I get asked the most is how do you keep it so clean how do you deal with the cast iron and when you’re done using it so today hopefully in less than three minutes we’re gonna cover that welcome to a new format of the show right now let’s call it 3-minute Thursday’s so suppose that you just cook the steak got your cast iron out used it got a beautiful crust cooked the steak perfectly took the steak off the cast iron now what the key to cleaning a cast iron is dealing with it right away what it’s still hot it’s gonna be fat in the pan what you’re gonna want to do is immediately remove that from the pan don’t push the cast iron to the back of the stove and let all that fat kind of coagulate into the pan it’s gonna make it super hard to clean so it’s hot remove the oil as soon as you get the fat out of it you want to wipe it down with a paper towel and then what you’re left with is a pan that essentially just has all these crusty bits that are just sort of caked on to the bottom of the pan if something is really caked on there say you cook eggs or something what I would also do is pour some hot water into this pan not cold water cold water and hot iron don’t really go well together so boil it and then with a flat spatula or something while it’s boiling scrape it off pretty much every time I use a cast iron pan this is how I clean it from this stage you would use a dirty towel something that you’re gonna kind of not care about getting disgusting or you can use one of these which is called like a chainmail scrubber it’s rounded metal so it’s not gonna screw up the cast iron that’s got this little sort of structure in it like a sponge we’re gonna use this today but you don’t need it you could use just a regular old towel the abrasion we’re gonna use for this is salt coarse kosher salt coach salt coarse kosher salt that’s gonna act as the abrasion with a little bit of water we’re gonna do the same thing with this just to make sure we get it nice and clean this is a great tool to have again you don’t need it just want to rinse out the cast iron of any of that gunk and it’s still a little wet take some kosher salt a little bit water just sort of get it like a slush and then with your scrubby pad or your towel [Music] ladies and clean [Music] turn the heat on just to dry the pan as much as possible get any excess moisture off of it it’s going to heat the pan up in neutral oil canola oil not an olive oil or anything like that olive oils can go rancid you don’t have a high smoke point so use like a canola oil or something like that [Music] and there you have it clean cast-iron pin remember cast-iron and water don’t mix why we heat it up get all the moisture out of it make sure that you just wipe it real clean super simple as long as you just do it real quick and right away that’s three minutes Thursday for you I hope you found that helpful [Music]