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  • Lower Ab Exercises

    Lower ab exercises are a must if you want to have that lean waistline and look good in a t-shirt (or even without). The lower part of the stomach is the toughest for guys to lose fat from, so this video shows you how to do it. Combine it with a high-protein diet and a caloric deficit and you’ll look great in no time.

    Video Transcript

    Lower ab exercises. What’s going on guys it’s vince with insanity shrimp and today I’m going to give you the best tip that you will ever get when it comes to training your abs a lot of you guys out there probably have a four pack and you can’t get the six or maybe you have a six-pack and you want to get this seven and eight ab but no matter what you do no matter what lower ab exercises you’re doing you can’t get those ABS to show so that’s exactly what I’m going to do today is show you how to get those ABS popping so I’m gonna go straight into my favorite lower ab exercise which is just the basic reverse crunch you don’t know what a reverse crunches then you should probably google a reverse crunch and figure that out because that’s what’s my every single time I do as I do some form some variation of a reverse crunch so what I see the biggest issue when it comes to hitting lower abs is I see guys who were trying to do it and they go down on the mat and they’re doing this or what the three straight legs are doing this yeah it’s doing absolutely nothing for your lower not one thing I can literally do that all day and I would never have lower abs and that’s probably why you don’t have lower as what you’re doing when you’re doing those kind of leg lifts or those kind of lower ab exercises is you’re working your hip flexors and other your muscles that are right in here not your lower abs so what you want to do if you’re trying to get your lower abs you actually need to curl your the bottom of your spine up which is actually going to engage hitting those abdominal muscles without curling your spine up you’re not you’re either just not hitting abs or if you’re just moving your legs up your only hitting your hip flexors and forgets you’ll get great strong hip flexors but are you going for abs or hip flexors so i’m going to show you a proper reverse crunch and as soon as you incorporate this exercise into your abs and your ab exercises i guarantee you’ll see a difference so a reverse crunch proper form reverse crunch you want to go from here this is your starting position so if you’re doing straight this is your starting position you are not ever ever going down here this is doing nothing but working your hip flexors from here to there that are doing no ABS whatsoever you want to start here i like i like going up bent legs and I put a weight here but if you’re going to start here you go here to there and that’s it it’s a very small range of motion and once again i don’t like straight legs because now my feet are helping me do this exercise if you have bent legs I like keeping them i like my calves to touch my hamstrings and then I go up and as you can see my butt is curling off of the mat and that is actually engaging my lower abs rather than just hitting hip flexors and then don’t forget you only go down to 90 degrees your legs should be straight up and down its starting position and then from there you curl them up engaging your lower abs don’t use your hands for support and then lower back down and try to get your knees up to your neck and chest area as close as possible really isolating your lower abs and nothing else ok so i showed you on the ground next I’m going to show you hanging from a pull up bar ok guys so i just showed you proper form on the ground for lower abs now I want to show you hanging from a bar because a lot of people when they’re trying to hit lower ab they try to do hanging light rays or ankle the bars so i’m going to show you what I see most people doing which is wrong i’m gonna show you that right now when I see people trying to do later that season going that’s doing nothing working my hip flexors I can do this literally all day as soon as I start doing it properly I’ve been my legs the whole time bring my knees up and I curl my bottom of my spine up then all of a sudden it’s difficult and i’m actually using my lower abs so an ankle bars what I mentioned earlier is right yeah and that’s just where your ankles the box so guys if you want to get lower abs you need to properly hit your lower abs you need to target your lower abs and stop targeting hip flexor yourself digest what I just told you about your lower abs incorporate that into your app exercises from now on and i guarantee you see results so if you guys like this video watch your email inbox we have a ton a ton of tips coming for you guys want to check out my youtube channel youtube channels insanity shred , our website www insanity shred com hope you guys like these tips and i’ll see you soon. how to lower abdominal exercise
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  • High Protein Diet- Meals for Burning Fat

    Want to reduce a fat stomach? A great way to do it is with a high-protein diet. If you want to prevent or reduce a fat belly, you need to create a caloric deficit by combing it with consistent exercise.

