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Review of the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic, Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic, Vintage Sunburst

Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Guitar, Necked lutes, Sound, Rhythm section, Accompaniment, Music. European musical instruments, Music production, Chordophones, Music technology, String instruments. Musical instruments, Celtic musical instruments, Guitars, Guitar family instruments. Epiphone DR-one hundred Acoustic Guitar Now I have it, I cannot think I got this for the cash I did. It appears stunning, the quality of finish is up there with my other guitars I seem to have spent way also significantly on. The Guitar itself Sounds Wonderful than my Friend’s Fender CD-60. Given that becoming a Dreadnought, it has excellent bass and resonates far more because of the High Good quality wood used in this Guitar. A nicely put together acoustic that has a select Spruce prime and Mahogany physique and neck, this instrument epitomizes Epiphone’s focus on creating cost-effective instruments that don’t sacrifice good quality for economy. Nickel hardware, precision building, and a comfortable poplar composite fingerboard with dot inlays. A nicely crafted acoustic that sports a select spruce prime and mahogany physique and neck, this instrument epitomizes Epiphone’s focus on cost-effective high quality. Chrome hardware, precision construction, and rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. If you are are on a price range and seeking for a standard no frill’s guitar this is an excellent selection. Made with poor Gibson high quality but the greatest of Epiphone top quality. General I would recomend if you are broke and can’t afford a guitar built by jesus himself. There is absolutely nothing that needs improvement with the dreadnought shape, so Epiphone provides the guitar a distinctive function with the mix of mahogany, spruce, and rosewood. Did a tiny truss rod adjusting to enhance the action. But it played we proper out of the box to be sincere. I am content with it, but I think they the manufacturer could have done far better with the boxing. Both guitars had a scrunched up plastic bag in the box. They also could have put a lot more padding cardboard bumpers. With a blend of these three, you have the vibrant sounds and balanced tone. The DR-one hundred is a supremely sweet guitar at any value, but the low-low-low sticker on this gem tends to make it worth each and every penny and then some. But a lot more than that, the instrument has a wonderful feel to it, it’s a pleasure just to hold, but the sweet sounds it tends to make guarantee that you can’t just hold it without having playing it for really extended. Its tone is smooth and impeccable, no matter whether you are quietly playing a pianissimo melody or firmly and resolutely hammering out a fortissimo passage. It is an nearly guilty pleasure to play and I appear forward to reaping years of enjoyment from it. He was the very first instrument maker to embrace Jazz music and led the business away from mandolin and banjo production and into making guitars. At the age of twenty-4 Epi obtained his first of a lot of patents that would modify fretted instrument construction forever. The use of Mahogany on the sides and back compliments the spruce best it enhances the tone of the guitar by adding far more body and depth. Epiphone has gone with a Slim Taper neck shape to make it simpler for newcomers to play the guitar it aids a fantastic deal. Epiphone creates the new requirements for affordable acoustic guitars thanks to the DR-one hundred. Priced like a beginner guitar but versatile enough to be played by both amateurs and advanced players, you have an instrument you will not want to give up anytime soon. Epiphone has been generating fine acoustic instruments considering that 1873 and is the brand decision of several of music’s all-time legends. Epiphone tends to make this lengthy history of expertise accessible to all with this fine entry-level acoustic instrument. What’s impressive about the Epiphone DR-100 is that you get far more than what you count on from its value range. You have the mahogany back and sides, a strong spruce prime, and the decent tonewoods that aids the guitar’s tone boost as it ages. And the greatest component is that it comes at the entry-level price tag but can be employed for performances or backups although traveling. We believe that the quality of the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar is great for its prize. Obtaining guitars like these in such low rates is hard. The truth that both novices and specialists prefer it brings us to a conclusion how diverse it is. Nevertheless, the issue that impressed us the most is its sophisticated design it is basic yet quite classy. Apart from that, the overall good quality and the use of appropriate components make this guitar fairly exclusive. Besides that, the issue that impressed the clients the most is the value along with high quality this is one of the most cost-effective beginner guitars out there in the market with exceptional top quality. This is one of the major causes why Epiphone DR-one hundred Acoustic guitar has gained so considerably recognition among the guitar fanatics. You have mahogany for the back and sides, a spruce prime, and a glued Okoume neck. Okoume is a comparatively new tonewood employed in guitars for its light and vibrant acoustics like maple. As soon as you have this guitar, items will only get much better as the tone of the guitar improves, as the wood gets older. The