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Best Value Pre-Built Gaming PCs

The 5 Best Value Pre-Built Gaming PCs You Can Buy in 2019! ($380-$850)

Great video on getting the best value pre-built gaming PC. Performance, price, and quality are covered. The price differential for all 5 of these computers are below $100.

best value pre-built gaming pc video

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the scatter vole channel and today I want to show you my 5 favorite primo gaming pcs you can buy for the summer of 2019 so actually right now is a very good time to buy a primo gaming computer because with the incoming technologies of risin 3rd gen AMD Navi and art CX super graphics cards a lot of these vendors with older first gen 2nd gen rising tech and rx 502 TX 1000 series graphics cards need to get these older pcs out of their inventories so they can make room for the newer gaming computers featuring these newer technologies that I just talked about so what that means is that especially with these 5 gaming prebuilt I’m about to show you the value can get out of these are gonna be really good especially when compared to a custom gaming PC they can actually build with the exact same specs so yes I’ve actually gone ahead and calculated the price differential between building a computer yourself with the exact same specs and buying the pre-built having that work done already for you and I’m happy to say that the price differential for all 5 of these computers are below $100 so there’s only about a $70 to $50 price premium on all these computers except for one the number one computer there’s a $7 price differential and that one’s really good but it’s at the end of the video but if you were actually interested in the custom gaming computers that I configured to compare to each of these pre-built actually have those linked in the description along with the pre-built I’ll be talking about just say if you wanted to go ahead man up and build your own custom gaming computer that you’ll have full control over like the looks the performance what parts do what so we’ll have that in the description along with the 5 computers however before you gung-ho on these 5 gaming computers I would wait and listen to everything have to say for each of these computers because there are caveats to each these builds some have more some have less but there’s definitely a lot of important things to take in I have a lot of opinions when it comes to their upgradability usability of parts and future builds the resale value all that sort of stuff so definitely take the time and watching the whole video if you want to learn all of the possible future scenarios or details and specifications that I on these gaming computers including performance because I have worked with a lot of the parts that you’re about to see and past budget gaming PC build videos but with that all the way I really wouldn’t look farther than this top 5 pre-built gaming PC video because a lot of the PC deals on Amazon are not that good and that point you might as well just build a custom computer especially these cheaper ones there are some cheap gaming pcs on Amazon that will 100% scam you like right here this nice-looking RGB one that has an old I 5 processor from 2011 and a really old GTX 650 from 2012 for 403 dollars you can for $70 more build my $500 Specter gaming PC and absolutely wipe this thing off the floor and that includes this one too this one’s just as bad so basically I would stick to what’s in this top 5 if you don’t like anything on here vote yourself a custom gaming computer you’ll have complete control the parts you’ll get the most value for your buck and you can change the performance to however you like but aside from that all of the bills I’m about to show you will be linked down in the description so without further ado let’s get into the video so starting at number four yes number four in terms of value I have the cuk shadows micro gaming desktop now I’m actually starting with this one because this is the computer I think will be the most realistic option for the majority of you watching this video who want a budget gaming PC that’s already built for you that not only has good value but it’s also a smart choice especially when compared to the other gaming pre-built on this list so here’s why this is at $450 but thanks to the price differential you’re only paying an extra 78 dollars to have this gaming computer completely built out for you and that actually includes the RGB fans and the case because that’s actually a little bit of a surprising thing to seeing such a cheap computer but there’s a lot of things that I really like about this first and foremost it has the Rison 320 200 G so you’re gonna be using the integrated Vega 8 graphics for all of your gaming and the good thing about that is that there’s 16 gigs of memory on this PC to work with because with the Vega 8 graphics you don’t have any sort of integrated memory because the graphics are on the chip so there’s no like vram or anything so you need to allocate your actual memory to be used for the graphics which is up to two gigs and thankfully see okay put in 16 gigs at 3000 megahertz so that means that you will have at most 14 gigs to work with while you’re playing your games which is really overkill but I guess it’s a nice thing and plus it’s great for future proofing so that