    Video Transcript

    What’s up guys and gals  about that time again it is a Sunday round 11 11:23 a.m. before noon nice beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’ve just prepared all my work meals for the week it is a beautiful sunny show you right now sunny afternoon don’t have much of a view right now it’s just a view of the dumpster California’s got some great great whether it’s been phenomenal of late let me know the weather is in your area I time I upload this video part of the about two or three weeks from the time of this video but the weather is definitely great but anyway uh I prepared all my meals i didn’t take too long talk about maybe an hour little bit longer this time only because i was using chicken thighs which I want to get to in a second i haven’t cut off some of the fat so well let me show you of the meals that I’ve got are prepared and now preparing your meals is definitely optional like i mentioned but it’s definitely a great way to try to stay on track and it’s good for people that are not really regimented and they tend to fall off track by seeing on a decent schedule it starts to become routine now some people it might be really hard to wake up early in the morning go to the gym because everyone has different schedules whatever works for you some people like to work out at night for me on Sundays I like to work out at ATM in the morning which I did it came back i did my late work out and then took a shower have my shake and then have my meals so that being said let’s show you what I got going so right here these first three meals are identical this is one of my most favorite meals very very easy this is an organic chicken thighs and with eyes that’s a good source of protein little bit higher in fat but i had to i use some scissors cut off some of the fat with the scissors right there and some BBQ sauce and i use this onion soup mix right here you just pour a little bit of this on to the chicken and add some BBQ sauce and you’re good to go with this i don’t use it that often because it is higher in sodium and I tend to run a little bit high on blood pressure so i use this sparingly but it’s a great great addition to putting on chicken it gives the chicken a lot of great great flavor and as far as barbecue sauce go to your local store most of the places have low sugar lower-calorie barbecue sauce so you just put that in the oven at 375 and it’s good to go in about 10 or 15 minutes so i got the three meals right here also have some organic greens this is a medley of broccoli there’s some bell pepper carrots broccoli all that good stuff got to get your fibers and then moving right along i just finished this about five minutes ago this is actually a specific wild snapper this is exactly half a pound each there’s two filets its kind of hit it on the bottom and this is a garlic urban wine right here from grill mates if I haven’t mentioned it before I’ll say it again by mc cormick this is a great great brand you can use your own spices from time to time which I have plenty but once in a while you want to mix it up and grill mates great not many calories gives your protein a lot of great flavor it’s very versatile so be sure to check that at your local grocery store thanks what to get for watching this video appreciate all the support i really really do all the likes the favorites the thumbs up it just viewing my channel i really appreciate it definitely keeps me motivated to produce a better content for you guys and I’ll see you guys in a couple days bye it’s basically what it looks like right there and then the sauce it’s not really a sauce it’s like almost like a liquid it also doesn’t look that appealing uh I don’t know. how high protein diet works
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  • Home Workout Guide Video. No Gym Needed- Exercises to Do At Home.

    Home workout guide. Here’s a great free video version of a home workout guide to strengthen and tone muscle at home while burning off body fat. No need for a gym, these exercises can be done at home.

