Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar

Ambitions of becoming a rockstar is the type of thing you leave behind like teenage zit angst and molar hardware. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock out in your living room and annoy the neighbors.

Enter the Epiphone Les Paul 100.

Looks like a Les Paul. Feels like a Les Paul. Sounds like a Les Paul.

What I like the most about it (now that I’m a grownup with bills to pay) is that it costs a tenth of the price of a bonafide Les Paul, but sounds exactly like the tone in the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” intro, even if I still can’t quite play it right. I shred like Clapton in Cream, my neighbors are pissed, everybody wins. And even the other half agrees – it looks damn cool hung up on the wall.

Video Transcript

Oh all right, good, all cleaned up late on a new layer of nice brand new super clean microfiber that’s what I do with this table I just need every now and again when it gets a bit too dirty or whatever I just put on a layer on a new piece but for now since i got such a man tea brand new guitar over there I figured I’d take every precaution available to me clean up so i deleted all the previous files off the camera I set up the new amp and the little condenser microphone i know i shouldn’t be using for a guitar to bring you a little bit better sound for 2017 until I can afford a better solution to clean up your kids let’s go see what we got whoa as Mr curry would say i love that guy he’s such a good player anyway listen I got this nineties tan brown leather case through a guitar trade and I decided that my friend needed to have it so she bought it off me for about half what i was looking to get for it but I think you’ll agree that she made the right choice over keeping her guitar in a Gibson gig bag vs this beauty of a case I mean you just don’t see them in this kind of condition with the shrub all nicely attached I mean you just don’t see codes never been said although some idiot market along therefore I don’t want reason but boys boys and girls ladies and gentlemen of YouTube look what my god oh a very clear case of me rubbing off on somebody I know she got gassing for a Gibson as soon as she played mine but she old man did she make a good choice like a look at this its stomach and I don’t really much myself like uncovered pickups but on this guitar it looks fantastic it looks right I don’t think covered pickups would make this guitar look any better and that’s something I would normally like totally go for but that just looks stunning brand new year 2016 gold top I think it’s like a tricky model these are on sale right now you’re on Canada along equates I’m not sure what they’re going for 89 on something like that maybe but not very expensive and holy cow it sounds stick and nasty wild sounds really good but it needs a major sup like a major setup it plays like poo right now and it does not play well it’s not been set up at like it’s it’s lost whatever sup it had from the factory but anyway also so if you’re wondering how gets for sales just focus if you’re wondering how Gibson gets away making us guitars for these prices this is how fit and finish the work I’m about to put into making this guitar lose all of its sharp edges like these this finger board is really sharp it feels really sharp on your fingers my-my 2015 junior feels a million times better than that so this is right out of nobodies touch this they pulled the side of the back room for so this is not been hanging on a wall or anything like that but just super like you can see that you can look at that crisp line at the end of the fingerboard this is this is what you’re giving up when you buy a less-expensive Gibson fit and finish right like everything’s done just a little bit faster and to not ask quite as high a standard as you would get on a more expensive guitar but it’s funny because from year to year I mean even depending on the price bracket like some guitar setup better i don’t know maybe they wanted people to be really blown away with the 2015 lineup so they were really swell setup like my st was and this junior really is but this this is cranked out I mean it’s awesome don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting here complaining you follow you’ve got to do is a bit of a setup and a bit of cleanup to a nice us-made guitar lifeless like you’re doing OK anyway the action needs to come down some holes the theater setup needs to be done strings are but high right now but just stunning value and this is brand-new start out of the store yeah and like I said on guitar like this these pickups really work like this these uncovered pickups really look good but small block in the back and these new these new pickup covers those are anti-static i read this stuff here now so don’t work those off your guitar those are anti-static anyone actually is satin 2016 model just gotta a very nice profile on the neck very nice somebody mentioned on my Facebook but they thought the neck was too heavy dude was too thick on this I felt some bass bottle body type max and this is not one of them this is really flat the profile is really flat along the back and nicely rounded over here it’s very very comfortable to hold if you’ve got small hands like Mick makes a girl she’s got smaller hands I’m sure she’s going to find this comfortable it’s got a very nice comfortable profile i would say my junior my junior has a way fire Mac it’s way more rounded but this is this it’s pretty flat along the back very comfortable to hold in your hand anyway let’s see what this thing’s sounds like it sounds crazy good boys and girls alright kids so we’re going to try something new here one of my biggest gripes about making videos is the sound quality but i’m clearly missing when i record a like this just little silly stupid little intros right i just wanted to hear a little bit of what the guitar sounds like and then get a sense of what it actually eyes moron this shit’s already recording. Alright