Video Guide: Bitcoin Strategy for 2018

Hola amigos, how’s it going? Today this video is going to show you how you can start making money with Bitcoin as a complete beginner. You know, I actually found this video series of how to make money as a complete beginner one week ago, and I want to show you something really cool if you want to check it out. You can see the opportunity behind Bitcoin. Now I’m learning new ways and strategies on new platforms to put my money to increase that even more. Before you go actually and invest all your money into Bitcoin you know you should go in with this mentality.

How You Can Start Making Money with Bitcoin as a Complete Beginner. (Video)

Video Transcript

If you’re still thinking in your mind can i still make money with bitcoin just I want to show you this really quick so this is my video that I released in November 30th you know today is December 12th so as 12 days later and just listen to this so that day I was very happy because of the price of anyway. bitcoins I go I go on and on and explaining how I was wrong because it took me so long to get into this I was one of those people that think they used to think like oh I still like to make money but okay so this was November 30 and I was so excited because it was a twelve thousand guys so now check out the prize now dude almost twenty three thousand dollars one Bitcoin so it went up more than a thousand dollars in just 12 days guys I mean this is for all of you guys that are there you know thinking can i still make money with bitcoin well I should show you yes you can you know and I decided to make this video series and start with a little amount. wallet As a complete beginner to show you guys that is possible you know you don’t need to invest a lot of money to start making money on this so everything that I’m showing you and in this channel in general it’s how to make money passively so passive income without you actually having to go and work too much for it you know you have your money working for you guys so yeah now actually let’s go and jump into the actual strategy that has allowed me to make money with bitcoin and I’m gonna show you how much money I’ve made with Bitcoin and how I made it exactly so you can start doing the same guys okay so let’s jump in let me get my notes here you go so you guys basically as you can see here I started I bought my first Bitcoin well my first part of Bitcoin I guess my first investment Bitcoin was October 25th now it’s December 12 as you can view as you saw it’s a that’s like six weeks something like that a month and a half and I mean you can see here the total invested this is how much money I put in into this cryptocurrency world it’s 650 Canadian dollars. mining I live in Canada in Vancouver so I’m doing everything Canadian dollars but you can do in US dollars – so 650 and now I have a little bit over 1500 just because this number went up so incoming base I have more money now well yeah I run 1500 which is 130 percent ROI in six weeks a month and a half a month and half yet so I pretty much double my investment in a month and a half and as you can see like yes definitely doubled it because like I’ve been buying little by little you know with time you know it’s not that I got the 650 right away so yeah I doubled my investment really quick you know and that even more but yeah I want to show you what I did to double my investment and what you can why you can do for yourself to start making all these all these return on your investment you know one thing before I go and before you go actually and invest all your money into Bitcoin you know you should go with this mentality you know a lot of people ask me or a Marco how much should I start start you know how much I invest and I cannot give you advice on that you know my best advice is just start with something that you feel comfortable with money that you’re willing to lose guys. buy I think that’s the most important thing I went there and I’m putting these money here that otherwise I was spending and you know out drinking or you know something’s something that is not very useful for my future you know so I’m putting all that money inside and I’m putting it there so I think that’s a good strategy for you you know instead of going out and drinking and getting super drunk and spending hundred dollars a night maybe you can spend $50 don’t get that drunk and use those $50 to invest and Bitcoin and bit connect and start making money with it actually you know but I mean the most important thing is like don’t put your life savings here you know don’t put money that’s important for you that you’re not willing to lose you know this is a very high risk platform in kind of investments I guess no one knows what it’s gonna happen with cryptocurrencies right now they’re booming a lot of people are making a lot of money you can make a lot of money but you gotta be careful you know just put something you’re willing to lose don’t put your savings don’t put your rent money in there you know that’s my biggest advice guys okay so yeah let’s jump in so as you can see here the first day that I bought Bitcoin was October 25th $250 so guys I got a scratchy scratchy throat $250 so what I do with those $250 okay the first thing I did is actually I went to bid connect and I decided to go for safe at 1% daily payouts so what am I talking about. how to get bitcoins I’m talking about this platform called bid connect it’s a landing platform where you basically take your Bitcoin you lend it to them they have a trading bot and they start trading your Bitcoin make some return on that investment and they give you 1% every day that means if you have $100 in there that will give you $1 every day if you have $10,000 there they’ll give you $100 every day and as you can see here when you lend your money I go to volatility software and they’ll show you the daily payouts that for the week so if you check this out today I’m gonna have daily payout of 1.4 percent you know tomorrow is not that bad oh no that’s today point 55 yesterday I have 1.46 at tomorrow 1.5 1.2 31.4 you know as you can see it’s pretty much one percent and average at through the month and it’s just crazy guys I started the 25th October 25th with 180 US dollars remember because here you can see 250 Canadian dollars translate to $190 so $190 has been giving me you know constant Arai of every day giving me one point nine dollars you know so right now I have in landing profit who doesn’t know 190 I have made ninety two dollars in what six weeks you know here in November 26 someone later actually took that $50 that I’ve made in profit and I reinvested them right now have another 50 but what I’m doing is waiting for here to get to a thousand and invest $1,000 here so I can get higher payouts you know as you can see here if you invest more than a thousand ten you get more daily payouts point ten percent and you get to get your money back faster which is in 239 days so yeah guys that is my strategy so I started there with 250 and then the rest you know 350 been about 100 last week and then 50 couple days ago so all of this one right now and keeping keeping it there and Bitcoin just because I believe that become price is gonna go up so the strategy is this you take some money let’s say 40 percent of your investment put it in bit connect and then the sixty percent. exchange rate I’ll just keep it as bit fun you know that is what I’ve been doing right now and what I’ve done so far and how I got this hundred and thirty dollar harm thirty percent ROI you know actually with this investment it also includes affiliate commissions as you can see here I feel vaana’s which is me when I created last video I show you how to make money some people went ahead and and join my team as you can see right now and my team we are let’s go check it out I think we’re something around 23 people on my team huh it kicked me out we had 23 people under my team and bit connect gives me a commission and on that people you know the same with you I’m not saying you should do this I’m really happy with one percent every day but if you want to have another source of income you can also promote this platform for yourself and you’ll be making a percentage or whatever they invest you know yeah that’s good check here you go so right now we’re 23 people on my team hopefully gross and yeah if you want to be part of my team just sign up to this platform with my link and if you need any if you need any help you can ask me and I’ll help you set set up all this stuff I’m not gonna go much into detail of how you can do it how you can get your money to be connect for that I made a video last week so I’m gonna leave the link in the description below so go check it out and I teach you step by step first how to get your coin your bit going on coinbase here also if you sign up with my affiliate link you’ll get $10 for free I’ll get $10 for free and yeah and how to send it to the bit connect so that’s all in my previous video but yeah guys I think that’s pretty much it in my following videos I will be testing new platforms for you guys so I was checking checking out this one called us id Tech if you guys any know anything about it definitely contact me and let me know I’m about to do more research on this and start testing if if it’s worth it to put money in there you know my goal right now is to take this one point five thousand dollars that I have that I made here I’m not gonna take it for me you know I’m just gonna keep rolling this and this and show you guys how I’ve been doing it so you can you guys can follow the same process at me and make money with me how does that sound I think it’s a really cool idea so we can both make money at same time guys so yeah definitely for my channel I’ll be uploading a lot of videos like this and how to make money with bitcoin you know I’ll be trying different platforms and also be doing my challenge you know my Amazon FBA challenge that I’m gonna do zero to five thousand dollars in 45 days yeah and I’m gonna document everything here on YouTube so stay tuned and start making money with me guys I’ll see you soon amigos cool.

