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Lower Ab Exercises

Lower ab exercises are a must if you want to have that lean waistline and look good in a t-shirt (or even without). The lower part of the stomach is the toughest for guys to lose fat from, so this video shows you how to do it. Combine it with a high-protein diet and a caloric deficit and you’ll look great in no time. Video Transcript Lower ab exercises. What’s going on guys it’s vince with insanity shrimp and today...
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Home Workout Guide Video. No Gym Needed- Exercises to Do At Home.

Home workout guide. Here’s a great free video version of a home workout guide to strengthen and tone muscle at home while burning off body fat. No need for a gym, these exercises can be done at home. Video Transcript so today is your strength one workout you’re going to be doing chest legs and back this workout you’re going to start with a dynamic warm-up you’re going to move into your stretch series and then you’re going to do...
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How to Get Rid of Love Handles

How to Get Rid of Love Handles. Looking for a love handle workout? Everyone is! They’re the toughest place to burn fat off for a guy. Here’s a video that covers some great ways to get rid of this flab on your abs. Video Transcript Love handles they can adorable name for deposits of excess body fat on your sides and back around your waist line. Love handle workout, before we go any further I think it’s only fair if...
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How to Lose Weight Fast for Men- All About Timing

If you’re a man and want to lose weight fast, timing is everything, and bad timing is killing my weight loss! After two months of a fast diet and strong cardio I was at a point where the workouts were hard but my body was handling the intensity very well. I was seeing results and bringing some harder training elements to the routine like circuit and interval sessions. Feeling good, feeling comfortable pushing the workouts when I roll my ankle...
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How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?

I recently asked myself “How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?”. From time to time I often ponder questions of fitness and strength and last night I wish those were the questions I answered. In place of those I re-answered the question how many beers can I drink before the two for one special ends?, followed up by the question where can I get a philly cheesesteak at 3 am?. The questions I wound up answering led...
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7 Deadly Zings- A Guy’s Guide to the 7 Pillars of Fitness

Thanks for stopping by my (G-Razor) site! This inaugural post lays the groundwork for the 7DeadlyZings blog, which is the home base for my “guy’s guide” product reviews and my 7 Deadly Zings program (launching soon). The concept being- helping regular guys burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle. It is by far the best diet and exercise program and I’ll only sell it to guys who are committed to the goal… and – I’m going to let you have...
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