way you won’t have to upgrade Ram like five years down the line when games finally start using like maybe 16 gigs of memory and another cool thing is that this has a 256 gigabyte nvme m2 SSD so that’s gonna be a faster storage solution than a regular old hard drive or even a regular SATA SSD so this actual nvme SSD is plugged into the motherboard so it’ll ensure the quickest speeds possible which is something really nice to see in a bunch of computer along with a 430 what power supply which is gonna be okay it is gonna limit the upgrade ability of the graphics card in the future however since this is basically a custom gaming computer already built for you you can go ahead and actually change out the power supply to something else so something with higher wattage say if you wanted a higher power graphics card down the line so all this is great and there’s only one caveat with this build and it’s that there’s no operating system which do not worry that is an easy thing to fix I’ve actually made a tutorial video on how to install Windows 10 using a simple flash drive like what you see here on video and it’s really easy it’s nothing to stress over about so even though this computer does not ship with Windows it’s not a problem you can basically install Windows for free on this computer and it’s gonna be no big problem now in terms of expected gaming performance I have messed with the Rison 320 200 G in one of my gaming PC builds here on my $300 volt v2 gaming PC which by the way I think looks pretty cool I’ve actually achieved some pretty decent 1080p gaming performance and I believe I overclocked the integrated graphics and used that max two gigs of allocation for the Vega 8 graphics but for the most part here’s Skyrim at low settings 1080p about 55 frames per second Rainbow six siege I’m surprised they got 37 I would have thought that would’ve been hired before diet I got about let’s see I think it was at 720p to low to medium settings 60 frames per second so you’ll still get some smooth gameplay League of Legends not a problem GTA 5 actually kind of surprised I got 48 frames per second at normal settings with fxaa it’s kind of interesting actually but with your own further optimization on this gaming computer I don’t doubt that you can get some decent 1080p gaming performance and plus since this is such a custom computer you can upgrade it down the line with a better processor so you can even like BIOS update so you can get like those third gen processors Verizon in here along with a better graphics card more RAM whatever you like so that is the number four computer and now let’s move on to my number 5 so here at number 5 IV sky Tech Azure gaming computer now for this computer I talked to the price differential to come out to a hundred and two dollars so you’re paying an extra one hundred two dollars to have this computer built and installed with all the operating system and drivers for you well there are still quite a few things I like about this computer because it’s really similar again to a custom gaming PC it’s got a rise in 516 hundred which is a processor I messed around with in my $750 gaming PC build video which did an excellent job with the gtx 660ti so even though it’s 1st gen it still packs a punch in 2019 and along with an RT x 2060 which is gonna be more than enough power for 1080p gaming and will even put you in 1440p gaming for not a crazy expensive price it’s also got a 500 gigabyte nvme PCIe SSD so just like the last one i showed you but double the storage so it can actually hold a decent amount of games though this has 8 gigs of DDR 4 memory which is low if you wanted an extra 8 gigs you have to pay an extra 50 bucks I mean yeah sure though my $750 PC actually had 16 gigs and this has 8 so that’s a custom gaming PC one up on this for $100 less and it’s got Windows 10 and even has built-in Wi-Fi so you don’t need to browse long Ethernet cable to connect this can be to the internet or you don’t need to get your own Wi-Fi adapter to connect this thing so actually with this computer I don’t think there’s any caveats you’re given a 650 watt power supply if I’m right yeah 650 plus 80 plus bronze power supply so a lot of wattage to work with if you wanted like a r-tx 2080 or AMD Navi rx 5700 XT down the line and also since this is a custom motherboard just like the last gaming PC I showed you you can bios update this bad boy and you can get like a third gen Rison chip on it probably nothing too crazy because if you look at the VRMs they’re exposed so there isn’t that much wattage supported for like overclocking you know a crazy risin processor like you couldn’t fit in a 16 core rise in 9 processor in here that’s not gonna happen but maybe like a rise in 5 6 core or maybe 8 core without overclocking you could do that and you got all those through my dear for a graphics card upgrade again and of course you got some decent looks it looks pretty much like a custom gaming PC so asides from the 8 gigs you know which i think is still fine in 2019 that’s still great for gaming not for like video rendering but for gaming it’s still enough there’s really no other Knox I have for this computer yes it has the highest price differential but in terms of upgrade ability and future proofing this computer is not a bad choice and in terms of gaming performance I actually own the RX 26 r-tx 2060 in this build and that