mark your calendarsBitcoin’s P/E ratio” looks at the digital currency’s network value-the quantity of outstanding bitcoins multiplied by worth this figure is at present $44.69 billion-against its each and every day transaction volume. The relevant Bitcoin owners are some .five or 1 million purchasers – the quantity of humans behind them could possibly be substantially smaller sized sized sized – who hold one thing that is claimed to be “the currency or payment strategy of the future” except that the transaction charges are $ten and they are generally assured to generate if the Bitcoin price tag tag tag keeps on developing. Here are numerous resources that will direct you to greatest locations for locating wallets , shops that accept bitcoins, exchanges for trading Bitcoin , and Bitcoin news, charges, charts, guides and evaluation amongst other data.

Bitcoin price tag tag – reside updates: Cryptocurrency stabilises as choice digital currencies rise in worth. As mining can supply a potent stream of revenue, folks are quite ready to run power-hungry machines to get a piece of it. Far far more than the years this has brought on the total power consumption of the Bitcoin network to generate to epic proportions, as the value of the currency reached new highs. The cost of bitcoin has fallen a lot a lot a lot more than ten% appropriate correct soon after the Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Bitfinex talked about it had suffered a important hack. Each and every and every and each and every and every day, about 300,000 transactions occur (it was only 20% fewer a year ago , even though the Bitcoin cost was 10 instances reduce). To obtain a Toyota that is priced at ten BTCa, your client will have to transfer you ten new bitcoins plus the industry value of ten BCH tokens (i.e. 1 bitcoin), for a total price tag of 11 bitcoins.

