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The Best Budget Computer Speakers

In the market for a new set of computer speakers? Look no further, we have the info you need to make a decision. Watch the video above where Lee goes though everything you need to know, then head on over to Amazon by clicking here to see the pricing on the various selections.




Video Transcript

What’s up guys I’m lee Morris with calm and in front of me here is the audio setup that we have built for every single one of our desktop computers i think this is the absolute best sound for the money that you could possibly build in this video I’m going to make three different setups one’s gonna be about a hundred dollars was going to be right around two hundred dollars this setup here cost 300 to 350 dollars and basically you’re going to be able to get a really high-quality audio setup for your office no matter what your budget is you can check out all the links to all of the equipment that we’re going to talk about in the description below but before I tell you what i have right in front of me here let me lay out all of the gear that we’re going to be talking about so if you subscribe to our YouTube channel you know that we’re all about photography but we do lots of video these days we are constantly editing video in Adobe Premiere we want to have good quality sound and even if we’re editing pictures in Photoshop were usually listening to music or movie and again we want really nice high-quality sound for that as well now there are tons of options when it comes to powered speakers you could go on amazon right now or B&H and typing computer speakers and about a thousand different options are going to come up i’m going to be ignoring these sound a box systems that you can buy and just plug in because I think although they may be a little bit more convenient and they’re certainly going to be smaller we’re going to be able to get much higher quality sound for a much lower price by doing it ourselves let’s first start with the speaker’s themselves and if you have a good eye you might notice that we are big fans of polk speakers here and these three speakers on the end our polk speakers the two in the middle are actually the speakers that we have for each of the different desktop computers that we have set up in this office now before i made this video i wanted to go on Amazon and check out the reviews and make sure there weren’t any other speakers less than one hundred dollars that people said sounded absolutely amazing and there was one pair of speakers that had incredible reviews and over here on my far left is the mica mb 42 bookshelf speakers these things cost $56 and they had like four and a half star reviews so I thought you know before i can say i’m really happy with these polk speakers let me buy a slightly cheaper option and and compare them well i have to say i plug them in and without even doing a side-by-side comparison i could tell that those speakers absolutely sucked they sounded flat they were distorting in the base they didn’t have crisp clear highs at all it almost sounded like a children’s toy speaker to me and so when I put them side-by-side with the other speakers there was absolutely no competition at all there so I’m going to suggest that you go ahead and just forget the mic as I’ve never even heard of that brand before I will be shipping them back to amazon so now let’s talk about our go-to speakers that we have here in the middle of the first one here is the polk t15 bookshelf speaker they are normally $99 but they are currently seventy dollars as of today when we are recording this video i think i may have also seemed go down to fifty dollars before as well be speakers are absolutely incredible for the price and these speakers are actually what i have in my office right now our next over here is the polk TSI 100 bookshelf speakers these speakers cost a hundred and fifty dollars and as of today on amazon they are a hundred and twenty-nine dollars i have seen these speakers go as low as 100 dollars before but when i did a side-by-side comparison with these and the TSI one hundreds there was a significant difference there’s there’s definitely a little bit better bass and the one hundreds there is also a sixty-dollar difference it’s almost double the price to upgrade to the TSI 100 speakers and so you’re going to have to ask yourself is it worth spending that extra money now before i can recommend exactly which speaker you should buy we’re gonna have to get in amplifiers and subs and stuff like that but before we do that let me just throw on this one other speaker here this is the polk RTI a3 bookshelf speaker as you can see it’s a little bit hefty over speaker this is actually what Patrick uses up and his music room in his house and it’s significantly more money its retail prices 399 dollars and it’s currently on sale right now on amazon for 281 dollars which is a pretty good price for what you get here and i was really excited to compare these two speakers here because you start getting to a point of diminishing returns you start doubling the money that you’re putting in the sound but you’re not actually getting twice as gonna sound and so we plug both of these speakers into the same camp and we just went back and forth a Bab and man it’s very difficult for me to explain the difference in sound I can’t say like oh this one has so much more based on this one it wasn’t that clear but it almost sounded like multiple speakers were plugged in when this one speaker was playing compared to this speaker it just sounded so much more full and bright