thing creams 1440p gaming like it’s nothing so with the rise in 5 1600 you’re looking at some a lot of the popular like fortnight pub G apex legends rent was 6 th game to be ran at 1440p I like medium to high settings if not old true performance is not gonna be an issue with this computer you’re definitely gonna be set for 1080p and 1440p gaming now at number three I have this HP Pavilion desktop computer which I got two about a fifty five dollar price differential now this is the cheapest computer on the list but it does have the most caveats and I want to explain that but before that I want to talk about the specs this does have a rise in 320 200 G’s what we just looked at with the first build but it has four gigs of RAM a one terabyte hard drive which you know that’s good lot of storage but the case is really limiting it looks like your grandma’s computer and on top of that it has a 180 watt power supply which severely hinders any sort of future graphics card upgrade but on that note it does have four gigs of memory which I do not recommend in general for gaming because like what we just talked about with the RAM allocation for those integrated vaga eight graphics if you want to get the most you’re gonna need to set it to two gigs of memory and if you’re gonna do that with this four gig stick you’re gonna be left with like what two gigs of RAM to work with all gaming that’s something I don’t recommend so to fix that I have an extra eight gigs of memory I’ll include in the description that being this Patriot Viper Elite Series one that will add on to this rig because you can switch out the memory you can do that like this guy did it right here not a big problem and you’ll hopefully get better gaming performance and I don’t know if you can go into the BIOS and change that memory allocation for the integrated graphics but if you can then that would ensure the best gaming performance so in reality you’re actually gonna be cementing a three hundred and eighty dollars not three hundred and forty but regardless the upgrade ability and future proofing is not that good that 180 watt power supply is going to really hinder any sort of upgrades especially concerning that the type of power supply that you’re given is a custom one so not like an aftermarket so I don’t know if you can really change this like I don’t know if HP offers higher wattage power supplies that have this same form factor so you can’t use one of these PCI slots for like a GTX 1650 or rx 518 you because you won’t have enough wattage so at most it looks like you could support life maybe a future Rison 3400 G which is a quad core 8 threaded apu with integrated vega 11 graphics that is if you of course you can bios update the motherboard but it asides from that that is it i mean yes it’s a cheap computer and it does have good value for 1080p performance but at that point guys i would honestly just go ahead and build my $300 volt v2 gaming pc because not only will it have no limitations in terms of upgrade ability and cooling performance but it looks way cooler so this is only like last resort but at this point I just build a custom gaming PC anyways now to our number two pre-built gaming PC I have the HP Pavilion gaming desktop and thankfully this one has much less caveats than the previous one and actually holds some very good specs for the price so for $640 I calculated the price differential to be $44 so not that bad but I think some of you guys are gonna like the specs especially in this price of a prebuilt it’s got an AMD rising 5 processor which I looked it up it’s actually a 2400 G so it’s a quad core a threaded processor that’s overclockable it’s got a gigabytes of ddr4 memory and aim the RX 580 which I believe is the 4 gig version it’s not the 8 gig which isn’t a problem for 1080p gaming but for higher resolution gaming that is gonna hurt a little bit but if you’re gonna be at 1080p not our problem a one terabyte hard drive in combination with a 128 gigabyte SSD and this is a good thing I like in this computer because it’s gonna put your operating system and your main programs on a fast SSD so you can boot them to them quickly but then you have that one terabyte hard drive for all this mass storage for games video files and whatever takes up a ton of space on your hard drive so it’s a very well balanced computer and really my only complaint would have to be like the case really in terms of like cooling and the upgrade ability because it’s a it’s a little bit it’s more forgiving than the last one I just showed you but still it’s not as good as an aftermarket PC case though a good thing just make note of is that this does have a 400 watt power supply and this has an Rx 580 so that means this thing at most draws about like what 185 watts so if you wanted to upgrade your graphics card in the future you would just have to make sure that you found something that had a mini ITX form factor and that took in less than 185 watts so the max cardi probably yet would be an RT X 2060 Mini ITX card as far as the date of publishing this video that being summer 2019 but that’s it because I don’t know if you can totally upgrade the power supply because it’s kind of like the last one you see right here I don’t know if you can switch this out for a custom aftermarket one but you can definitely upgrade some components in this computer including the graphics card and