    Video Transcript

    so today is your strength one workout you’re going to be doing chest legs and back this workout you’re going to start with a dynamic warm-up you’re going to move into your stretch series and then you’re going to do two different circuits each exercise in the circuit is going to be comprised of 30 seconds and the equipment that you’re going to need today is a pull up bar a set of dumbbells or resistance bands and for today’s workout we have clutch body shop athlete professional firefighter and former NFL football player Michael gasps person joining us and remember for today’s workout and every single workout in the clutch live 24 7 fitness trainer you can follow along at home in real-time using your tablet smartphone TV or computer let’s get started with the strength one workout and begin our dynamic warmup starting with jogging in place Michael is going to get us started each one of these exercises in this dynamic warm-up is going to be completed a total of thirty seconds and again every warm up that you do as part of this trainer should be on a scale of seven to ten ten being the highest intensity that you can have you want to you really want to be pushing it during the warm-up we want to get the muscles ready to do work so just about 10 seconds left I feel and say Michael ready to kill it up a ticket what you need to do four three two one good moving on to the next exercise jumping jacks there we go so Michaels taking a nice wide stance don’t half-ass jumping jacks I hate seeing people at the gym kind of going like this come all the way up bring your feet nice and wide oh just about halfway there it’s important that you’re really focusing during your workout getting your mind in the zone for the workout that is about to take place good four three two one go we’re going to get right into butt kicks warm the hamstrings up good Michael you can just turn to the side for the people at home the angle so his knee is staying right underneath his hips and that leg is just coming right back to his butt and kicking it hence the name buckets keeping the upper body nice and relaxed while you’re warming up you don’t want to be holding your breath you want to be breathing you want to be loosening up so just about 10 seconds left good five four three two one switching right into a switch pic with arm circles he’s kicking those legs out getting those shoulders nice and warmed up keep in mind that his arms are just parallel with his shoulders were trying to get the shoulder socket nice and warm get blood moving into all the muscles they are about to work today good five seconds left 4 3 2 1 moving right into walking high knees let’s get our hip flexor is nice and warmed up Michael did a lot of these back in his football days ago so again with all of these warm up exercise you want to make sure that you’re keeping your core nice and tight you don’t want to just kind of be throwing your body around we’re trying to tell the body hey guess what we’re getting ready to work everything nice and engage good at five four three two and one perfect all right so that concludes our dynamic warm-up we’re going to move right into our stretch series but you ran into at our first exercise is a seated hamstring stretch so he is going to sit on his butt his feet are coming straight out in front of him but he’s just reaching out and see if he dropped his head immediately what he did these because he knows is highly conditioned athlete you should feel this at home coming all the way down your back and right into your hamstrings if you can’t get all the way out to your feet again that’s okay you can always hold onto the back of your calf because by the end of this program you should be able to get out to your toes ok good so he’s going to come up he’s gonna shake it out and he’s going to go right back into that stretch and again the reason that we do each one of these stretches twice is because your body’s natural response to being stretched is designed to protect itself so if I was to step out of my car and twist my ankle that stretch my body’s natural inclination is going to be to fight against that so when we go into the first stretch you’re going to find that you feel a little bit tighter on that first stretch by that second stretch your body goes oh hey I’m not injured I’m just stretching and so you’re able to get deeper into that stretch which is exactly what we want good all right come all the way up and we’re going to move right into our next stretch which is a quad stretch of Michael’s going to stand up again you can also do this stretch on the ground if you’re so inclined he’s just going to bring that foot right behind him if you can’t balance on one leg that’s okay you can use something nearby to hold on to sometimes your body’s getting warmed up your balance may feel a little bit off and that’s completely fine again Michaels keeping that knee right below his hip and his foot is straight back again through these stretches you want to make sure that you’re breathing don’t hold your breath don’t hold tension in your face sometimes I see people stretching and they literally look like you should be relaxed during this time period good relax gonna shake that out he’s going to go right back into it one more time the more you breathe through these stretches the more you’re going to oxygenate the muscles that are about to work and that’s exactly what we want also when you pump oxygen into the muscles it’s going to help the muscles to relax you’re going to get more out of these stretches about halfway there on the second stretch seconds left five four three two and one perfect let’s move it over to the other side and again when you’re going through this stretch series you really want to be mentally getting yourself your head should be in the game you shouldn’t be looking around if you’re in a gym you should be looking around seeing what other people are doing here at home you shouldn’t be text messaging this is the time to really set your intention to get your head in the game for what’s about to happen which is you’re going to give a hundred percent this work out just like you are with every single workout in this trainer that’s how you’re going to get the results that five more seconds left on this side feeling warm oh yeah good and relax you’re going to shake that out come right back up perfect just about halfway there on the second round of quad stretch it’s going to be really really important the stretch for today’s workout because we’re doing a lot of legs 5 4 3 2 1 good moving right into a sumo squat stretch he’s going to take a nice wide base and just drop your hands right down to the ground yep just let your butt drop all the way down I going to get a little wider on this stretch that i was able to bring our bodyweight workout 10 seconds left this is again excellent for warming up and opening up the hips hips get really tight because we spend so much time sitting down good and relax just come up shake it out going to move right into the next round thanks again he’s keeping his back nice and straight he’s not bent over everything he’s in a perfect position for the stretch about halfway there after we finish with this trip we’re going to move right into our upper body stretches and seconds left and five four three two one all right on our feet right into our dynamic chest stretch he’s just gonna shake out again he’s not forcing it and ripping through his body we’re just getting the body nice and warmed up perfect it’s like perfect for me tellin it right out of the gate 10 seconds left on this first round part of the stretch you may also fill this in your shoulders and that’s great as well good and relax check it out right into the next round again you know so so often at the gym I see guys working out and they’ll just like pump chest all day and then they never stretch and that’s what really creates that kind of shoulder rotation forward and over time that’s also what leads to injury so with any clutch work out we always have people warm up and stretch all areas of the body because that’s what really is injured his injury prevention but believe it or not you’ll also get better results because the muscles are able to have better mobility and range of motion throughout the