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Lower Ab Exercises

Lower ab exercises are a must if you want to have that lean waistline and look good in a t-shirt (or even without). The lower part of the stomach is the toughest for guys to lose fat from, so this video shows you how to do it. Combine it with a high-protein diet and a caloric deficit and you’ll look great in no time.

Video Transcript

Lower ab exercises. What’s going on guys it’s vince with insanity shrimp and today I’m going to give you the best tip that you will ever get when it comes to training your abs a lot of you guys out there probably have a four pack and you can’t get the six or maybe you have a six-pack and you want to get this seven and eight ab but no matter what you do no matter what lower ab exercises you’re doing you can’t get those ABS to show so that’s exactly what I’m going to do today is show you how to get those ABS popping so I’m gonna go straight into my favorite lower ab exercise which is just the basic reverse crunch you don’t know what a reverse crunches then you should probably google a reverse crunch and figure that out because that’s what’s my every single time I do as I do some form some variation of a reverse crunch so what I see the biggest issue when it comes to hitting lower abs is I see guys who were trying to do it and they go down on the mat and they’re doing this or what the three straight legs are doing this yeah it’s doing absolutely nothing for your lower not one thing I can literally do that all day and I would never have lower abs and that’s probably why you don’t have lower as what you’re doing when you’re doing those kind of leg lifts or those kind of lower ab exercises is you’re working your hip flexors and other your muscles that are right in here not your lower abs so what you want to do if you’re trying to get your lower abs you actually need to curl your the bottom of your spine up which is actually going to engage hitting those abdominal muscles without curling your spine up you’re not you’re either just not hitting abs or if you’re just moving your legs up your only hitting your hip flexors and forgets you’ll get great strong hip flexors but are you going for abs or hip flexors so i’m going to show you a proper reverse crunch and as soon as you incorporate this exercise into your abs and your ab exercises i guarantee you’ll see a difference so a reverse crunch proper form reverse crunch you want to go from here this is your starting position so if you’re doing straight this is your starting position you are not ever ever going down here this is doing nothing but working your hip flexors from here to there that are doing no ABS whatsoever you want to start here i like i like going up bent legs and I put a weight here but if you’re going to start here you go here to there and that’s it it’s a very small range of motion and once again i don’t like straight legs because now my feet are helping me do this exercise if you have bent legs I like keeping them i like my calves to touch my hamstrings and then I go up and as you can see my butt is curling off of the mat and that is actually engaging my lower abs rather than just hitting hip flexors and then don’t forget you only go down to 90 degrees your legs should be straight up and down its starting position and then from there you curl them up engaging your lower abs don’t use your hands for support and then lower back down and try to get your knees up to your neck and chest area as close as possible really isolating your lower abs and nothing else ok so i showed you on the ground next I’m going to show you hanging from a pull up bar ok guys so i just showed you proper form on the ground for lower abs now I want to show you hanging from a bar because a lot of people when they’re trying to hit lower ab they try to do hanging light rays or ankle the bars so i’m going to show you what I see most people doing which is wrong i’m gonna show you that right now when I see people trying to do later that season going that’s doing nothing working my hip flexors I can do this literally all day as soon as I start doing it properly I’ve been my legs the whole time bring my knees up and I curl my bottom of my spine up then all of a sudden it’s difficult and i’m actually using my lower abs so an ankle bars what I mentioned earlier is right yeah and that’s just where your ankles the box so guys if you want to get lower abs you need to properly hit your lower abs you need to target your lower abs and stop targeting hip flexor yourself digest what I just told you about your lower abs incorporate that into your app exercises from now on and i guarantee you see results so if you guys like this video watch your email inbox we have a ton a ton of tips coming for you guys want to check out my youtube channel youtube channels insanity shred , our website www insanity shred com hope you guys like these tips and i’ll see you soon. how to lower abdominal exercise
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