in terms of gaming performance if you want to talk about for net numbers at high settings 1080p you’re looking at about 96 frames per second with that rx 580 and Rison 2400 G so not a bad combination but like I said earlier at some point you’re gonna run into a wall in terms of what kind of graphics card you can put inside the system that doesn’t exceed that 400 watt power supply so that’s really the only main thing I see besides the subpar average-case that could potentially cause maybe cooling problems with higher-end components but it by itself is a good value nonetheless which brings us to our number one gaming PC in terms of value these $700 dell inspiron gaming PC and the price differential for this one was the $7 one so there was a $7 difference between having to build a computer with the exact same specs with you know similar looks and having it already done for you and the $700 package and there are quite a few things I really like about this gaming computer and it has a few less caveats than the last two it has an AMD Rison 7 2700 which is gonna put you in such a good position for long-term PC gaming because that’s an 8 core processor on the second gen Zen plus tech technology it’s got 16 gigs of ram so that’s enough I mean don’t even look into 32 if you’re gonna be not doing video editing it’s got an aim the RX 580 which is I’m pretty sure the 4 gig version so it’s not gonna be a problem for 1080p gaming but for 1440p or 4k gaming it’s gonna struggle but if it’s 1080p not gonna be an issue and it’s got a 1 terabyte hard drive so really the only NIC that I have is that one terabyte hard drive all the other computers I showed you in this build besides the number-3 one had an SSD of some sort to allow you to boot into Windows quickly so if you’re ok with having lower than average loading speeds and maybe have your games take just a little bit longer to load up then it’s not gonna be an issue with this computer because unlike the other two HP ones on the number three number two you can actually upgrade this computer you can actually change out the power supply for a custom aftermarket one and even go as far as like putting crossfire or SLI it’s not something cool to see for a pre-built gaming you computer from Dell and actually if you’re curious about what power supply it’s already in there there’s a four hundred and sixty watt power supply so you’re getting a little bit more wattage than the last computer so you can maybe at most like probably fit in given if you can BIOS update the motherboard like a rise in five thirty six hundred or thirty six hundred X no no you can fit in like a thirty seven hundred x yeah you could probably fit in one of those along with like a future RT X twenty sixty or 2070 no problem but this one definitely has the best value if you’re okay with that harddrive this one is an incredibly good value and it’s definitely the stealer deal out of all these computers I just showed you and in terms of gaming basically take what I showed you on the last computer with that twenty four hundred G and imagine that it’s an eight core processor with sixteen threads and you’re given basically just a few more frames per second because having more cores especially with that eight core processor isn’t gonna amount to a ton of extra gaming performance but you will see a sizable difference so and it sort of 1080p gaming this thing will absolutely crush at may be the only game will struggle with in terms of graphical fidelity maybe like cyberpunk 2077 at like high or ultra settings you’re probably wouldn’t be able to do that but that’s because it’s a game pretty far out there but everything else like fortnight pub G Rainbow six siege GTA 5 and any sort of those games are good not going to be an issue at home with this computer but if none of those gaming computers fancied you then might as well go ahead and build a custom gaming computer because again you have complete control of all the parts that go into the computer so that means you can foresee any sort of upgrade ability issues or you know paths you can take with like the processor or graphics card and of course you can customize it to however you like in terms of looks so if none of these look cool for you you can definitely go all-in on like the RGB temperate glass side panels and any that sort of stuff so again I like to I want to emphasize how good it is to build a custom gaming PC especially in the year 2019 because you have channels like mine who will show you the best deals for certain prices and I’ll just go ahead and show you all like the gaming metrics and all that these are just rough estimations based off of past builds that I’ve done as well as what people have achieved online but anyways besides that that is all I have for today’s video if you enjoyed this video then definitely give it a like and if you enjoy this sort of PC gaming content especially with desktop computers then definitely subscribe to the scatter belch annal we are always welcoming of new members and of course if you get one of these new computers and you want to talk about other cool PC tech maybe upgrades with other cool members of the PC community then do check out the discord server that we have linked in the description anyways that is it for today’s video and this is the scatter web channel signing out.

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