evening take good relax and we’re going to move right into are across the chest shoulder stretch so heat Michael just gonna pull this arm straight across if you feel any sort of pinching in your chest when you do this exercise that is an indication that you need to spend more time stretching your chest because you’re bringing that arm across your chest is actually contracting and if you feel that just want to tighten up to spend a couple of extra minutes stretching your chest against the wall or however you know against the machine all we need to do it to make sure you’re keeping those muscles nice and lengthen good five seconds left on this right side good and relax get out oh sorry about that going to be hitting you and moving right into the next round good yeah so again we want to make sure you always want to make sure you’re stretching your upper body appropriately sometimes people spend time stretching your lower body never thinking to stretch their upper body and it’s so so so important by keeping those muscles nice and lengthened out you’re actually going to get better range of motion better mobility and over time that’s going to lead to greater strength gains that four three two one moving over to the other side especially for somebody like Michael who now has to spend his time fighting fires and carrying around tons of gear and caring people out of buildings is so important to have that flexibility to your upper body last thing you want to do is catch cramp in a mo it smells a little like that right so it’s probably super important for you eight seconds left 654321 good time so we’re going to shake it out and move right into the second round if you’re short on time and you’re going through these stretches it is ok to complete each one of these stretches one time but i always recommend to but if you are short on time the most important thing is at least you’re stretching at least you’re getting the body warmed up and prime for the workout appropriately got 10 seconds left and we move right into our triceps stretch but four three two one go to moving right into our overhead tricep stretch so again Michaels pulling that that are right next to his head his head is not doing this he’s his head is in a neutral position and he’s just pressing down on that top elbow top of his elbow rather just perfect so i can see this is also coming down into his lot and that’s exactly what it should be doing for you at home feeling it I see little slut coming down already it’s about to go down today good three two one good relax shake it out moving into the next round perfect and you guys during this time for you really want to just be thinking about your intention for what today’s workout is going to be I think so too so many times people get to the gym and they get there and they’ve got no intensity well that’s because you didn’t spend time on the way to the gym committing to being intense once you get into the game and being focused so take this time and use it to really get your head in the place it needs to be to give a hundred percent for today’s workout but four three two one good relax shake it out let’s move on to the other side we have just about 10 seconds left five four three two and one you know so often I see people at the gym and they go you know how do you stay motivated how do you get yourself in that zone while the truth is is that you have to get yourself in that zone on the way to the gym you can’t just show up to work out and be like oh now I feel intensity you need to get yourself in that head space before you get to your workout so this is your time to do that wall you’re stretching get yourself in that space to give a hundred percent five seconds left three two one relax ok good let’s move right into our early oh so a stretch to Michael’s going to put his foot out and always leading right into it up and over his body perfect so again if you don’t feel this you just need to lean back a little bit more they should feel this right through your abdominal area right through here because that’s where your hip flexor litleo so as kind of lives on each side except that goes right through the center of your body so this hip flexor is essential for pretty much all movement so we want to make sure we spend some time stretching it out about five seconds left four three two one push it out right into the ground to going to get on each one of these exercises mom during the stretch series when you get to that second round you really want to try and go a little bit further than you did the time before so go cautiously into the first one find where you’re comfortable but on the second one you want to push into it a little bit more eight seven six 5 4 3 2 1 been moving right over to the other side preparing to stretch for this workout is really important because we’re working the whole body so from this workout you can really expect we’re going from upper body to lower body back to upper body the whole point of this methodology is to really confuse your body doesn’t know where to pump the blood so you can expect to be winded you can expect to be fatigued but again those are all good problem to have because over time your body’s going to acclimate to it to get stronger you’re going to burn fat and you’re gonna be in the best shape of your life by the end of these four weeks or hopefully you continue on for 365 go ahead and write into the next one and again these workouts are short right so often we are told we have to be in the gym for two hours a day doing body-building workouts in order to build muscle that’s not true if you follow the the building program with the nutrition plan parrot with these workouts you will build muscle as well and not have to be in the gym for two hours because a lot of people myself included I’m sure on time I don’t have two hours so this is actually perfect program is something that I followed something that I have a lot of my clients follow as well go ahead and relax all right great let’s get right into our low back stretch so Michaels going to lay on his back and he’s going to cross one leg over the other yep and to just twist down perfect yep and again he’s keeping his upper body nice and relaxed again you don’t want to have your arms kind of steam see that a lot you really just want to stay in a completely neutral position and it while you’re in this position you really want to be focusing on breathing air right into that low back believe it or not that will help open everything up a lot faster good relax shake it out and move right into round two with any of these workouts it’s so important for us to stretch our back out because all of these movements go right through the center of our body whether it’s a bodyweight squat or we’re doing pull-ups we really want to keep the body nice and flexible so just about 15 seconds left in the second stretch we’re getting so close to getting into this workout good 5 4 3 2 1 go like to a silver the other side and i can see that this side for him is a little bit tighter which is fine a lot of times when you get into these stretches you will see that one side of the body is feeling a little bit tighter than the other and that’s fine that’s why we’re going through the stretch so if you feel that one side hat needs a little bit more attention don’t be afraid to go through the stretch even three times good five seconds left four three two one could relax your body will do really funny things because we spent so much time sitting down now everyone has a side that they favor so if i’m sitting on my side is my right side if I’m sitting in my car i’m always leaning on the right side of my body so sometimes when i get to the gym i’ll find that the right side of my back is a lot tighter than the left and that’s why going through these flexibility exercises so important because we don’t want to have those imbalances because that actually changes the way that our body fires while we’re doing these exercises good and relax perfect moving right into our glute stretch Michael’s going to sit up and just keep one leg straight across the other one over his body and pull that knee right into the chest listen we gotta warm up the glutes we’re doing a lot of lower body stuff last thing we want is a pure formas or glue to get super