kids all about that last part didn’t go very well had tried three times to record the damn audio but obviously I’ve got a few things to work out there anyway that’s my commitment is to try and improve the sound quality of the before-and-after demos and budget permitting hopefully get hopefully get a new camera this year too anyway going to get the strings off this thing see you back in a sucky because i think the kids are coming home it’s both of us okay you know what I hate more than absolutely anything is tied on strings for absolutely don’t do this this is just you know who does this you know what kind of people do this people who don’t play guitar OH people who don’t change their strings an awful lot do this kind of ship know what all it’s that know-it-all guy who thinks that he knows everything and he’s been doing this because his uncle jim taught him how to do this since forever ago but it’s just wrong this is just stupid and pointless and a waste of time it’s just if you string guitar properly and you stretch your strings this is just the stupid pointless exercise in absolute stupidity don’t do this garbage and if this came from a factory like this whole we I don’t know but this is just the dumbest thing just makes taking your strings on and off a pain like what i want to do this is looking for trying to do with your fingers Jesus Christ this is stupid ok enough complaining ok I’m slick still fighting with this seriously if you don’t want to have to go get a tetanus shot every time you change your strings don’t do this oh my god what pain is just one of those myths that gets perpetuated for no good reason it’s this is just the stupidest thing you can do with your strings yeah if you like getting tetanus shots you want to get one every time you have to change your strings then do this because this is stupid fact if you do this you deserve to get to ask me what a pain like that took way too long that up an inordinately long amount of all right I have to be honest I haven’t done a lot of reading about this guitar and I quickly looked it up oh I was hoping to see magnets magnets I was secretly hoping to see magnets there but no magnets because the Apple phones that have the magnet say we’re not just sticks in there look if you can put them on your lower line guitars you should put him on these is a advanced plating pink plastic that’s hilarious i don’t think i’ve ever taken notice of that that’s what it says on the bottom of the gonna have to buy me a drug dealer scale in the new year also because i want to start weighing these parts a lot of people make a lot of claims in my comments section especially about tuners about how locking tuners are going to make your head star neck heavy and all this kind of stuff and I just I put so many locking tuners on guitars I just don’t buy it so I’d love to start weighing some of these parts and. vintage les paul goldtop burst PAF SG sword canes
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epiphone les paul open book headstock Getting like you know getting down into the some of the interesting claims that people make about how these things affect the performance of your guitar yeah that’s also advanced plating ink using API there hope you can see that ah you know what just for funsies let’s uh let’s put one of these pickups see what it says on the bottom where I mean we have it here in front of us right would be a bit stupid not to have a look inside and I’ll pull the back cover off pretty positive we’re going to see a PCB a man because that’s another way that you reduce manufacturing costs because you make a PCB that way to gets wave solder it’s really fast really quick to produce so that it’s not necessarily I don’t know um I mean I’m kind of talking about my ass somebody out there watching this probably knows much more about this than idea but I can imagine these are not american-made parts right so that the claims now that these are American made guitars starting to Teeter on American assembled guitars ok so it’s important dat oh wow really gold inside and look and going to spray the whole works in there a nice clean cavity next okay well I don’t need to mess up that just wanted to have a quick look at it because we’re not right i should say that when you’re putting parts like this back on these little screws will bite they will bite into a piece of it so unless you screw feels like its bone down with virtually no effort to be sure you’re lined up with the original screw holes because these little screws are sharp you can easily start digging a new hole where you don’t want on and misalign your part which would totally suck so unless these screws feel like they’re going back down with little to no effort you feel any resistance then just double-check
that you’re lined up all right should we poked in the back here kids oh wow it’s a bit Brown actually it looks a little bit Brown I thought it was black maybe it’s just my lighting Yasmani jumper my mom got it for me at costco she was a bit embarrassed about my other dirty one O’Neill okay so yeah these new things i read that these are just the whole idea behind this new thing is that this is the shielding have to admit i was looking at miles like I don’t really like the look of that I prefer the look of a clean one maybe i’ll swap that up for just stuff like the plain one and then I ended up reading about these are but it’s like that for a reason ok let’s look inside kits we get all right yeah just what we thought just standard and that’s totally Brown it’s like brownie red weird so it’s not block it’s totally like a brownie red cool that’s really mean oh wow I can totally see it it’s sort of a purpley brownie red they’re gonna be really dark looks bak but that’s the true color right there yeah nice clean install a lot of people complain about these p cds honestly I can’t imagine why this I can’t imagine why this setup would would make your signal path any worse but I am curious to try something without the new year so stand by for that yeah