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How to Lose Weight Fast for Men- All About Timing

If you’re a man and want to lose weight fast, timing is everything, and bad timing is killing my weight loss! After two months of a fast diet and strong cardio I was at a point where the workouts were hard but my body was handling the intensity very well. I was seeing results and bringing some harder training elements to the routine like circuit and interval sessions. Feeling good, feeling comfortable pushing the workouts when I roll my ankle walking up the frigging stairs.

Not saving a baby, not helping an old lady with heavy packages, looking at my phone and looking for my house key was enough to short circuit my brain so that an activity that I’ve done basically my whole life was now too much too handle.

Cardio for losing weight fast is over for a few weeks and even though I can lift weights it’s not the zone I was in and I was enjoying the workouts which made them easy to do. I was outside in the park by the beach it was amazing and now my brain isn’t ready to lock myself away in a gym listening to some generic top 40 stations while I try to get a great workout going.

Weight Loss for Men- the Beach is Your Gym

Since work outs are gonna be weak or nonexistent the next few weeks it’s all about a man’s diet and keeping metabolism up and calories down. It’s mostly gonna be calories down since a lot of the metabolic enhancer diet pills make me feel like bees are stinging my heart and give me the speech patterns of someone who knows what coke smells like wink wink.

Now I’m not saying I hate salad and grilled chicken but when it comes to keeping calories down the menu is often times boring and sad, and in reality if I’m working out for an hour or so, half of the time is dedicated to weight loss and the other half is dedicated to having cheese. So what we got here is a situation where if I want to avoid crash diets, I gotta eat what I don’t wanna eat and I gotta get it going before I convince myself that summers are short and it makes more sense to have extra weight on for the cold months or the coming Armageddon/food shortages.

Before I pack my bomb shelter with puzzle books and cans of beans I decided to try a few hot sauces on my food to see if I could transform steamed chicken and vegetables into something I look forward to eating, total success. At first you might think you get the whole hot sauce thing but the truth is from hot to sweet, garlicy to almost a vinaigrette, the amount of different tasting hot sauces allow you to really keep low cal low taste meals enjoyable.

Aside from classics like tabasco and buffalo flavor keep an eye out for the words “spicy Thai” it’s a crowd pleaser both in the supermarket and at massage parlors. Bonus hot sauce trait is you even get a bit of a fat burning boost so you can eat healthy without sacrificing taste and get a weight loss increase at the same time- without exercise. With any luck I’ll be back up and running soon and taking my newly acquired hot sauce knowledge to the pasta/cheese/burger aisle and right past the lettuce section.

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