super tight because you know what happens when the when you don’t have the flexibility through that area of the body is your low back comes in and tries to take over and that is what will create a lot of problems for you so with that when it comes to the glue so when it comes to this flexibility portion of these workouts you really want to make sure that you are staying focused when you’re going through these exercises good relax go one more time on that side you know sometimes I see people at the gym and they’re doing stretching but they’re not really doing anything you should be slightly uncomfortable why are going through these stretches you should feel tension in the muscle that’s a good thing because it’s that tension that’s good thing going to get that muscle to relax and lengthen out at ten seconds left 5 4 3 – and want to let’s switch over the genetic side for people who have body fat that they can’t seem to get rid of you know a lot of that in my opinion is due to cortisol because we’re so stressed all the time our court record assault dumping and our body literally is dumping the hormone that is responsible for body fat so stretching is a great way to relax and the more we can do things that help us to relax and let all our mind to be a peaceful place the more our body earth is going to have the ballots hormonal e to burn fat go ahead and relax it will go ahead and shake it out from moving right into the last round we are almost about to start our workout are you ready to get done we’re gonna get it on today and you’re going to get it on at home I know Michael’s going to kill it we’re here to put in work and that’s really the head space that you need to be in you are here to put in the work because you want to change with your body the way you get that changes by going one hundred percent for the next 25 to 35 minutes through each one of these exercises three two and one great all right so that concludes our stretch series we’re going to get right into our first circuit yeah let’s get started with our first circuit starting with a push up Michaels gonna get into position and go each one of these exercises you’re doing for a total of thirty seconds Michael food the advanced version which is apply a metric push up for all of you advanced athletes out there you can go ahead and do the same thing if you need to do push-ups from your knees that’s fine too just whatever is a hundred percent for you good we’re halfway there you can also do a variation of both like Michaels gonna do good we have five four three two one good right into our pull-ups I was going to go right over to the pull-up bar not taking a lot of rest between these exercises perfect getting his chin all the way over the bar perfect and again if you’re doing pull ups at home you can do pull-ups that are just body weight or you can also use a resistance band using a resistance band will hopefully help build you up to doing just body weight good perfect and five four three two one good right / – squat jumps right over to his mat and let’s go good so he’s coming down just to 90 degrees and exploding up off the ground and again with these exercises along with any exercise in this work out if you need to take a brief pause during the 30 seconds take a deep breath that’s fine the thing that’s most important is that you’re pushing a hundred percent whatever that means for you so we are halfway there Michael’s life I’m sure are already burning 654321 good right down into our push-ups here we go 30 seconds remember guys as many reps as possible in these 30 seconds don’t pace yourself out if you need to go and then rest Goten rats that’s fine good 15 more seconds we’re halfway there triceps should be burning should be feeling this in your chest you should be feeling this in your core perfect good and five four three two one perfect or right back up on her feet over to our pull ups right away he’s taking no rest he’s a beast mode right now let’s go good for I think he’s going to get at least 15 out of the 30 seconds good it good job Michael come on good here we go ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one perfect ok so you guys it’s okay to struggle at the end of each one of these exercises most important thing is you’re pushing a hundred percent for you all right let’s get right into our squat jumps perfect halfway there good and last ten seconds nine eight seven six five four three two and one perfect break alright so Michael to highly conditioned athlete so he’s going to take 15 seconds to get some water for everybody at home if you need more than 15 seconds go ahead and just pause this video now Michael’s going to get into position where to start with a decline push up so you can do this exercise off of anything that has a Ledge a secure ledge at home you can use your bath tub chair whatever you can find all right again each one of these exercises in this circuit you’re going to do for a total of thirty seconds let’s go 30 seconds starts now good guys by this point I’m in your workout you’re going to be tired stay focused stay in the zone and just do the best job that you can good halfway there perfect about 10 seconds left good ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one ok perfect move right on to our dumbbell row Michaels gonna go get his set of dumbbells you guys get yours you can also do this exercise using the resistance family alright so again 30 seconds he’s going to get into position ready here we go perfect so again he’s in a great position he’s got his back totally straight his glutes tight he’s got a nice bend his knee and that’s exactly what you should be doing at home make sure that you are clenching the glutes because otherwise the low back is going to take a lot of heat in this exercise perfect we got 10 seconds left a feeling he’s come on it I think he’s killing it good 25 seconds of five four three two one time let’s move on to our next exercise or Bulgarian split squat so Michaels gonna go right back over to this bench one leg is going to get you up on the bench and the other one is going to be at 90 degrees we’re going to 15 seconds on each leg here we go good he’s coming all the way down to 90 I don’t want you to pass at 90 degrees so if you do have a mirror that you can use while you do this exercise go ahead and use it if not just eyeball it that knee should not be coming out over the toe good switch 15 seconds switching legs there we go perfect and again his upper body is staying nice and straight all of his weight he’s placing in the heel and pushing straight up from the heel good in three two one perfect alright so let’s move on to our next round back into our decline push up Michaels ready hope you guys are ready at home here we go again guys you want to get as many reps as you possibly can in these 30 seconds if you need to take a pause for a couple seconds and then keep going that is fine good so Michael staying nice and straight he’s not letting his his torso drop down to the ground good eating a slight pause here we go we’re over halfway there ten seconds left ten nine eight seven six five four three two one perfect getting right into our dumbbell row get some breath it back into the body and let’s get into position here we go 30 seconds again perfect perfect perfect form he’s not jerking when you’re doing this exercise you shouldn’t be using your momentum to bring the weight up if you’re doing that you’re training out of ego drop the weight down to wait that you can do without swinging your body around that’s how you school beautiful muscles there we go 20 got 10 seconds left I know you guys are fatigued keep pushing through this you are so close to being done with this work out the worst of it is nearly over done time moving right into our split squat again good take a deep breath of air get into position get your balance here we go 15 seconds on this like perfect Michael is in perfect this is exactly where your knees should be it’s not coming out over the toe and all of his weight is right in that he’ll good 10 to 1 switch perfect right onto the other side you feel that your booty yeah we go good five seconds left 5 4 3 2 1 killed it yeah. how to home workout
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  • How to Get Rid of Love Handles