check out this but I don’t know what what’s in there but you can tell it’s totally impregnated with something about a would know and he would scratch it with some shit and be all like that’s probably something from filled resin glass fiber trip 9001 69er 257 minor 4827 yeah he would know any way back in a second all right so I meanwhile we’re looking at this thing I think another one of the ways that they you know they keep the cost down on these is also as the finish obviously right the finish is sat mommy’s but also it’s it’s not quite as obvious as some of the previous years but it’s not all the way grain filling either it’s really obvious on the neck let’s see if I can bring in close enough to see that and it attracts fingerprints like crazy so you can see here right from the factory that’s you don’t get a really glossy finish at this price point but this is super comfortable to play right like this the the side benefit of this is that it ends up being really comfortable to play and I don’t know for those of you been following me for a long time any of you remember that Dean Zielinski guitar had here ages ago and they had purposely like register item have a healthy did a carved a pattern in there to make the neck easy to play and the solid that the snack feels really really comfortable it’s not sticky at all you know like when you get the lossy finish next it’s not at all sticky so it’s really nice but yeah it’s interesting now under the better life here with figure out that this is actually more of a burgundy color that is really cool ok so I mean it’s not it’s not out of its not out of the ordinary for my camera not to focus because of an sony stupid sony ok but those are dirty years Fred they got a nice layer courage and if i run my fingers across on my field were off so that’s not going to make for a very nice playing so in addition to set up i’m just going to quickly take the whole thing up and give the frets quick shine alright so I thought I’d just turn the camera back on because i was just thinking to myself I mean this is something I think about all the time but if a company like a careful if the guitar shop like andertons which is an independent shop right i mean i don’t i don’t know if they have multiple locations but he’s not he like they’re not i don’t think there are national retailer their army ok anyway my point is that this guitar was bought here through an ash canadian national retailer long McQuade and this guitar plays like well like this book we’re on my height I’m never one to mince words this guitar plays like shit right now the action is really high i measured everything already it’s way outside offender spot our fuck what I want to say fender it’s way outside of Gibson spec right now so clearly in shipping and just sitting for however long this guitar has been sitting waiting to be sold or maybe just right from the factory nose is just doesn’t have a good set up anymore not only that but these frets have a layer of corrosion now that make them that make the strings you know you feel like sandpaper on your strings and this isn’t I mean haha the joke is right like the running joke is oh no guitar comes out of the car show playing well you always have to pay to have set up for you always have to do something to it but if stores if independent stores or stores that are nowhere near because not just long acquaintance I’m not picking along the quays in Canada this is like you pretty well go into any store any kind of store and you’re getting a guitar oh just like this it’s not just them so I’m by no means just picking on them but this is where the guitar respond and this is how it came out of there and I think like I was just reading an article the other day about how guitar manufacturers are desperate to try and find a way to get young kids playing guitars and to keep them playing guitars to make them lifelong customers so they’ve got all this bullshit go social media like if you notice offenders social media presence it’s exploded over the last couple years to follow really hips three pictures that they take now when all the like guitars of the middle of the road in New York City the kind of bullshit right and hit and I’m so cynical but i’m just sitting here thinking like Jesus Christ better if you’re so concerned about getting lifelong customers put well playing instruments in the hand of new players like this guitar plays appallingly right now this is not how this is not how to properly set up guitar should be playing it’s terrible and I’m confident that Mick is going to notice a dramatic improvement just by doing a quick setup like if all idea to this was ignored the frats and just tightened everything back up into alignment which isn’t much there’s not much to do here to put this in the truss rod adjustment the action needs a little bit of adjustment that’s really yet right is not 5-10 minutes work here to get this thing playing properly really if you did nothing but just make it play properly it’s like 5 10 maybe 20 minutes worth of work maximum if you were going really slow but if all you did was pick this up and make a few adjustments just to make it play properly like that would take 10 minutes it would literally take no time to pull the truss rod cover off make it you know and test and have a look to see what the what the relief and the neck is and that kind of stuff and just take a couple of quick measurements of the option that takes no time obviously i’m going to a bit more trouble here to make sure that this plays fabulously or is fabulously as I’m capable of making the play but for a store i mean come on the time that you take to unbox and unpack the guitar and put it up on the wall like seriously take five more minutes and just do a couple quick measurements and make sure it’s within factory spec make sure it’s still reasonably within factory spec asst most of most of what makes you want to play guitars how it feels very tactile thing you don’t like if it feels bad it can look as wonderful as as as you like