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Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

I know that when I make breakfast, it’s easy for me to keep my weight in check. Only problem is, I hate making breakfast in the morning.  Fumbling around with pans and cracking eggs before I’ve realized I’m actually awake is not my idea of a good time.  But this makes things easy – toss everything in the little cup, twist, and drink.

Some of my foodie friends own the higher-end, industrial power blenders (see them pulverize non-food items on a YouTube video near you), but this little gadget beats them.  It takes up a fraction of the space on my kitchen shelf, and for a fourth of the cost, I’m not too heartbroken about not being able to make Sweet Potato Soup in the Magic Bullet.  Let’s be real – 99% of what I need it for is morning smoothies, and the Bullet crushes that.

Do yourself a favor and mind the max fill line, unless you like kale and apple in every crevice of your kitchen.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys welcome to their pantry talk you know recently joined I were in Costco and there was this couple that was debating whether to buy the magical leaf or the nutribullet. recipes So Joey injected himself in their conversation and ask the gentleman well what do you want to do with the blender because it really makes a difference what you want to do so that gave me an idea right away after we stood there and explain to him everything that we do with the magic bullet versus what we do with the neutral and please let me preface this by saying I don’t work for the bullet people and they are not my sponsors at all and the show okay i don’t have any sponsors of the show more than google adsense so anyways I decided by the idea of a bulb went off and i decided i should come in here and show you guys what we do with these two blenders of course keep in mind that John i bought the magical. I looked for the best budget computer speakers at first because that’s all that existed at the time and so we were going to get rid of it just because the nutribullet came on the scene so let me show you first of all what I want to blend today with these two blenders and then I’m gonna let you be the judge to see which one of the blenders does a better job of blending the things that we’re going to do okay alright so first of all together what we’re going to blend here’s some kale some spinach and I’ve watched them all right some carrots.  magic bullet I didn’t I sup too small but I cut them up and some celery I don’t really like celery in my shake but I’m putting it in because of all the way it is it’s kind of fibrous and so I want you to see which one’s better some cucumbers and both sides of the aisle has the same thing here I’ve got some orange juice to mix it with in some extra water if we need it and let me go ahead and get my frozen fruits alright so here it is i kept in the freezer the whole time because this is act like you’re is ok so I’m going to use one of the taller on containers or the magical it and I’m just going to go ahead and break up the scale of course this is bigger we’re going to be able to fit more in that than this we don’t want to pass that on well this is even have a line but you keep in mind that maybe that’s your your top line right there and put all my carrots all this celery cucumber may not be able to put one piece of strawberry piece of whatever it says peaches our peers oh I don’t even tell what’s in here I’ve got here’s a strawberry about some blueberries of raspberry this is more this we’ll put and or shakes and or shapes this one here and one hand put some kale we need to spin it from the side spinach and the celery and the carrots cucumber. recipes to lose weight See I can fit more in this right away and go ahead and bury these and put the orange juice as our liquid and you put a whole lotta doors you so we can fill in the blanks with water and we always put it to like halfway in the jar so now it’s just a matter of putting on or cross made this is a grasping for this one real tight and by the way when these little things break off and they break off eventually the thing will work the little work anymore okay well not the blender with the couple was so you might have to get was replaced or just go bible then write the perfect so they’re both type and now it’s time for us to go on ahead and blend all right guys ready set go no I tend to hold them down because they sometimes walk backwards and then the lids come undone so that’s like I’m holding them down right here and if you can notice the one on the left of your screen which is the magic bullet its kind of struggling to move around the fruits and the vegetables while the other one is moving more freely so this is what i notice first off I can feel it under my hand to that its kind of struggling alright so we both went for about 30 seconds so let’s open the jars and see which one did a better job I’m so excited to see tell the truth we’ve never put them against each other like that we just know which one we like this for whatever we’re doing right to take a look at what i’m going to do is pour them all in some drinking glasses okay what do you guys think first off what this one with the. reviews Magic bullet can you guys students I mean it’s not bad but it still has some chunks and especially from the berries who and I found something in here but this is just one of the frozen food stone thought it was like a cat sort of celery or something it has particles in it and I’m not really be one juicy Joe likes it better than me so that will kind of