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23andMe Vs. Ancestry DNA- Video Guide

What is better 23andMe Or Ancestry DNA?

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Hey guys it’s Kevin here and today I want to talk to you about DNA kits so I have done both 23andme and ancestry.com DNA kits basically 23andme I bought back last November for a on sale during the Black Friday deal and then later that Christmas I ended up getting ancestry.com kit as a gift so originally I was gonna get rid of it but then I was like you know what let me test the two and see how many compare so that’s what I’ve done and now I’m going to share it with you so basically both kits come in a box just like this you open the flap here what used to sit here is the basically the tube that you are going to be spitting in and then there is a little baggie or box that you gonna mail it off to the lab and then instructions pretty straightforward it’s real simple to use like said you just spit seal it up drop it in the mail and then you wait three results both of them give you and from a unique code on how to register and track your information and sign up for their various website so that way you can look at the information how the two differ so both kits are basically the same price you can get for a hundred bucks either kit and then 23andme offers a little bit different they also offer the health version and that’s a little bit more I think it’s like 50 bucks more and they’ll provide you a breakdown of various diseases or health conditions out there that you may be susceptible to based on your DNA but doesn’t guarantee you’ll be getting so but we’ll go into that here in a little bit so after the two kits mailtime I can say ancestry was a lot faster getting the results back to me but I have to take that with a grain of salt because when I did 23andme I did get the kit with the health and I don’t know if the health part takes longer to analyze when a soon does and so that could be the reason for the delay then once you get your results back they provide both breakdowns in a very different way so to me this is where the two companies are going to separate apart first we’ll go with ancestry ancestry when you get the information they show you the various countries and they’re kind of a big bubble circle area over multiple countries and then in over in the corner they give a percentage breakdown of where each country that you could possibly be from so for example the number one country they had for me was Sweden and then right below Sweden they had Germany that was very accurate because my grandmother’s side is from has a lot of relatives in Sweden and we have a strong DNA presidents in Sweden now 23andme their website they don’t show bubbles instead they highlight the various countries and regions and also provide a percentage breakdown 23andme Germany was the most percentage that I was from and Sweden was second so the to cut those were two flipped now I will say 23andme has a lot more countries so I felt like their report was a lot more detailed than ancestry an example of that is Germany I believe I was only in the 18% from Germany because there was a lot of other countries and categories that they had me broken down into where since ancestry didn’t have as many they had me with Sweden up in the high 20% so it’s not a huge difference but that’s more detailed in 23andme also 23andme which I thought was more interesting and has showed up at a layer update is they even show the regions where you’ve probably migrated from so in Germany they had me from Saarland which is STAAR la nd which I googled where that was it’s kind of in the south west part of Germany and I know a lot of my relatives are in the Black Forest area which is not that far from that region so it’s probably pretty accurate or at least it’s decently close to the same region so I’m gonna have to give for actual extrapolation of that that information 23andme is a lot more detailed now ancestry they do something that’s unique that’s not on 23andme is they also provide you migration patterns so you can click on the various year like 1700 1800 I don’t remember all the years but you can continue to follow the migration pattern so you’ll see when a lot of people migrated from Europe to the Americas and then spread throughout the Americas but it’s once again it is very focused on what I would say the United States region where 23andme seemed more global other than that that’s kind of where ancestry is gonna stop they provide you when it comes to the maps now when it comes to DNA relatives both services inform you of your DNA relatives if you opt into that selection ancestry.com had picked a couple of my second cousins and they actually got me on a couple second and third cousins and I do not know which have a high possibility of being related to 23andme also did the same thing they picked up one of my first cousins and then there is a ton of third through sixth cousins I feel 23 me has a bit of DNA pool so there’s more information there however with a smaller DNA pool and it just could be a lot of draw with my ancestors Barry came back with or direct cousins however it stops there that you don’t really I mean you can email them and investigate them but you don’t really find out more information beyond that ancestry.com beyond back that’s all the information they provide they really want to push you to creating a family tree and build your family tree and find more add these cousins into your tree and build that whole profile but that is expensive so they are pricing ranges from 20 bucks a month all the way up to $45 a month and that’s a monthly charge which so if you start think about that’s really expensive if you want the basically the package that has everything that has the most information to absorb now maybe you only do this for six months and they do sell six months kits that are a little slightly cheaper and it provides you enough information and that’s all you want that’s great but I really felt after spending a hundred bucks for a DNA kit you don’t get a lot of information from it they just want to sell you more stuff so that’s kind of a big ex for me on ancestry DNA 23andme now on the other hand they to me they provide a lot of information they continuously are updating that information and so far the only thing that they’ve tried to sell me is they want to sell me a book for 40 bucks of my family history breakdown but I had assumed since I took the health they’re probably also if you don’t do the health I’m probably try to sell you with something else add ons I’m not sure about that one so which brings us to the next category let’s talk about 23andme and health so this is a category that is expanding as time goes by they had a tailor back dueces of some laws what they’re testing is things that you are susceptible to via your DNA that are diseases that are exposed to due to student chromosomes and and that whole breakdown so whether your subjective old-timers Parkinson’s disease there’s a lot of them now with me personally I didn’t see a lot of variants so it’s hard for me to comment on what my family history as of what what it’s out there now I can’t say one thing that did come back that I have a variant for is a Miaka or degeneration which is something one of my uncle’s did have so I did find that kind of interesting inaccurate and 23andme also does send you a lot of emails of studies and tests and things like that to try to get more information and compile the most data as possible so with that said those are the two systems was the two kits I would highly recommend 23andme over ancestry.com because I feel it provides you the most value for your money the only exception to that would be if you want to build a family tree and you want to have that ease and you’re already on the ancestry.com path of the tree then their DNA kit seems like a great add-on it will provide you the best value for your money on that end that’s it so feel free to comment below if you’ve taken one of these tests or if there’s another test out there that you’ve taken please do comment below I’d love to hear your feedback and like always please do share this video like it give the thumbs up subscribe to my channel and until the next time you guys take it easy later Congrats you made it to the end of the video I hope you liked it be sure to help me out and hit the subscribe button or comment below in this video until the next one be sure to check out any of the other videos that have floating around on my channel.

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