    How to Get Rid of Love Handles. Looking for a love handle workout? Everyone is! They’re the toughest place to burn fat off for a guy. Here’s a video that covers some great ways to get rid of this flab on your abs.

    Video Transcript

    Love handles they can adorable name for deposits of excess body fat on your sides and back around your waist line. Love handle workout, before we go any further I think it’s only fair if we determine whether or not this video is relevant for you move your hands around the side lift your shirt up and come directly up above your hips right there this meat right here take a grab a good grab all right this is your love handle region what do you get do you get a big nice meaty handful just because you don’t have visible love handles hanging over the side of your pants doesn’t mean that you don’t have them around the back which is code for back fat let’s chat yeah yeah you see that seal that meat uh-huh yes that is back fat AKA back love handle today it’s all about love handles but the inspiration from this video was actually from one of those worthless men’s websites that i was perusing the other day which rhymes with men’s mouths anyway someone caught my eye it was the title of the article was ten best moves to eliminate love handles all the sudden my BS meter started going through the roof of my wait a second I know how you get rid of them what are they going to tell me because unless it says move number one is cardio move number two is eat less or eat a healthier diet and then step like three through ten is repeat step 122. I know it’s total crap so I how to lose love handles fast opened up the article and to my surprise hot surprised they didn’t say that at all instead they gave you a series of exercises like these a lot of those and definitely some of these and they said that you’re going to lose your love handles but to the uneducated consumer you read this you see the dude performing the exercises who is by the way shredded and has like three percent body fat which is not reality you think Oh works for him here are the same dude who thinks that the dude in the bowflex commercial acts we use a bowflex to get those amazing results it’s a lie there is no such thing as spot reduction all the crunches in the world aren’t going to give you a flat stomach the bottom line and the only thing you need to remember is that unless you lose the body fat reduce that body fat percentage a nothing changing so here it is fitness miracles about to happen call. Oprah calories in calories out best exercise for love handles if you consume more calories than your burning you will accumulate body fat if you burn more calories than you consume then you lose body fat it is like there’s nothing fancy or scientific really about that other than it’s a numbers game ok the way that you make sure that you’re burning more than you’re actually consuming there are two ways you do that through a dieting and you could only diet and that’s kind of tough or cardio and you could only do cardio but that would be a lot of cardio or you can combine the two which is the most beneficial overall body fat reducing that article was reducing you can’t spot reduce all right love handles are one of those places where it accumulates pretty much first actually that lower back right there that is like the first place you gain weight and the last place you lose it because a lot of times that’s the way it works where you gain at first you lose it last so this brings us to an issue right lose love handles you’re like a I want to get rid of my love handles well you’re going to have better luck reducing the ones on the side right flanks right right these love handles because that is more closely that basically think of it like this when you lose body fat and you start losing belly fat you’re going to start slimming from the front and it’s almost going to like work its way around back when your body fat starts to break down and listen to me when when I hear when I hear this when i say this because this is something that a lot of people get freaked out about when your belly fat and body fat starts to break down emulsified I it starts to get soft and so you right now might have like a rock a card gut right because a lot of people do but you start losing weight all the sudden this gut starts to get squishy you want that you want the squishiness. How to Get Rid of Love Handles. This means that it’s starting to go away and you’re doing a great job and if you’re looking for a little assistance i actually have the alpha M diet plan which is listed & linked in the description it goes over basically foods when you eat it how much all that good stuff also there’s a link to my beginner fitness program area of my website there are a lot of videos I’ve done sort of talking about some of the more basic things and fundamentals so that you have a better idea of where to start and how to get to where you want to go love handle it shut up its back fat at least now you know how to get rid of it it kinda