Like any equity marketplace, even in BTC trading you suffer losses only when you have sold your Bitcoin at the expense reduce than the purchased value tag. Keep away from bitcoin value threat, get USD, EUR, GBP, or your neighborhood currency to your bank account. When Bitcoin’s price was swinging wildly in between $one distinct hundred and $200, often inside a handful of days, I believed to myself, Who would sign up for such a roller-coaster ride?” I naïvely believed that what men and women liked about funds was its stability, and realizing that $a single hundred appropriate now would nonetheless be worth $a single hundred tomorrow.

“Buy” orders are provides to buy Bitcoins in exchange for yet another currency at a maximum value-per-Bitcoin which is set by the seller. Instead, bitcoin’s price turned around, and I reconsidered my bitcoin skepticism If bitcoin-the-currency could have enduring value, I reasoned, then bitcoin-the-payment network could turn into a disruptive threat to classic payment networks. The trading volume was massive yesterday as bitcoin price tag fluctuated in a wide variety more than the weekend,” said Park Nok-sun, a cryptocurrency analyst at NH Investment and Securities in Seoul.

Needless to say the price tag of Bitcoins fluctuates, and intense trading has a noticeable impact on the currency as properly. @Btcprice tweets genuine-time bitcoin price updates from the Mt. Gox exchange each 15 minutes. Globe wide net-primarily mainly primarily based digital currency Bitcoin has passed $1,110 for the actually quite initial time on the Bitstamp Expense Index (BPI) due to the truth early November 2013.

The expense of the cryptocurrency surpassed $600 for the 1st time Tuesday, and surged as bigger as $635.00, according to data by CoinDesk, whose worth index tracks charges from cryptoexchanges Bitstamp, Coinbase and Bitfinex. An increasingly-prominent instance: Litecoin The fourth largest digital currency by marketplace capitalization has gone positively vertical this year, with Litecoin rates breaching $320 for the 1st time Tuesday. On 19 June 2011, a security breach of the (an acronym for Magic: The Gathering On-line Exchange, its original objective) Bitcoin Exchange brought on the price of a Bitcoin to briefly drop to US$.01 on the exchange (even though it remained unaffected on other exchanges) following a hacker allegedly utilized credentials from a auditor’s compromised laptop to illegally transfer a massive quantity of Bitcoins to him- or herself and sell them all, creating a massive “ask” order at any cost.

A global, organized campaign against the currency or the software plan could also influence the demand for bitcoins, and therefore the exchange cost. 143 144 A study in Electronic Commerce Investigation and Applications, going back by way of the network’s historical information, showed the worth of the bitcoin network as measured by the price tag tag of bitcoins, to be roughly proportional to the square of the quantity of day-to-day exclusive purchasers participating on the network, i.e. that the network is “reasonably correctly modeled by the Metcalfe’s law “. 145. Bitcoin’s cost is also actually dependent on the size of its mining network, provided that the larger the network is, the a lot a lot much more tough – and consequently far far much more pricey – it is to make new bitcoins.

The price tag of bitcoin has been beneath pressure following reports suggesting that the government is searching to outlaw cryptocurrency exchanges in China, following it taking a comparable position on cryptocurrency tokens a week earlier.Even even even though this news is unfortunate, we believe that it doesn’t in any way reflect the underlying utility or.. For this objective, I feel that even if the Bitcoin cost kept on rising, the quantity of transactions would grow much much much less quickly. The Bitcoin value development has been governed by the escalating quantity of the “converted” folks but a single is progressively hitting a wall due to the truth also a lot of modest fish would private as well little and the transaction charges would be as well prohibitive for them.

Envision that in 2018, the price of the Bitcoin goes to $100,000 Will this 14 times greater cost make it simpler to “pack” 100 million Bitcoin purchasers into the capitalization? Could the market place spot spot for Bitcoins be decentralised to the miners and a bitcoin float inventory be incorporated so that price tag tag tag discovery could be unmanipulated and a lot less open to attack and the price based on the ratio of buyers to sellers. So back to the header of this section – what it indicates for Bitcoin’s price: whether it takes spot gradually or ‘all at once’, when people commence realizing that holding a money that does not have fungibility exposes them to all sorts of dangers, they will sell their Bitcoin (and ETH, and so forth.) and swap into a coin that supplies these functions: Monero.

Similarly, international payments are straightforward and reasonably-priced given that bitcoins are not tied to any usa or circumstance to regulation. Realize: placing funds in a currency given that it will be priced bigger in the future (according to your evaluation and instincts about the industry) is not the identical as placing income into private equity, exactly where someone sees the worth in a distressed organization, fixes it up and sells it at the correct value. I understand that this is classified as trading as is there is no intrinsic value that be derived, and consequently no cost for Bitcoin to converge on. Nevertheless, I’m confused merely simply because this time horizon of 3+ years clearly falls out of the “Pricing” category and into the “Valuing” 1.