and that’s good talker let me tell you it’s pretty wonderful looking but it doesn’t feel right to play you’re gonna give it up so if stores and manufacturers but in the bed a little bit more closely and said listen we want our products to feel as good as they can going into the hands of new consumers you have to set these up right like that’s got to be part of the arrangement you have got to you can’t just put these things on the floor and assume that in shipping that everything stay the way it should stay you have to take five minutes and make like the I would if I were Gibson and if I were fender i would go to every one of my dealers right now and i would say listen if you want to continue to carry rendering Fender guitars or Gibson guitars here’s a list of here’s a little checklist of things that you have to do before you sell the guitar to a customer the end you know five minutes worth of measurements just to make sure that you know what the truss rod is good and the action is ok that it’s in tune you know any like how many times have you picked up in a guitar a guitar and guitar shop that’s just dreadfully out of 10 how many times you see guys walking around guitar the guys who work in guitar shops just walking around doing nothing standing around talking about their gig last night let’s go to the guitar if I am guitar shop I be on top of every one of my employees like if every guitar is not in tune then you’re not doing your job if all these stars are playing well you just standing around funds paying you to stand around and do nothing go to a guitar will make sure every guitar is in tune clean ready to play ready to play ready to be sold right or or go make sure that every guitar has all of its parts how many times you picked up a guitar and like this is missing or the little bits and bobs of people can walk off with lan any and instead of spending instead of wasting so much money paying a hipster photographer to go take pictures because farmers the side road works equipment on here in New York City have your dealers make sure that your guitars play well right like eliminate eliminate the one I’m uncertain one of the probably biggest reasons that people abandon their guitar is that they play terrible and if you don’t know any better i mean i’m not joking when I said I wasn’t joking in my other video when I said I didn’t even know having a setup was a thing and I was in my mid-thirties I didn’t even know that pain for setup was a thing and I’m 42 right now so i think that’s most people I think that’s most people who pick up
a guitar I think that’s probably eighty or ninety percent of people pick up a guitar those are like those are eighty percent of your customers not a person of your customers have probably not professional musicians that probably just regular guys at home start catering to this market what’s that watching you you where did you guys go get something clone he has me doing the things quite look leches so ticked off when you get home you didn’t even get anything good for Christmas God Bang in its song that did you what did you get there a new crown or something come and show me what even isn’t oh wow that’s pretty stylish where you got party just gonna see them just this is that you said what’s that money is that a kid store oh my goodness it’s dirt this guitar is unusually dirty for a brand new guitar an unusual amount of the factory dirt what are you doing that makes don’t mess with my stuff is fun really cool right it’s not really super cool to do that yeah it’s really dirty my salam example shower can’t get them like this anymore boys creams and guitars fretboard restorative ok I could paint right over top of the not okay well we’re not gonna have a problem away and when the neck is almost perfectly strain this is a little bit of daylight under those frets ok I like to start with the Dixon neck pretty well perfectly flat you know what the other thing is that this is a good point that you never see brought off often enough look at if I on the guitar shop and I saw somebody small like mac buying a guitar like this like a Les Paul it’s normally strung up tens i would probably suggest to her that weary string the guitar before she takes it home with a set of minds because it will probably feel more comfortable to play and that’s just what she’s done here is go from what normally is a set of tens on a loss Paul to set of nines and that’s going to make that alone that’s going to make that a pile more comfortable to play right to duck strings onset of time twenty20 ok she needs to time [Music] too much perfect 12 just starting to pinch on to their house check us abominable action Holy One is shocking still it’s coming ok you smaller that’s much better where we are cool cap that’s good where it is it’s going to reigns [Music] like why done completely finished for the justice that was the quickest part of it quick truss rod adjustment and a simple action adjustment if every store took five minutes and maybe simple adjustments for a customer before they left the store with an ill playing guitar you have more repeat business and new guitar players we give a plain shitty playing guitar wouldn’t be the reason new guitar players give up it doesn’t hurt to tell customers about the maintenance of guitar requires because playing a million times better and the really important part of what i just did here took five minutes and that’s already playing a shitload better and more comfortable and properly and that look took five minutes make a quick action adjustment and a quick transfer adjustment and it’s now back within factory specification there you go mr. mrs. customer have a while playing guitar instead of here you go here’s a hill adjusted expensive guitar that you’re going to want to quit soon as you get a home-like and she told me was the first thing she told me not to play very well and as soon as I played I was like yeah no shit doesn’t play very well but now it doesn’t pan out place awesome i’ll play the way it’s supposed to play.

Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar (click here to check out my pick on Amazon)

Epiphone pricing amazon
Top Epiphone Budget Guitars For Starters

A huge part of selecting a guitar when you are shopping for a brand new guitar will depend on your skill range. Gibson guitars are high end guitars, yet especially costly. More costly than the average beginner musician may wish to spend. One piece of information you might not realize is that Gibson has quite a few completely different brand names underneath their belt, including an incredible beginning electric guitar brand, Epiphone.

Epiphone Guitars look, sound, and feel similar to their costlier Gibson brothers. Why do they cost much less? First, Epiphones are built offshore where labor prices are low, whereas Gibson are built in Nashville, TN. Subsequently, Epiphone Les Pauls are manufactured from common mahogany varieties; Gibson guitars use unusual Honduran mahogany wood. Gibson also uses an intensive finish process; Epiphone employs a cheaper catalyzed finish.

Since Epiphones are built overseas, doesn’t essentially mean they’re low quality. For example, Les Paul pickups are crafted to Epiphone’s exacting specification. They’re double- dipped in wax and tested by Epiphone engineers at every step of development. It is this attention-to-detail which sets Epiphone apart. And it’s these precise details that provide the incredibly rich, creamy sound which makes this guitar a favourite of rock, jazz, and blues guitarists. Epiphone’s loyalty to music is reflected by a limited lifetime warranty on all of its models, no matter price.

Listed below are my personal suggestions for the best Epiphone guitars for beginners:

Epiphone Les Paul Special II –

Affordable Gibson Epiphone Les Paul

One of the affordable Gibson guitars, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II is nice for newcomers for many factors. For one, it’s inexpensive. You can get the Les Paul Special II for under $200 with no trouble, which is affordable. Not only is this guitar inexpensive, it surely is super versatile as well. Whether you are want to be a metal god or just wish to jam with some friends, this guitar will work for you. With a mahogany wood neck and a rosewood fretboard, this guitar not only sounds good, but is gorgeous too.

Epiphone Les Paul 100 –

les paul electric guitar beginners

The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the electric guitar you will want, if you’re beginning to get serious about your music. The mahogany body with maple top provides traditional solid, heavy sound whereas the bolt-on mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard are easy to perform. Features 700T/650R open-coil humbucker pickups and chrome hardware. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar features classic Les Paul design and tone. This truly is a great axe for all ranges of guitar playing. It might be a bit more expensive than the other electric guitars in this article ($299). However it’s worth it as you can use it all through your axe playing profession.

Epiphone G-310 SG –

g-310 guitar for novices features

The G-310 is a bit more costly than the previous 2 guitars, but not by a lot. Between $199 and $250, this axe is still groovy for novices but doesn’t sacrifice as much in features. What the G-310 does better over the earlier two electric guitars is that it handles both warm and harsh distortion nicely. Just like the previous electric guitars, the G-310 has a mahogany wood neck and rosewood fretboard, so you’re surely getting a high quality Gibson guitar with any of the three choices.

Epiphone SG Special –

Gibson Epiphone beginner guitar

Another electric guitar below $200, Gibson’s Epiphone SG-Special guitar is a excellent beginner axe. This axe is a replica of the original Gibson legendary SG, so it is a classic guitar. The SG-Special is a standard rock guitar, so there aren’t any unusual bells and whistles, but it surely does boast 2 open-coil humbuckers, a rosewood fretboard like the Les Paul Special II, and a beautiful tone for such an inexpensive guitar. A great aspect of the Epiphone SG-Special is that it is available in numerous different colors, so whatever your character there is a guitar for you.

I’d be comfortable with recommend any of these Epiphone guitars to a beginner, though I would recommend spending a few extra bucks and get the G-310 SG or Epiphone Les Paul 100. Starting out you might not notice the difference, but you will quickly grow out of the other two electric guitars and wish you had the flexibility of the G-310 SG or Les paul 100.

The resources that I used to write this article is from the Five Best Selling Guitars. Another resource that I used to help draw my conclusion was a YouTube video titled: Epiphone Vs. Gibson.

Please visit my personal website at Hardon4Guitars.com.


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