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  • How to Lose Weight Fast for Men- All About Timing

    If you’re a man and want to lose weight fast, timing is everything, and bad timing is killing my weight loss! After two months of a fast diet and strong cardio I was at a point where the workouts were hard but my body was handling the intensity very well. I was seeing results and bringing some harder training elements to the routine like circuit and interval sessions. Feeling good, feeling comfortable pushing the workouts when I roll my ankle walking up the frigging stairs.

    Not saving a baby, not helping an old lady with heavy packages, looking at my phone and looking for my house key was enough to short circuit my brain so that an activity that I’ve done basically my whole life was now too much too handle.

    Cardio for losing weight fast is over for a few weeks and even though I can lift weights it’s not the zone I was in and I was enjoying the workouts which made them easy to do. I was outside in the park by the beach it was amazing and now my brain isn’t ready to lock myself away in a gym listening to some generic top 40 stations while I try to get a great workout going.

    Weight Loss for Men- the Beach is Your Gym

    Since work outs are gonna be weak or nonexistent the next few weeks it’s all about a man’s diet and keeping metabolism up and calories down. It’s mostly gonna be calories down since a lot of the metabolic enhancer diet pills make me feel like bees are stinging my heart and give me the speech patterns of someone who knows what coke smells like wink wink.

    Now I’m not saying I hate salad and grilled chicken but when it comes to keeping calories down the menu is often times boring and sad, and in reality if I’m working out for an hour or so, half of the time is dedicated to weight loss and the other half is dedicated to having cheese. So what we got here is a situation where if I want to avoid crash diets, I gotta eat what I don’t wanna eat and I gotta get it going before I convince myself that summers are short and it makes more sense to have extra weight on for the cold months or the coming Armageddon/food shortages.

    Before I pack my bomb shelter with puzzle books and cans of beans I decided to try a few hot sauces on my food to see if I could transform steamed chicken and vegetables into something I look forward to eating, total success. At first you might think you get the whole hot sauce thing but the truth is from hot to sweet, garlicy to almost a vinaigrette, the amount of different tasting hot sauces allow you to really keep low cal low taste meals enjoyable.

    Aside from classics like tabasco and buffalo flavor keep an eye out for the words “spicy Thai” it’s a crowd pleaser both in the supermarket and at massage parlors. Bonus hot sauce trait is you even get a bit of a fat burning boost so you can eat healthy without sacrificing taste and get a weight loss increase at the same time- without exercise. With any luck I’ll be back up and running soon and taking my newly acquired hot sauce knowledge to the pasta/cheese/burger aisle and right past the lettuce section.

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  • How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?

    I recently asked myself “How many perfect pushups can I do in 60 seconds?”.

    From time to time I often ponder questions of fitness and strength and last night I wish those were the questions I answered.

    Pushups on the beach after a run.

    In place of those I re-answered the question how many beers can I drink before the two for one special ends?, followed up by the question where can I get a philly cheesesteak at 3 am?. The questions I wound up answering led me to formulate a strategy for recovery. Well, first it led to the bathroom – then to the recovery strategy.

    What would stop my day after drinking from being a total “X” on the calendar?

    Having done enough research through the years to feel confident in my break down I kept it simple and picked out the nights where I drank a lot but felt great the next day vs. the nights I drank too much and wanted to jump off a cliff the following morning. The best rule and one that led to years of happy dance offs with little or no regrets the next day is NO SHOTS! I had a hard and fast rule of no shots that got me through my early 20’s with very few bad nights. It wound up being the nights and mornings of hell because of shots that caused me to adopt this policy, and I can say it has been the true root of my being able to recover quickly from a night of drinking.