playability is quite exceptional, all because of the Slim Taper neck shape by Epiphone. The profile is neither also thick nor also thin, which makes it best for different kinds of playing types. Despite the fact that Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar carries a price tag of a beginner guitar, the high quality it offers is merely exceptional. The extension truss rod design, the first pick-up with individual pole pieces, and the Tonexpressor – the precursor to the modern day day wah-wah pedal – had been all epiphone innovations. But probably the greatest contribution to guitar producing came in 1941 even though Les Paul was experimenting in the Epiphone factory. These experiments led to the Les Paul Log and the 1st strong-body electric guitar. A nicely place together acoustic that has a select spruce leading and mahogany body and neck, this instrument epitomizes Epiphone’s focus on producing inexpensive instruments that never sacrifice top quality for economy. The dreadnought is considered the classic go-to shape for bluegrass, folk, rock, nation, and almost everything in-between. The dreadnought sound is commanding when needed, but its balanced sound means that at any volume, you can be heard and hear yourself well, too. For the low price, laminate is expected, and that is what you get. No wonder the guitar gets a rating of 4.five in nearly each internet site. Even so, the use of Slim Taper shape is not only appreciated by the newcomers, but a lot of skilled guitar players all around the globe have also created it their choice. This goes to show the diversity that Epiphone provides with this guitar. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned guitarist the kind of comfort and tone the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar gives is appreciable by everyone. The Epiphone DR-100 is one particular of the greatest acoustic guitars for beginners right now. The newest guitar ensures that it stands out among all the Epiphone’s guitars with its exceptional sound and building. This is an excellent selection for a newbies dreadnought guitar. Epiphone’s DR-100 (view on Amazon) is basic guitar with a solid spruce best with mahogany back and sides. The Epiphone DR-one hundred model does not come with on board electronics but you can get a sound hole pickup for a pretty modest value. If you are interested in obtaining a pickup for your Epiphone DR-one hundred check out our top acoustic guitar pickups web page. Elegantly developed with an Epiphone emblem and understated finish, the Epiphone DR100 is a steel-stringed acoustic as attractive as its cost tag. The guitar comes with a select spruce best, which gives it a tone that is very lively, it is just outstanding to hear it with other instruments, creates a perfect soothing sound. It is difficult to find a purpose why you shouldn’t invest in Epiphone DR-one hundred Acoustic guitar. It provides you everything it promises with a low cost. Epiphone has been long known for providing high-high quality instruments with the most economical price, and with Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar, the case is no diverse. With out a word of a lie it sounds every bit as excellent, maybe far better, than a Fender acoustic guitar I spent £600 on. To strum it up, the Epiphone DR-one hundred guitar is a complete-size acoustic instrument for any player craving complete-size acoustic positive aspects. Regardless of the low value, the Epiphone DR-one hundred delivers a warm, mellifluous sound over some gritty undertones. The fullness and richness of its sound are only surpassed by the ease and comfort with which it plays. For newcomers or seasoned players needing backup and when traveling, you will appreciate it at a cost. As the greatest-promoting Epiphone acoustic guitar, it is obviously carrying out anything correct in the sound department. It packs a loud punch with its strengths in the mid to higher tone ranges that ring out in note-cutting clarity. The same sprit of innovation that drove the Stathopoulos to begin pushing the boundaries of guitar style over one particular hundred and twenty-5 years ago is alive and well at Epiphone right now. Types of music will continue to evolve, new technologies will come and go and new players will continue to take music and guitar in new directions. But our passion for producing music and our mission of supplying musicians with a excellent instrument they can rely on to express themselves will constantly stay constant. With a select spruce top, mahogany physique/neck and poplar fretboard, the Epiphone DR-100 is a excellent worth. The DR-100 has long been Epiphone’s ideal promoting acoustic guitar and has the appear, sound, and create good quality that first time players and professionals count on when choosing an Epiphone. The mixture of low-cost newbie models and high-top quality replicas of historical models make the Epiphone a single of the multifaceted of its kind. Its quality has risen in the final few years and so it can keep its position in comparison to far more high-priced products. The most common acoustic steel string is with no doubt the Dreadnought which Epiphone offers in all price categories like full solid specialist instruments. Whether or not you are a beginner searching for your very first guitar, or a seasoned player looking for a travel or backup, the Epiphone DR-one hundred acoustic guitar is the thing for you. The DR-100 also has a Rosewood bridge and matching Rosewood fingerboard and boasts a quality, Select Spruce leading, which produces true acoustic tone. Also if you want to amplify the guitar you