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How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?

I recently asked myself “How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?”.

From time to time I often ponder questions of fitness and strength and last night I wish those were the questions I answered.

Pushups on the beach after a run.

In place of those I re-answered the question how many beers can I drink before the two for one special ends?, followed up by the question where can I get a philly cheesesteak at 3 am?. The questions I wound up answering led me to formulate a strategy for recovery. Well, first it led to the bathroom – then to the recovery strategy.

What would stop my day after drinking from being a total “X” on the calendar?

Having done enough research through the years to feel confident in my break down I kept it simple and picked out the nights where I drank a lot but felt great the next day vs. the nights I drank too much and wanted to jump off a cliff the following morning. The best rule and one that led to years of happy dance offs with little or no regrets the next day is NO SHOTS! I had a hard and fast rule of no shots that got me through my early 20’s with very few bad nights. It wound up being the nights and mornings of hell because of shots that caused me to adopt this policy, and I can say it has been the true root of my being able to recover quickly from a night of drinking.

As I got older I relaxed my shot rule, and with that had some of my worst hangovers because one shot leads to two leads to four leads to checking your bank app the next morning wondering how you spent $300 on a Tuesday night and why your coccyx is bruised. If you’re gonna do shots, set a limit of 1-2. I recommend staying away from them entirely but sometimes they are unavoidable. The late night feast is also a chance to take your hangover from slow death to not too shabby and the rule here is if it kinda makes you sick while you’re sober stay away from it. This isn’t to say a few slices of pizza are gonna kill you, but if fast food hurts your stomach on a regular day it will send your intestines into turmoil during a hangover, go carb heavy.

Cereal is always a safe bet, it has been engineered by science to be both nutritious and delicious, breakfast in general is good but they are closing all the damn diners in Brooklyn so it’s hard to get a toasted corn muffin with a side of fries in the middle of the night. The easiest thing to do but one that is frequently missed is getting some last minute hydration in before you go to sleep and wake up with a case of desert mouth and headache eyes. Right before bed drink a huge glass of water, one that is almost uncomfortable in your stomach. The more water the better drink until you can’t hold anymore and staying on the water theme if you stink of cigarette smoke grab a quick shower so you don’t have to breath it in all night.

Lastly, if you can’t afford to even take the chance that you’ll have a hangover keep some alka seltzer in the house and drink it when you wake up, that should get you in tip top shape for those perfect pushups.


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