    As I got older I relaxed my shot rule, and with that had some of my worst hangovers because one shot leads to two leads to four leads to checking your bank app the next morning wondering how you spent $300 on a Tuesday night and why your coccyx is bruised. If you’re gonna do shots, set a limit of 1-2. I recommend staying away from them entirely but sometimes they are unavoidable. The late night feast is also a chance to take your hangover from slow death to not too shabby and the rule here is if it kinda makes you sick while you’re sober stay away from it. This isn’t to say a few slices of pizza are gonna kill you, but if fast food hurts your stomach on a regular day it will send your intestines into turmoil during a hangover, go carb heavy.

    Cereal is always a safe bet, it has been engineered by science to be both nutritious and delicious, breakfast in general is good but they are closing all the damn diners in Brooklyn so it’s hard to get a toasted corn muffin with a side of fries in the middle of the night. The easiest thing to do but one that is frequently missed is getting some last minute hydration in before you go to sleep and wake up with a case of desert mouth and headache eyes. Right before bed drink a huge glass of water, one that is almost uncomfortable in your stomach. The more water the better drink until you can’t hold anymore and staying on the water theme if you stink of cigarette smoke grab a quick shower so you don’t have to breath it in all night.

    Lastly, if you can’t afford to even take the chance that you’ll have a hangover keep some alka seltzer in the house and drink it when you wake up, that should get you in tip top shape for those perfect pushups.


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  • 7 Deadly Zings- A Guy’s Guide to the 7 Pillars of Fitness

    This inaugural post lays the groundwork for the 7DeadlyZings blog, which is the home base for my 7 Deadly Zings program. The concept being- helping regular guys burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle. It is by far the best diet and exercise program and I only sell it to guys who are committed to the goal… and – I’m going to let you have it without breaking the bank.

    7 Deadly Zings- Burn Fat, Gain Muscle. Underground Weight Loss Program for Men.
    7 Deadly Zings- Burn Fat, Gain Muscle. Underground Weight Loss Program for Men.

    I’m also going to give you an occasional glimpse into my thought processes and rants to give you an edge in other facets of life. You’ll also see the occasional flub.

    Let’s get started.

    If you’re like me you’re constantly trying to find value for your dollar, from picking a gym that has the most amenities- like the perfect pushup – to finding restaurants that will provide quality for a good price. I’m in it to keep my bank account strong. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re spending in a way that leaves the guilt out of what can kindly be called “questionable purchasing”, because no one really needs a sombrero. This exercise in searching out value put my mind in a mode to see that the best thing you can work out is your toolbox to save a small fortune. The why is easy, saving money and as the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned. Fortunately the how is pretty simple too and involves an activity we are all very accustomed to – being online. There is a video for pretty much everything you could ever want to know on someone’s website explaining how to do pretty much anything. With that in mind let’s take a look at things that cost a ton if you were to have them done by professionals but you could do with a decent tool set and a little effort.

    Painting is a great place to start and while a professional painter may not need as many specialty items like painters tape and edge rollers, these tools are available to you for a small cost and the savings of doing it yourself will easily be up in the $400-$500 ballpark. A professional might have you beat in a race to finish but if you have a few hours to spare and prep the room according to any of the online videos that show proper technique you will get great results at a fraction of the cost. I just painted nearly every room in my house and saved over $3000 – and yes, there are some spots that annoy me, but the cash I saved makes up for that.

    Staying on the home improvement end of things and stepping up the intensity to electrical work let’s just say make sure the power is off and put the wires back on in the same spots you took em off. This works for light switches, power outlets, lamps, etc. Where each one of those could be $25 a pop to have an electrician do it, take a look around your house those outlets add up fast. Cars are gonna be the next place we save tons of cash and that’s because of one part that needs frequent replacement, costs hundreds of dollars to have done by a mechanic and is basically just 4 bolts to do, I’m talking about brakes. Good set of brake pads costs about 50 bucks, decent tool set costs the same and brakes need to be changed once maybe twice a year depending on who’s driving. If you get this done at a mechanic you are looking at over $300 and that is the amount that can be saved over the life of your car each time you would have changed your brakes!

    Once you tackle the painting and the brake job your handyman confidence will be in overdrive and you will begin taking on more and more complex fixes all the while saving what will wind up being thousands of dollars over a given course of time. Take that money and buy more tools and do more stuff to save and on and on… you get the picture. That’s right- the 7 Deadly Zings program is your next logical purchase.