and airy and it it seemed like the sound was coming from a larger area of the room and I don’t think I would ever really be able to distinguish the sound difference if i had to walk from room to room to hear multiple setups but if you can hear them side-by-side you can click one on and then the other on I it is pretty shocking how different these speakers can sound so obviously this is the nicest speaker that we tested with this small comparison that we have here it’s also the largest speaker it’s also the most beautiful speaker if money is no object i’m going to go ahead and say this is a fantastic speaker to put on your computer desk but for the list that i’m going to make at the end of this video I think this might be a little bit overkill and you’re getting to a point of diminishing returns where you’re spending double the money but it’s not double the sound quality so now let’s talk about amplifiers none of these speakers are powered meaning that you’re going to have some sort of electronic system that’s going to push these speakers and it’s going to sit in between your computer and the speaker’s themselves when it comes to surround sound for hysteria sound I am personally a fan of stereo sound I do not like surround sound I don’t like surround sound when i’m watching movies in my house I just have a really nice stereo setup if you’re editing in surround sound sure gets around sound if you’re a gamer and you want to be able to hear things behind you you may have to have some fancy sound card you can get a 5.1 system there as well but for me personally I think stereo is the way to go and so my amplifiers are stereo amplifiers this amplifier here is the Sony st rd h 1 30 is a two channel 130 watts per channel amplifier and this is one of the best deals and amplifiers that we have ever found this entire amplifier system is normally a hundred and fifty dollars but you can get it almost anywhere at anytime for less than one hundred dollars and that’s absolutely incredible for what you get here it is a two channel amplifier which means it can push a right and a left channel but it has an A and a B channel as well so if you have speakers on your desk you can set those as a and then let’s say you have a studio where you want to have additional speakers you can set those to be and then by just toggling on a bee or a and B you could have music coming out of the speakers just in your office the speakers just in your studio or both at the exact same time now the only downside that I have with this Sony receiver is that it’s just so big and i personally have a giant desk so it’s not a problem for me but you know if if you live in a small apartment or something and you don’t have a ton of space putting something like this on your desk or even on your desk may not be the best option so I went back online in search of a much smaller amplifier that’s going to fit more easily on an average-sized computer desk the first thing i found was the levee LP 2020 a this is a 20 watt amplifier and then I found another one that had similar specs this is the on you DZ 040 and they are significantly under powered compared to the hundred and thirty Walker channel Sony but these are 20 watt per channel and i read a bunch of reviews and people said you know these things are great and I think both these costs less than thirty dollars i think this one was only 21 dollars on amazon so is an absolutely incredible price i plug both of the men and I got very similar sound quality out of both of these and it sounded pretty good even at you know fairly high volume and I think for most people they might be totally satisfied with something like this it sounded great to me until I did the side-by-side comparison with the on you and the Sony receiver it just sounded so much better to everybody in the office out of the Sony receiver and obviously this thing cost four times as much money but i would say you’re kidding so much more than four times the quality you’re getting so many more options for input on the back you’re getting so many more options to push different types of speakers and stuff when you’re talking about the output of this thing and so much more power that my suggestion would be to stick with the Sony if you have enough space now if you’re the type of person who has a plenty of money to spend on audio but you just don’t have the room there are options in between both of these you can get amplifiers that are small that have much more power and are higher quality i went online and I found a few that have really great reviews you can check out the FX audio d802 to x 80 watt this has incredible reviews on also check out the topping TP 22 TK 2050 this is only 30 watts per channel but everyone online absolutely loves this thing as well I haven’t tested either of these amplifiers but i think they are a great option if you need high-quality sound a much smaller package so now you have a pretty decent idea of what we’re working with when it comes to speakers you also have a pretty decent idea of the different amplifier options that we have as well it’s now time to talk about sub woofers if you look at the size of these little bookshelf speakers it’s pretty obvious to see that we’re not going to get sufficient base with these things and i know some people would say I don’t listen to hip-hop I don’t like booming noise the advantage of a sub woofer is not that you can play music really loud it’s that you’re sending the certain frequencies that these little bookshelf speakers can’t even handle your pushing that to a speaker that size big enough to actually reproduce that sound