deter me from drinking this one unless you put it to a cheese cloth or something so this one here see smoother see so much better let me get another spoon so i can hold the spoon underneath the cameras – cameras at the same time looks like this one is finer than this one so that’s what we were expecting that gentleman in the store you know we told him that we take a neutral it better for doing the fruits and the vegetables because it does kind of pulverize everything more and make it more palatable you know so you that you want to drink it so the the magic bullet the magic will it cost forty nine dollars at costco while the usual it costs a tie and of course the prices are higher in different stores cost was a membership type store and by the way I don’t work for cost either and they’re not my sponsor either way we just happen to be there this idea came to me that I should show you guys what lenders do two fruits and vegetables and then you be the judge of which one you want to buy and right now i think what I’ll do is move into another section of the video well where i’ll show you like how it does protein shakes for milkshakes stuff like that so let me get this all cleared up and then i’ll do some of the other shapes so we can see if they’re comfortable ok. ninja nutribullet Alright so what I have here is one and a half cups of milk with one scoop of protein powder this is whey protein and the same thing in this video ok and i’m using this shorter been on this one and we’re going to blend and blend them for the same length of time and then we’ll see which one does a better judge all right guys take a look this is the beautiful it is a protein shake protein is really tight on there I think they look about the same think it’s comfortable it’s pretty smooth right this moment alright so my opinion if you just want to do protein shapes the magic bullet will be just fine you don’t need to get the nutribullet now let’s do something fun that I love I want to do like a milkshake let’s see which one does it better okay okay so what I’ve done here i put 1 cup of chip ice cream in each of the canisters and half a cup of milk and we’re gonna attempt to make a milkshake and see which one does their job let’s get started and the reason I’m doing these things because this is what we do with the blenders ok yeah all right let’s see when I was blending i notice that the Magic Bullet clearly was struggling to like we’re on the ice cream and beautiful it was like having fun just going I all right let me get with the spoon I’m gonna be fun doing this many guys take a look in here bad this looks like a really nice milky isn’t it and then take a look at our nutribullet make sure you remember i put the same ingredients all right with one couple ice cream and half a cup of milk and both of them are good what I notice though is that this tends to be more liquefied this milkshake so you could actually think this through a straw this tends to be a little bit more thick so this is kind of like that stuff that you would get like at mcdonals was something called McLaury more like that speaker so i would say that the nutribullet definitely liquefy stuff more than the magically alright so this is my summary of both machines I love them both I happen to be that consumer that actually love everything that the bullet people put out i bought the magical at first because the usual even exist and then you two became on and when I got that kids don’t want to do fruits and vegetables in it and we actually love it for that so I put both of them on the counter we use both the magic bullet we use a lot when the kids are doing their protein shakes because it’s just a quick and simple easy it’s over and I do purees a log in it like onions cilantro tomato and stuff the poor meats and we mostly use the neutral when we’re going to do our fruits and vegetables that have like a healthy shake I don’t know that I would be a consumer of the vehicle it because i don’t have to babysit food for but as soon as the dessert bullet comes out in my local store i’m definitely going to run down there and pick up one so i like both of them my advice to you and you’re trying to decide which one to choose is figure what you want to do with it if you just want to do purees and protein shakes and milkshakes and stuff like that then you’ll do fine with the magic bullet for you know less than fifty dollars you can have something that you’re going to river the love in your house so we can do margaritas and stuff like that too but you know I’m happy to do those because I don’t drink alcoholic beverages but you know there’s a lot of the I see things we clean stuff like that if you definitely want to get healthy and you want to do your fruits and vegetables then get the nutribullet and then you can bypass the magical it because the mutable it will do pretty much everything the magical it does ok so that’s my advice is that I make it clear if you want to do fruits and vegetables I want them to be polarized getting you to believe and that will cover all the things that you want to do you don’t care much about with fruits and vegetables then go ahead spring for that 49 or 50 dollars to get the magic bullet and still have some fun with it so i had i hope this helps you in your decision making thank you guys so much for watching if you liked the video hit like a shirt for me and until i see you guys again take care please stop by my main channel right here on YouTube is called out there. Tilt and also the problem i want her which is called bad air talk. magicbullet

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