can use mics or a sound hole pickup is a non-intrusive and affordable way to supply great amplified sound. If you plan on performing and want both electronics and a case, you might want to check out some of the other Epiphone models. Sure, some gear snobs will scoff at a China-made Epi – but this point genuinely sounds wonderful. It’s not very as good as the Taylor or Martin dreadnoughts some of my guitarist pals are playing, but it is actually 1/10th the price tag – and it is a wonderful sounding, excellent seeking guitar. Really one of the best bang-for-the-buck purchases I’ve made. The DR-100 has long been our ideal selling acoustic guitar with the look, sound, and create good quality that first time players and specialists anticipate to find when they choose up an Epiphone. It isn’t only a guitar for initial-timers but also a great investment for those who need backups during performances. With its strong building and sweet tones, this guitar is amazing for all designs of playing. Epi Stathopoulo, the founder and namesake, was usually on the forefront of music. The Epiphone DR-one hundred Acoustic guitar comes with steel strings with a price tag tag that is nicely within attain of guitar lovers. It is hard to uncover more for less, but with Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic guitar, you get more for what you pay. Continuing Epiphone’s lengthy tradition of balancing quality with economy, the DR-one hundred delivers the utmost in Epiphone construction and sound. Numerous players have purchased the DR100 as a backup guitar, only to be shocked by its wonderful tone and stability. The body is created from mahogany with a choose spruce top and poplar composite fingerboard. I purchased this Epi largely based on the testimonials here, as we necessary an added entry level acoustic for my daughter to take to a music/performing arts camp this summer time. For a C-note, I was amazed by not only the fit & finish on this guitar, but the sound good quality as nicely. It has a excellent, bright tone – it genuinely appears & sounds like a a lot more costly guitar. It holds a tune properly, which I was concerned with, right after some encounter with “box shop” Chinese built instruments. Even so, it’s been utilized for the neck on the DR-one hundred for its uncommon light weight. The DR-100 has long been Epiphone’s best selling acoustic guitar. The DR-100 has the appear, sound, and construct good quality that very first time players and pros expect to uncover when they pick up an Epiphone. The room-filling voice of the instrument pays testament to its classic and time-honored construction approaches with a genuine warm, voluminous tone, wonderful for rhythm or lead parts. The craftsmanship and high quality raw components of the Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar mean that it is extremely long lasting and tough. The Epiphone DR-one hundred acoustic guitar is great for youngsters and amateurs who have just began understanding how to play the guitar. With their newest acoustic guitar, the Epiphone DR-one hundred acoustic guitar vintage sunburst edition, you definitely get a lot more than what you spend for and the guitar absolutely stands out amongst their prime items. The designers have place some severe believed into its design and have provided it, a single of the most elegant styles. The front is Laminated Spruce Leading Wood, but the Sides & Rear are Strong Mahogany wood, & the Fretboard & Bridge is created of Roosewood. It sounds actually Amazing with just stock strings alone, & I nevertheless have not attempted it with no D’Addario EJ16 .12-.53 Gauge Phospher Bronze strings. If you want the ideal sound from this Guitar then I hugely recommend using D’Addario strings of .12-.53 gauge, Light or Medium light strings for much more Volume. We know you have a lot of alternatives in acoustic guitars and from a distance they may all blend collectively. But the DR-one hundred is a dreadnought that comes with our Gibson 24/7/365 buyer service along with a century of guitar creating encounter. Chrome hardware, precision construction, and a comfortable rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. This dreadnought 42” acoustic guitar appears way far better in particular person. Coming from a reputable brand with good quality in mind, you cannot go wrong with the Epiphone DR-100. That is what makes the Epiphone DR-100 a smart decision for newcomers or seasoned players. It is produced from pick spruce top, and mahogany physique. At 25.5″ scale, it perhaps a bit of stretch for some who have tiny hands. But surprisingly, it sounds far much better than most guitars at its price range. Due to its little size and Slim Taper neck design, the Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar is quite effortless to play. I’m a petite 5’2” lady and this guitar is not too massive, I’m comfy playing it. The sound is rich for this cost but I changed the strings to Elixir medium nanoweb phosphor bronze. I possibly got super lucky but it was adjusted just right, the gap amongst the strings and fret was correct I did not had to adjust the bridge it was a great height. This instrument is well-known due to the fact some of the extremely renowned guitar players have kept it as an option guitar, just because of its exceptional stability and tone. When it comes to the physique, it has all the supplies that good guitars are created of, Mahogany is used for the frame with a fingerboard made of rosewood and leading made of spruce.

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

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