so when you pair a high-quality sub woofer with one of these small bookshelf speakers you are going to be shocked by how high quality this sound is so if you’ve ever built a car stereo you know that you buy this sub woofer the box and the amp completely separately but if you’re trying to buy a reasonably priced home audio system you’re going to want a powered sub woofer that means that you’re going to plug the sub woofer into the wall it has its own amp built inside the case and you’re not going to have to worry about buying another amplifier I’ve used a ton of different sub woofers of the years I’ve used so many different brands I’ve used different sizes 8 10 12 inch and further money i think the very best value when it comes to powered sub woofers is the polk audio PSW 10 inch sub woofer this is going to change the quality of your audio probably more than any other thing that i have here on this table so now that I’ve talked about all of the different components here let me clear this table off and i’m going to make three different audio setups based on each budget that you might be in $100 200-dollars in three hundred dollars and then you can decide which audio setup is right for you alright so this is the first set up i would recommend if you’re trying to build an audio setup for your computer that’s less than one hundred dollars now I did notice that this is actually a slightly older version of a public speaker that doesn’t actually exist anymore the current t15 if you look up the picture does look slightly different but that is my best option if you’re trying to stay below one hundred dollars because that speaker is only seventy dollars to push this speaker i would recommend the on you amplifier like I said it’s not going to be as good as the high-end Sony amplifier but if you’re not comparing them side by side maybe you will never notice the difference it comes with its own power supply here the only other two things you’re going to need is speaker wire and then you’re going to need something to connect the computer to the amp itself what i bought was a headphone to RCA cable you can just plug this directly in the back of the computer or into the headphone slot and then plug this into the input jack on the back of this HAMP all in all this comes out to right under $100 maybe a little over one hundred dollars if you have to buy the speaker wire as well but we are right about one hundred dollars and that’s really incredible sound for the price now let’s talk about the two-hundred-dollar set up i’m going to start with the sony amplifier which is one hundred dollars if we move up in speaker quality to the TSI 100 like I said it is currently selling for a hundred and twenty dollars but every few months it does seem to drop to 100 dollars again we’re going to have to buy the exact same wires so i bought the headphone jack to the RCA jack to plug the computer into the amplifier itself and then we of course need speaker wire as well to run from the amp to the speaker if you don’t already own these two wires you are going to spend i don’t know 10 or 20 bucks more but we are staying right around two hundred dollars with this setup and when you compare that to other all-in-one 200 other systems that you can buy online right now there is really going to be no comparison at all so for the final setup here let me show you what we have set up for each one of our desktop computers here at the office I think this is the absolute best quality sound you can get for the money we have the exact same receiver here this is the Sony receiver this is the pole TSI 100 bookshelf speaker and now what we’ve added is the PSW 10 10 inch powered sub woofer by polk as well and all of this together as it stands right now is right around three hundred fifty dollars and I am convinced you will never get a better audio system for less than four hundred dollars then I have right here now I know the number one comment down here below this video is going to be oh my gosh what an ad Pope page you and as always my answer is Hulk has no clue what stoppers is where photography website poke would have no reason to pay us to do a video like this and when it comes to speakers and sound quality i own a lot of other speakers that I think so much better than this my home speakers are massive tower speakers made by clips i think they sound fantastic but for the money and for the size i think poke makes the best speakers that i have personally ever used and this is what we use in our studio and in all of our offices so that’s what i wanted to make this video about now if you don’t have all the money to buy this system right now don’t worry about it that’s what’s so great about this whole thing being modular i would highly suggest you buy this speaker system with this amplifier I don’t think there’s a better deal on an amplifier out there and I really love the sound out of this little bookshelf speaker when you get the money for you run across a good sub woofer somewhere else at another time by a sub woofer later on and add it if you want to maybe you’ll get this set up here and you’ll decide that you don’t even need a sub woofer i know i personally would much rather have a system like this where i could add to it or change components out rather than some all in one block system that so many of these audio companies are trying to sell him i love quality sound but with this stereo system I don’t want anything else I’m one hundred percent satisfied with this system and if you have the money to spend on a system like this i think you are going to be totally satisfying. computer speakers