In the long term, currencies that are accepted a lot far more broadly as a medium of exchange and that hold their receiving power better far more than time ought to see their prices rise, relative to currencies that don’t have those characteristics. One particular specific can see that there are also a lot of other Bitcoin spoofing and net net websites on this IP, proof that attacking these on-line wallet’s for credentials is picking up steam, particularly with the cost of bitcoin going up recently. Bitcoin futures permit investors to bet on the future cost of the digital currency.

Michael Unetich, vice president of cryptocurrencies at Trading Technologies, credits the speedy rise in bitcoin’s cost tag tag on Monday to “pent-up demand” from those investors who deemed common bitcoin trading also risky. CME CF Bitcoin Reference Price tag tag (BRR) and CME CF Bitcoin Appropriate Time Index (BRTI), a standardized reference price tag tag and spot price tag tag tag index with independent oversight are accelerating the professionalization of bitcoin trading. If the futures markets really had been utilized as baked in charges, we would have noticed BTC trading at a lot a lot more than $900 its post fork worth, or a distinct value that held a lot a lot a lot more volume, and so on.

Taking into consideration that volume was restricted on these larger priced internet sites (some trading $300 larger than other people, had handful of BCH in volume, this was denoted by an asterisk on ) it also permitted the worth to keep “stuck” at a larger level, a handful of trolls had jokingly opened up a futures marketplace for BCH on a decentralized exchange and traded back and forth for up to 10X the worth on other exchanges, till an person else on the net net internet site bit on the inflated price tag tag tag and could not sell it due to the truth the purchasers disappeared. If you look at a split for what it is, a divergence of hashing energy from one particular distinct distinct currency to 1 far much more, the costs of goods do not need to have to be consistently adjusted (so extended as the split doesn’t destroy the currency, like losing so much of its hashing power that transaction occasions are delayed days or longer) “a bitcoin regular would be an awkward aspect, the economy becoming thrown into an uproar each time a chain schism occurs as millions of economic actors madly reformat their sticker costs in order to preserve the correct worth of payments.”

If a code flaw in Bitcoin brought on the network to crash, or if a crisis of self-self-self-confidence moved all institutional resources away from Bitcoin and into Bitcoin Money in a matter of weeks, I believe about the worth tag of BTC would undoubtedly fall to zero: no peg, no bailouts. Regardless of regardless of regardless of whether option A or B is adopted, or some mish-mash of the two, a bitcoin common would be an awkward predicament, the economy becoming thrown into an uproar every single single and every single single time a chain schism requires location as millions of financial actors madly reformat their sticker charges in order to preserve the appropriate worth of payments. As the industry worth of Bitcoin Funds ebbs and flows, your BTCa sticker worth stays constant-but your client will have to commit you either far far far more or substantially significantly significantly less BTCb to settle the deal.

But an implicit old bitcoin worth can nonetheless be inferred from market place exchange fees. Alternative B for preserving your relative position is to hold a sticker worth of ten per Toyota, but to update your shop’s policy to indicate that your unit of account is BTCa, or old bitcoin, not new bitcoin. Entrepreneurs in the field say that focusing on the price tag of bitcoin is missing the point – its worth is as proof of notion for a new kind of payment program not reliant on third parties like governments, huge banks or credit-card organizations.

Mysterious spikes and drops in the value of bitcoin since its birth helped construct an early reputation for the currency as a tool for advertising drugs and laundering funds. According to traders it is vital for any trader to seem at the Bitcoin charts just just just before advertising the digital currency at the worth that they want. Needless to say Bitcoin trading can be incredibly lucrative for specialists or newbies provided they know how to trade Bitcoin professionally and take assist from BTC cost tag charts.

As it turns out, even though handful of folks want to use Bitcoin as a currency, lots want to treat it as an investable safety, connected to gold or silver, specifically whilst the cost keeps rising. The futures are cash-settled contracts based on the auction cost of bitcoin in U.S. dollars on the Gemini Exchange, which is owned and operated by virtual currency entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Begin off sophisticated and lucrative bitcoin trading with the assist of True Time Bitcoin Cost tag Charts.

All CFDs (stocks, indexes, futures) and Forex rates are not offered by exchanges but rather by market spot makers, and so rates may not be precise and may possibly possibly possibly differ from the actual market place location place worth, which signifies rates are indicative and not acceptable for trading purposes. The price tag tag of the cryptocurrency surpassed $600 for the 1st time Tuesday. Not too extended ago, the price tag tag of a Bitcoin leapt up as the crisis in Greece started appearing up and a lot of guys and women believed it is the currency of hope.

As bitcoins not controlled by any particular person the price tag tag of bitcoins can sooner or later fall at any time and can rise at any time.