Best Cheap Computer Speakers

Top 8 Portable Audio Speakers To Buy Today:

1. JBL Charge 3 jbl speakers

JBL is the leading brand that manufactures competitive bluetooth speakers. With Charge 3, it has maintained its pride of excellent features and sound quality. This 1.79-pound baby is waterproof and has a battery life of 20 hours. The kicking bass response and exposed woofer add to its charm.

2. Fugoo fugoo speakers

Fugoo is a compact, good-looking speaker that boasts a powerful performance. It comes in three different variants. Fugoo is a combination of amazing sound with awesome battery performance. It can run for 40 hours on medium volume.

3. Boss Sound Touch 10 bose sound speakers

This is everything that a good portable speaker should have. Compact design, powerful sound, and ease of access. This little monster comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled via Sound Touch app. It also allows bluetooth connectivity and has a punch-drunk bass.

4. UE Boom 2

ue boom speakers

UE Boom 2 is a combination of brilliant design and breathtaking features in good cheap computer speakers. The waterproof features gives you the liberty to take it 30 feet below water and still experience its awesomeness. The battery life is good but could have been better.

5. Bose Sound Link Color bose sound link

Another boss is here; the Sound Link Color is a fun, curvy, and vibrant. This is one of the most affordable offering from the company without any compromise on the performance. The booming sound will make you fall in love with this colorful beast.

6. Razer Leviathan Mini Razer Leviathan speakers

This mini monster is the brand’s first move in the sound business, and they did a pretty good job with some of the best budget pc speakers. It is an all-rounder that has a robust sound and enhancing bass. It is a bit costly but once you play it, all your pennies are worth it.

7. JBL x-treme jbl extreme speakers

Another JBL sibling is here on the list. It is heavy at 4.6 pounds, but good-looking at the same time. It can play non-stop music for 15 hours and will not hurt your pocket much. The built of this JBL speaker is its USP. It is sharp, stylish, and strong.

8. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Creative Sound Blaster Roar speakers

When talking about a portable audio speaker, this is one has the perfect size. You can make calls with it, record voice, and save music. This powerful piece just falls short on the battery life, else it could have surpassed all of its competitors with ease.

Now that you have this list of the coolest audio speakers before you, make sure you compare all of these in detail before making the final purchase.

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Great Stereo Desk for Computer Speakers

Video Transcript

this is my mess desk I cleaned it a week ago no no no I swear I swear that you could see this desk the at least the surface that makes the structural integrity of this pile of crap you could see that a week ago I promise you but this is not just another desk cleaning video no no no no it’d be too easy see I’m masochist so this is how this is gonna go down today this kind of under structure that’s in between this pile of crap and this pile of crap is actually another desk so a few years ago at this point I needed to mount these monitors and so I took this extra desk I had and I ripped it in half lengthwise that’s hot dog style for those of you who don’t know and ended up kind of reworking it putting these little shelves on here and mounting monitors to it and it has worked fantastically well the only caveat that I’ve had to my workstation desk computer setup is these speakers boy do these speakers suck these are right out of 1993 this is I don’t know what year these were made but this is what you would get with your 486 multimedia PC right so needless to say they leave something to be desired so the whole point of this video is to have better sound and [Music] it wouldn’t be just as easy as buying a new set of speakers and putting on the desk no no no no we got to do it Dukey style so I’m gonna take some measurements and then we’re going to get to cutting so measurements are [Music] I go flat against the wall [Music] we’re on sixteen deep [Music] by 30 32 tall 32 tall isn’t quite the height so you have it clear shovels and things out later [Music] the top of this monitor it’s 24 is it is exactly 8 inches at work all right so 32 by 16 by [Music] sixty-two and a quarter I don’t know how it ended up 62 in the corner but that’s what you get all right onward here are the supplies for this project we got some tube buffers sheet of plywood there and another sheet of plywood up there so yeah all of this stuff is going to magically transform into something over the course of this video let’s get started alright first thing we’re going to do is cut out our sides so I’m going to mark 32 up from the end on each side and then I’ll go ahead and mark that and that was actually crooked so I did a terrible job [Music] alright I didn’t quite get my first line so we’re gonna do this over again take my shoe and I hook it to my mark and they come across I made exactly on my line lift [Music] there we go so I make my mark in two places don’t forget to check your work if you feel you need to use a standard carpenter’s square verify that your lines are actually square and in this case they are might you verify that this line so we are ready to cut our first piece I always tape up the shoe so it doesn’t scratch whatever material I’m working on all right so I set up my saw where the blade just goes past here you know you don’t need the blade becomes three inches past make sure you set up your sock correctly [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] today we’re gonna learn how a pillow works I’m going to stir our pillow disassembly with a utility knife now there’s several ways you can go about this my approach is think of someone that makes you really angry and then you just I feel better now liberated [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey hi come on I think I think I’ll just walk myself now just gonna mosey on down here and take a look at things [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

The Greatest Computer Speakers Delivers

Listen via your laptop speakers and turn the volume up. So, yes, the design on these speakers is genuinely special and impressive — but what about the sound? Logitech have been a single of the pioneers of very good quality speaker manufacturing when desktop PCs 1st created their way into our residences, and they continue to be a leading force.

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